What if there is Nothing Wrong with You?

What if nothing is wrong with you? What if you being the you that you are in this very moment is already sheer perfection? What if all the things you think are wrong with you, really aren’t wrong?


What if there is nothing wrong with you?

I remember hearing this for the first time with Access Consciousness years ago. As I really listened to what I was hearing it felt like such relief and ease to think, “what if there is nothing wrong with me or anyone?”

It removes the self inflicted judgement we all place upon ourselves to be “perfect” or “normal” in a sense of what some other “authority” or not authority, our parents, friends or colleagues, media or society has deemed to be perfect or normal. No one really has the right to inflict that judgement upon anyone.

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As a healer working with others, I choose to view others not as they are broken or something wrong with anyone. My feeling & view is that there is just something someone might want to change about themselves that they have experienced and now they want to experience something different. It’s that simple. So, they come to me to help them facilitate that change with more ease and speed in a space of Love, acceptance and understanding.

I believe we are all an extension of Life Source Energy, and we all chose to be here as something different from everyone else. We did not choose to be robots, or copy cats of each other. We joyfully chose to experience this time/space physical reality completely different from any other being ever in past, present or future. And, we all have the same ability to choose something different in any given moment. We are not stuck in our reality. We all have the ability to choose and then follow our inner guidance or Higher Self that guides us to that which we choose in every single moment.

So, what if you are perfect?

What if everything about you is perfect and nothing is truly wrong with any of us? What if you chose to experience what you are experiencing for any number of reasons or payoffs, and now you just simply choose to experience something different? Something you view as better?

One way I invite you to experience this truth is to simply ask yourself this question and then notice how you feel. “What if there is nothing wrong with me?” Let that sit for a moment and see how that feels. Do you feel lighter or heavier? Do you feel any sort of relief? Your body consciousness always knows the truth for you and is guiding you in every moment to your personal truth on any given subject. If you feel lighter and more ease, it is truth for you. If you feel heavier and feel like you are forcing and pushing against something, that is false-hood for you. It is your consciousness giving you signals that something is going in the direction against what you desire and who you truly are.

Many people see others with physical & non-physical “disabilities”, as if there is something wrong with them that needs to be fixed. What if absolutely NOTHING is wrong with them in the same sense as being a different race, color, religion, size, gender or anything else? They just aren’t like you, so what?

What if they chose to be exactly who & what they are when they chose to come here to this reality and be a human? This concept is going to be very difficult for some to rationalize and wrap their mind around. However, what if it is 100% truth?

What if everything you thought was wrong with you (or someone else) is completely normal and perfect? Who decides what is “wrong” and right and “perfect” or not perfect?

I remember years ago hearing something spoken by a hypnotist by the name of Sam Meranto, and he said, “God didn’t make no junk”. I love that!

So, I invite you today, and each day, as things come up for you, and you find yourself with self judgement, or judgement of others, and ask, “What if there is NOTHING wrong with me?” It does not mean that you can’t choose something different. You can choose to lose weight, be happier, receive more income, be healthier, be kinder & more loving, or whatever… It just means that you are perfect in this very moment. You are who you are, with everything you have experienced up until this very moment. There is nothing to be judged.

Sometimes that includes healing old patterns & beliefs, traumas and mind sets. I can help you with that when you are ready. Visit for more information.

Blessings of Optimal Health & Peace,

Energy Healing – What is an Energy Reversal & How Do You Correct it?

What is an Energy Reversal and How do you correct it?

energy reversal

A few common questions working with energy healing in my field specifically is “What is an energy reversal?” and “How do I correct it so I can heal?” and “Will it prevent me from healing or erase my treatment?”

An energy reversal is a when your meridian system is flowing backward or counter clockwise in general (massive reversal) or in a certain field (specific reversal) – a field is an issue you want to heal, such as something emotional like a specific trauma, something physical such as arthritis, or something spiritual such as more Joy, Inner peace, etc.

When your energy is reversed on a chronic basis, no healing can take place until that energy reversal is corrected. Your QT code won’t be very beneficial if at all, nor will TFT or EFT work, going to a chiropractor or traditional or non-traditional medicine, antibiotic, etc., – nothing will heal a field that is reversed.

If you are reversed, your attempts to heal will be blocked or erased until the energy reversal is corrected in that field. During a session, testing for an energy reversal in the field is the first thing I do and then correct it if it is needed before moving on with the session.

