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A simple way to uplift, encourage, inspire and reprogram more positive thoughts is using daily mantras or daily affirmations

According to some studies the average person has up to 60,000 thoughts per day. And, it is estimated that on average 80% of those thoughts are negative. So, that would mean that we might think up to approximately 50,000 negative thoughts per day.

It is also said that a majority of those thoughts are the same thoughts we thought the previous day, and the day before that and so on. So, we are mostly thinking the same thoughts day in and day out, and then we wonder why our life stays the same and we don’t move forward or manifest something different in our life. (Law of Attraction)

Neuroplasticity refers to the brain’s ability to restructure itself.

Our brains can change. We can actually consciously change our thoughts and negative programming to shift our life into something much more positive than we ever imagined.

One simple, effective way to do this is using daily mantras, daily affirmations and consciously focusing your attention more on inspirational content instead of the negative content that we are bombarded with daily.

With consistent practice, using daily mantras, daily affirmation cards and reading inspirational material & using inspirational quotes can shift our brain into more positive thoughts without struggle.

Purposely focusing on positive and uplifting material and things you are exposed to helps shift the brain by disconnecting the brain circuits that have negative programming and connecting new brain circuits that contain more positive thoughts & frequencies. The more you do this, the more solid those connections become and the easier and more natural it becomes to think positive uplifting thoughts instead of the negative ones.

Another simple way to do this is finding appreciation and gratitude for anything in your life.

In addition, this results is that your overall vibration and frequency you emit is higher, thus also dramatically shifting your body cells into a higher vibration for self healing. So this affects you not only on an emotional level helping you find more inner peace, but also manifests as better health physically, too!

Many people have found that using daily affirmation cards or daily mantra cards is a highly beneficial yet simple way to help reprogram the brain with more positive thoughts, therefore raising your vibration and frequency which you emit and more easily attracting and manifesting all the good stuff in your life that you choose…better health, relationships, financial abundance and a wealth of other magnificence in your life.

In order to shift your thoughts and your life, it has to be something that you do on a consistent daily basis. These daily mantra cards and daily affirmation cards have been helpful to many people in the process of reprogramming more positive thoughts based on the Universal Law of Attraction and consciousness.

What you focus on the most is what is reflecting back to you in your daily life, in any area.

These mantra cards and affirmation cards are available in a variety of subjects and when used daily, they can help you shift your thoughts in a more positive direction and rewire your brain to release the negative thought connections and create new positive thought connections (neuroplasticity)

28 Affirmation Cards Printable Affirmation Deck, Manifesting Card Deck, Law of Attraction Cards, Mindset, Mantra Cards, Self Love Cards, Positive Quotes

These beautiful law of attraction and self love affirmation cards are designed to help you connect deeper to your authentic self each day.

I created these printable affirmation cards not only from a healer perspective, but also out of my own journey into more self love and self appreciation after a lifetime of self doubt, self judgement and healing emotional pain. As I began finding more appreciation for myself, it became even more of a passion to help others find more love and appreciation for who they are in order to live with a sense of peace and contentment.

Each card is a different design and different inspirational quote.

It is my deep desire that through the daily use of these motivational affirmations that you realize how much power you truly have as an infinite being and connect to your power as a Creator of your own life. You are beautiful and unique no matter what your size, the color of your skin, who you choose to love or how much money you make.

These cards are designed with deep Love and compassion to help you align with your truth as an extension of Source Energy (God, Universe or however you label it). You came into this physical reality to express yourself in your own beautiful and unique way and experience this life like no other being! You are meant to shine and you are here to be unique! You are the only one that can do you like no other!

It is estimated that we think an average of 50,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day and over 80% of them are the same repeated negative thoughts we think every single day, which program us and our lives. The definition of insanity is “doing the same thing and expecting a different result”.

