Month: April 2017

Healing Vertigo with Quantum Techniques

Is there a safe, natural remedy for Vertigo? ┬áDo you have the sensation of spinning and being off balance that effects your everyday life – finding it hard to do difficult tasks like driving, standing or even sitting or lying down comfortably? As an alternative practitioner of healing, I am amazed on a regular basis of the healing effects of the method I use … Read More Healing Vertigo with Quantum Techniques

Do. Or not do. There is not try.

“Do. Or not do. There is no try.” – Yoda (Star Wars series) Interestingly enough, this is probably one of my favorite quotes, coming from a muppet type character, but so powerful. I change it up just a little, my version “Don’t try, just do”. How often do you catch yourself saying, ” I am trying to lose weight” or “I am trying to … Read More Do. Or not do. There is not try.