Kapha Dosha Breakfast Ideas – Alternative to Oats

Knowing and understanding your Dosha type can be very beneficial in shifting the health of your body and even releasing excess unwanted pound and weight as well as reducing inflammation in the body which contributes to Dis-Ease.

If you listen in to really hear what your body is trying to tell you, in many cases you will probably gravitate toward foods that are the most beneficial for you anyway. And, in my experience when you begin consuming foods that are healthy, your body will crave more of them! And, you will actually naturally release the cravings for unhealthy sugar laden, high carbohydrate foods. Win! Win!

Coconut C’Oats

Made with riced cauliflower, coconut oil, cinnamon, turmeric, coconut milk, and homemade flaxseed “eggs”.

Shown here with additional Esti vegan yogurt and fresh organic blueberries and sprinkled with shaved coconut and raw sunflower seeds.

However, in today’s society many people feel rushed and stressed out and eat on the run, choosing quick and unhealthy “foods” for their body and for their family to consume as well.

When you feel stressed and your stress hormones are in overdrive, you can crave foods that are simply not healthy such as sugar and high carbohydrate items that feel good for a few moments (like a drug) and then you crash after (like coming down from a drug high).

This vegan/vegetarian friendly breakfast idea is best for Kapha Dosha types and can be found in a beautiful book by Sahara Rose Ketabi called Eat Feel Fresh.

In her book she teaches all about the different Dosha types and has a ton of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between for each type and some recipes that fit all Dosha types. Her book is amazing and has tons of information about Ayurvedic living.

I would love to hear your feedback once you try this recipe!

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