Energy Healer, Authentic Living Guide, Self Love Coach & Spiritual Teacher


Yvette has been passionate about energy healing and spiritual consciousness since she first discovered energy psychology almost 20 years ago and was simultaneously introduced to the work of Dr. David Hawkins.

Since then she has studied many forms of energy medicine including but not limited to Reiki, Access Consciousness, Thought Field Therapy, EFT, Matrix Energetics which all lead her to the most profound form of Energy Medicine known as Quantum Techniques which she uses in her own life and coaching practice.

She is dedicated to her continued study in energy medicine, self healing, spiritual healing and self growth through teachers such as Dr. Joe Dispenza, Neville Goddard, Dr. Wayne Dyer and Abraham Hicks to name a very few.

It is her belief and experience that since we are multidimensional beings, in order to truly heal, you must address all aspects including spiritual, emotional and physical.

She holds a space of unconditional acceptance and an open heart and has been repeatedly told that simply talking with her has been healing and life altering.

“The biggest lie we’ve been told is that we’re linear beings living linear lives. We are dimensional beings, living dimensional lives.” ~ Dr. Joe Dispenza

Path to Self Healing

Yvette discovered energy healing and spiritual consciousness after fervently asking the Universe for powerful healing of a close Loved one who suffered severe PTSD for many years. In turn she realized the tools she discovered were also meant for her own self healing, spiritual growth, self Love and betterment.

She has used these tools in her own trauma healing and self empowerment and has helped other family members, friends and clients along the way in emotional healing, physical well being, spiritual growth and living more consciously and authentically.