Quick Natural Mosquito Bite Remedy – By True Healing Source

How can you quickly and naturally stop the itch and inflammation of a mosquito bite in it’s tracks?

If you have ever been snacked on by a mosquito like most other humans at some point in time, you most certainly want relief of the itching as quick as possible! I know I do!

So, today I am sharing my NUMBER ONE go to simple, natural and inexpensive quick way to relieve the itching and swelling of mosquito bites!

I have shared this secret with others and they have received the same results!

One thing I have discovered is that if you use this as soon as you notice you have been bitten by a mosquito it will work quicker to remove the itching and reduce the swelling. Normally for me when I use this home remedy I find complete relief of itching within minutes and the swelling is normally gone within hours and you would never know that you had a mosquito bite at all.

What is this simple home remedy for mosquito bites:

Bentonite Clay Powder mixed into a paste! You can also purchase already made bentonite clay paste. Simply make the paste in the palm of your hand by using about the size of a pea of the bentonite clay powder and just mix a couple drops of water in to form a creamy paste and then simply apply it to the bite area covering the whole area that is swollen.

The bentonite clay mixture will dry and look a little gray or whitish on your skin and even flake off a bit if you applied a thick layer which is not harmful. I normally leave the paste on the full day or night depending on the time of day I discover the bite. Simply rinse the dried clay off in the shower or with warm water.

I also have a post about other natural home remedies that are beneficial to quickly remove the itching and swelling of mosquito bites if you are allergic or sensitive to bentonite clay powder. You can check it out both posts here:

I would love to hear your feedback once you try this home remedy for mosquito bites!

Blessings of Optimal Health & Peace,
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