Treating Alcohol Addiction with Energy Healing

Would you believe that you could release the desire for alcohol (or another addiction such as food) in less than an hour?

I have found repeatedly, not only personally, but also in my practice that this can be the case.

I recently worked with a woman, I will call her Pat – she is in her early 60’s and has been drinking alcohol, regularly since around the age of 17. She came to the realization that alcohol is a common thread in her family, and a “reward” at the end of each day after work and on the weekends – and sees this image in her mind as she was growing up, all the grown ups in her family always with a drink in their hands. And, when she regularly gets together with close family, sharing a glass of wine is always included.

In her recollection, she realized that from that early age when she began drinking alcohol, she also has always had a glass of wine (or more) at the end of each day and on the weekends as a reward.

She mentions now, months after her session, that she can remember feeling & thinking thoughts of “having to get it” (the wine), making sure she had enough, when she was going to get it and worrying about how much she was going to drink. It had become such a habit for her to always have wine to drink at home.

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PAT’S SESSION: The focal point of the session was to be over the addiction to alcohol/wine. We included a couple other emotional issues to be healed and we began our session together, clearing some blocking attachments to her healing and releasing this attachment for alcohol (wine) – She had to have it daily, there was almost no way around it. There were also some generational issues that needed to be cleared as we moved along, and then some blocking emotions, trauma fields, blocking beliefs (about self, others, the world & God) and then some powerful hidden intentions that were blocking her healing this issue that needed to be cleared as well.

We also cleared some “physical frequencies” that came up in testing specifically against this healing field of alcohol addiction & the couple other emotional issues included. Testing reveals things such as old viral, bacterial, fungal, micoplasma & parasite frequencies that can prevent healing. Also other specific energetic toxin fields that showed up in testing that she was coming into contact with that were reversing her energy & preventing this issue from healing, such as inhalants, ingestants, injectants and contactants & other energies.

Our session took approximately 45-50 minutes in total. The next day, she reported she had absolutely no thought of wine or alcohol or desire to drink it. It just wasn’t present in her thought process at this point as it always had been since she was young.

Our session was over 3 months ago, and she still has no desire for wine/alcohol and it just doesn’t sound appetizing to her at all. Pat also reports that this has given her a new sense of freedom and confidence that she has not felt previously. She doesn’t have to worry about stopping to buy wine and how much. And, she reported that she has more energy physically & emotionally. And, despite close relatives that she spends time with frequently, she has found that it is easy to decline the offer of “just a glass” when they offer it each time they get together. This is wonderful news for her peace of mind & self healing!

This is just a small example of how energy healing & energy correction can be highly beneficial and so quick. In most cases, I have experienced that similar issues can be resolved in one session such as food cravings and addictions.

If anything should return, it is usually a brief session to clear something that might have come up for healing. In some cases, you might decide that you would like further sessions to clear other traumas or issues that might have once contributed to your addiction or issue. And, in some cases as in Pat’s session, un-seemingly related things came up for healing during her session that she found interesting, and also found healing for those specific issues inadvertently.

Ready to let go of something that is no longer benefiting your life goals and healing? I invite you to visit for information on scheduling your healing session today.

2 thoughts on “Treating Alcohol Addiction with Energy Healing

  1. Amazing. I do not personally drink, but I have been surrounded by Alcoholics my entire life and this is something that is very much needed. So many deaths, cases of abuse, and other bad things that stem from alcohol & drug abuse can be prevented if more people were aware of this treatment. Standard treatments just don’t work very well in my experience. If I happen to run into anyone who is interested and might benefit from this I’ll send them your way!

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