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Some people are reversed in general because of toxins they are in contact with frequently, such as inhalants (ex: smoke, mold, room deodorizers), ingested items (ex: foods, medications, supplements), contactants (ex: lotion, shampoo, laundry detergent), injected items (ex: spider bites, immunizations, mosquito bites, plant pricks) etc., and frequent negative thought patterns (ex: self loathing, gossip) and other people’s energy that is negative. Sometimes the reversal is very specific to the field for healing itself.

Removing items that are tested as energy toxins are fully your responsibility for your own healing benefit. Your healing is in your hands. 

* Some people may choose to continue consuming or using the items that test as energy toxins/reversers. In that case, the healing may be temporarily erased, completely stopped or significantly delayed (until you remove the offending energy toxin to allow self healing). You are taking your health into your own hands and you are fully responsible for your healing. It is not very beneficial to do this comprehensive work if you are not willing to make these changes for yourself. You are worth it! *

Some people are very sensitive and can tell when they are reversed and others don’t notice at all until testing shows a reversal. In many cases a person may have brain fog (a common sign of energy reversal or an energetic toxin issue), depression, clumsiness, feel out of sorts, memory issues, fatigue, or other symptoms and they may find it very difficult to heal anything. Once these items that are causing the reversal are identified through energetic testing with a practitioner such as myself, and then removal/avoiding the offending energy toxin can bring significant relief in itself sometimes.

Not only can a field of healing be reversed, but a specific organ, gland or tissue in the field can be reversed as well. For example, a person may have a frozen shoulder, and testing may not show an energy reversal in general (massive reversal) to the field of healing, however, the ligaments may test as reversed (specific reversal) and healing will not take place until the energy reversal in the ligaments is corrected. This can also be true for a subject, something non-physical like money abundance or a specific subject in school that you have difficulty in. You may be fine and have tremendous success in your relationships with family, church, friends, the community. You may be healthy physically and yet, no matter what you do or how hard you try, your financial abundance won’t change. There may be a reversal in the energy field of making/receiving/having money for you. Clearing the “specific reversal” and through energetic testing and resolve/release of belief patterns, traumas surrounding money & finances, self worth around money, generational issues, intentions to avoid having money and other money blocking beliefs, you can find healing and your money abundance begins to change for you. The reversal has to be cleared in order for the other energetic testing to actually work. No amount of testing or positive affirmations will make a significant change until the reversal is identified and corrected.

Not all reversals are chronic all day long (massive reversal). Some reversals are temporary and created by things such as a toxin perfume someone is wearing around you, strong scents in public restrooms to keep them fresh smelling, household cleaners, a food you consume at a restaurant, negative emotions that are fleeting and infrequent. Our energy system and body are meant to clear these things naturally. However, sometimes, there is a toxin overload and the body needs help in clearing the toxins.

If you are chronically reversed, choosing an energy correction system that tests items with an advanced/comprehensive method of muscle testing, such as the one I practice, is going to be highly beneficial for you toward your healing and in general. Using simple muscle testing and testing your products and simply asking “is this item good for me?” is not enough. Testing an item through a dark bottle in a store, is not accurate. Testing a bottle or package of something you see on the internet, is not accurate. I use a very comprehensive advanced form of muscle testing with specific questions to identify multiple levels of toxin/reversal. Beneficial fact: And, in other cases, such as testing supplements and similar items, testing goes even deeper to find out how beneficial it is to continue using the supplement or other item against the healing field and/or in general. This has been known to save some people hundreds if not thousands of dollars per month in supplements and other items that test as barely beneficial or no benefit at all. (Important disclaimer: I will never advise you to stop taking an item that has been prescribed by your medical doctor or naturopath physician. I can only test the frequency as a toxin/reverser. It is your responsibility to work with your medical practitioner to find another item that may test better for you. The testing method I use can be beneficial in this area, however, not all mainstream physicians and medical personnel have a full understanding of this method and process or are open to this method of testing.)

As mentioned above, once the testing is complete, it is critical to remove the items that test as energy toxin/reversers in order for full self healing to take place naturally.

Again these items may include ingested items such as foods, medications, supplements, toothpaste, etc., and inhaled items such as smoke, mold, perfumes (which could also test as contact items), contact items such as detergents, shampoo, soap, lotion, clothing, bedding, etc., and injectants which may be frequent or infrequent and known/unknown such as bug/spider bites or injections and even plant source pricks of the skin).

Important Reminder

If you find that after your session, you go along feeling relief and healing for a while, or an addiction comes back that was gone, or suddenly, you begin not feeling so well again, don’t assume the method itself didn’t work!

