Is Food the Cause of Your Depression?

Are you consuming something that contributes to your depression?



When I had my first Quantum Techniques remote healing session, Dr. Stephen Daniel found that some of the items I was consuming were energy toxins for me. Energy toxins can disrupt your body’s energy system and even cause it to run backwards which basically turns off your body’s own healing intelligence, making it nearly impossible to heal…anything.

Through our work together, it was discovered that wheat was a major contributor to the severe depression I experienced regularly. The depression was severe enough that many times, I was not sure if I was suppose to be alive and I had regular bouts of crying, sometimes daily or multiple times a day.

When I completely removed wheat products of any kind from my diet, I felt profoundly better within days. I can’t even eat one bite, or a minute taste. If by accident I consume something that has wheat in it, I know within  minutes by the way I feel – I end up feeling severe depression very quickly – with severe mood swings. I tend to find the same results after eating cashews – I LOVE cashews. I now have to avoid them completely. *Not everyone has a reaction like this when eating an item that tests as an energetic toxin. There are many items that show no symptomatic issues at all other than chronic issues that seem un-healable. I had quite a few, as well.

Consuming items such as wheat and cashews (and other items that were identified as personal energy toxins) can bring the QT healing process to a halt. A quick session can bring it back on line once the toxins are identified and neutralized.

Feeling good and being in a state of optimal health has become one of the most important things to me personally. Because of the profound transformation QT has brought into my life, I have chosen to use it with my healing clients and in my coaching practice. I have intensely studied energy healing, alternative healing and other self healing and natural healing methods for over 10 years, searching for something as powerful, profound and comprehensive as QT to no avail.

I invite you to visit here, for more of my personal experience with Quantum Techniques and energy healing.

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Author: True Healing Source

True Healing Source with Yvette - My Goal is to help you create more Inner Peace & Harmony with Energy Medicine, Alternative Methods & Positive Living I use Quantum Techniques method at the core of session work remotely over the phone, which is the most comprehensive energy medicine in the world. Advanced Muscle Testing techniques along with specific "energy frequency" scans, allows me to test for physical frequencies and non-physical frequencies that are blocking healing opening your body consciousness up to profound healing and wholeness emotionally, physically and spiritually. Call now to schedule your FREE 15 minute consultation (928) 235-4464 - All work is done remotely over the phone, so you don't have to live in my area in order to schedule a session.

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