HSP – Life Experience as a Highly Sensitive Person

Are you a Highly Sensitive Person?

Is there someone in your life that you think might be Highly Sensitive? Have you been told all your life that you are “too sensitive”, “too shy”, “too quiet”, “introverted” and the list goes on….

I created¬†this page¬†(yes, click the blue) in a very candid manner about how I experience my life as what’s know as a Highly Sensitive Person or HSP or aka: High Sensitivity Processing.

Studies have shown that approximately 15-20% of the people in this world experience the world with High Sensitivity Processing – it’s a brain thing. And, it is about equal to men and women. Men can tend to try to hide it, as they are suppose to me masculine and all – but, it is a part of who they are no matter what.

It is my hope, that what I personally share, will bring some people healing, validation, inner peace and confirmation that there is nothing wrong with them as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) as I have been convinced of my whole life by loving and caring people who thought they were helping me “toughen up” and so forth. When I was introduced to this information and study by Dr. Elaine Aron, it was very emotional for me as I read about it and took the self test. I felt such deep validation and better understanding of a large part of how I experience this world.

It is also my intent to help those who are not Highly Sensitive to have a better understanding of what your loved one may experience as Highly Sensitive.

I invite you to explore more here and follow by email if this subject is helpful or interesting for you.