In order to change your life, you must change your thoughts into something more positive. When you use affirmations or mantras or use inspirational quotes for motivation on a regular basis, it helps you actually change the way you think and what you believe. Using these cards each day can shift your consciousness and thinking which creates new patterns in your brain’s neural pathways called neuroplasticity. With continued use of these affirmation cards or daily mantras, the brain becomes programmed to think positive thoughts without effort. It becomes solid and a natural part of you.

In my experience as an energy healer, I can attest to this on a personal level and with others that I work with toward self healing. Until you have established a powerful solid positive shift on a more permanent level, old thoughts and energy patterns and behaviors can reverse the changes and you can revert back to the old negative patterns in creating your life that you were once accustomed to even creating illness. The simple solution is daily affirmations, mantras or inspirational quotes to gently guide you and keep you focused on your self healing intentions.

Today is the perfect day to begin using daily mantras & affirmations to begin manifesting your BEST LIFE!

“Be the change you wish to see in the World”, Ghandi

Changing the outside world requires changing your internal world first.

These affirmation cards measure approximately 4 inches = 101.6mm = 10.16cm

Suggestions on how to use your affirmation cards:

• First thing in the morning or soon after you wake…shuffle your cards and pick one at random from the deck. You will find that whatever card you choose, it is a perfect message for you in that moment. Read your affirmation to yourself a few times, and feel your feelings and notice where the feelings are in your body. Is there resistance? Or do you feel complete resonance? Do you feel like you match what you are reading on your card? Your feelings will give you some powerful feedback on things you may need to do deeper healing on to manifest a different outcome in your life.

• You can place your daily affirmation on your nightstand, desk, mirror or other prominent place you will see it throughout the day. Each time you do, repeat your mantra to yourself multiple times and feel your feelings. If you have difficulty reading your affirmation at first, it will get easier and you will feel more alignment as time goes on reading the card.

• Place your inspirational quotes throughout your home so you can receive uplifting energy all day!

• Use your message as a thought to ponder or align with using meditation or your journal.

• Use your daily affirmation as a reminder of your highest intentions for self healing and manifesting your life.

• Keep your card with you tucked in your purse or wallet so you see it throughout the day and read it a few times each time you do.

• Share a card or the whole deck with a friend! Everyone can use a little “happy it up” from time to time to motivate them.

• Gift a deck to your meditation guide or yoga instructor or someone else.

• Place a card in your spouses briefcase or your child’s lunch as a positive thought to uplift them when they see it and know that you are thinking of them.

• Use a deck as a motivational gift for someone struggling with illness or difficult times. Or as a graduation gift, for a new college student, someone who is getting married or divorced to help them recognize their power to change their story or a birthday gift or other special occasion.

• Perfect as a Mother’s Day gift, Christmas, Anniversary, Friendship Day, Valentine’s Day and more!

• Use your affirmation cards on your vision board or manifesting board for inspiration.

• Use your cards for oracle readings and see what shifts for people.

40 Affirmation Cards Printable, Inspirational Cards, Motivational Quotes, Law of Attraction Card Deck, Vision Board Cards, Positive Quotes

There are 40 printable cards and each card is uniquely designed with a different inspirational quote or mantra to inspire you toward living your best life in Joy and Love.

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30 Law of Attraction Cards, Printable Affirmations Inspirational Quotes, Self Love Affirmation Mantra Cards, Vision Board Cards Oracle cards

These beautiful law of attraction and self love affirmation cards are designed to help you connect deeper to your authentic self each day. There are 30 different unique beautiful cards designed to inspire you each day toward living your best life.

40 Self Love Affirmation Cards Printable, Positive Quotes, Body Love, Printable Mantra Cards, Spiritual Quotes, Motivational Quote Cards

I created these powerful Self Love affirmation cards not only from a healer perspective, but also out of my own journey into more self love and self appreciation after a lifetime of self doubt, self judgement and healing emotional pain. As I began finding more appreciation for myself, it became even more of a passion to help others find more love and appreciation for who they are in order to live with a sense of peace and contentment.

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You are what you think and You manifest what you believe and what you feel. Your manifestations show up quick or slow depending on your vibration that you are emitting out into the Universe.

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