In many cases it is simply an old/new energetic toxin/reverser that throws something offline or erases a treatment, or a virus that does it, or another layer or something else coming up in your system ready to be addressed. It could also be something simple like a run-in with an ex or a trauma or argument with your spouse/partner/child/co-worker, etc. Scheduling a session can be an easy way of identifying this and bringing things back online quickly for you.

In my particular practice, at the end of your first session, you will receive a personalized energy code (similar to a TFT or EFT meridian tapping code) to use for your self healing benefit. To use your code, you can either read your code the specified number of times that I recommend based on testing, or you can run your hand/finger over the code printed out on a sheet of paper. There is no need to actually tap the code on your hands/body/face like with some other forms of energy correction. Some people find it beneficial to print/write their code on a small index card and keep it in their wallet or purse or even taped on a water bottle they use frequently. One benefit is that this method is very discreet if you need to use your code in public.

Each time you use this code, it is similar to re-running our session together and solidifies the field for healing and additional sessions can be added to your existing personalized code in many cases. At the end of each session, I test for a protocol, such as how many times to use your code, how many times per day to do this and how many days will be the most beneficial to complete this. I can also test if/when it would be most beneficial to schedule another session if needed, or if you prefer or you can contact me to set up a scheduled session when you feel it is necessary.

If you find that you come into contact with an energy toxin, in some cases placing the intent to clear it and using your personalized code can be very beneficial. In some cases, it is necessary to either use self testing (if you choose to learn how to self test for toxins) or you can schedule a quick session to identify and clear it to get you back online with healing.

If you are ready to find out more, I invite you to visit True Healing Source or call (928) 235-4464 and schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation (no actual work will be done during this FREE consultation).

Blessing of Optimal Health & Peace -

How To Manifest Something Different Right Now

Can You Experience Instantaneous Change

In this video I share a very quick method I use to manifest and experience something different and more amazing than I ever thought possible! Your life has the ability to change in an instant in any direction – Do You believe it’s possible?

I do! I have experienced this shift personally.

Every moment is a moment of creation, which creates and manifests all following moments to come. How do you use your thoughts to create the next moment?

The Law of Attraction is Real, AND so are your thoughts and beliefs – as real as the air you breathe, as real as the electricity that allows us to light our homes, you can’t see it, you can’t feel it, but it’s real. You can choose to believe it and use it to CREATE and manifest a different life experience, or you can choose to feel like a victim and allow life to happen TO you.

Trauma Relief in Just Minutes

Is it possible to release trauma in just a few minutes?

Do you have old trauma you would like to release or a recent trauma and it keeps you up at night? Has this trauma caused you physical illness and symptoms?

Have you been using other traditional methods and they don’t actually remove the upset of the trauma?

In the below video (bottom of page) I share a very powerful method for releasing the energy of old trauma or recent trauma in a very quick manner. This method can also be used to release the energy of a perceived future trauma.

You can also use this method as a surrogate to help loved ones who have experienced serious trauma (such as parents for children of sexual abuse, physical abuse, bullying, someone in a coma, an elderly parent, and for animals, etc.) To schedule your FREE 15 minute consultation, please call 928-235-4464 or visit

At the core of my healing practice, I use Quantum Techniques method for healing, it is the most comprehensive energy medicine practiced in the world remotely today.

If you have a trauma that has been weighing you down for many years, I invite you to follow along with me in this video and see how different you feel after using this method.

If you find that you get some relief but not full relief of all aspects of the trauma (layers), there may be a block to certain parts of the trauma healing for you, and I invite you to contact me and schedule a personal session so I can help you identify the blocks to your healing for quicker relief of all parts. All work is done remotely over the phone, and you never have to leave the comfort or safety of your home. Visit True Healing Source to find out more and schedule your personal healing session.

I personally use this method in my own life for healing and also work with others remotely for profound healing, emotionally, physically & spiritually.

HSP – Life Experience as a Highly Sensitive Person

Are you a Highly Sensitive Person?

Is there someone in your life that you think might be Highly Sensitive? Have you been told all your life that you are “too sensitive”, “too shy”, “too quiet”, “introverted” and the list goes on….

I created this page (yes, click the blue) in a very candid manner about how I experience my life as what’s know as a Highly Sensitive Person or HSP or aka: High Sensitivity Processing.

Studies have shown that approximately 15-20% of the people in this world experience the world with High Sensitivity Processing – it’s a brain thing. And, it is about equal to men and women. Men can tend to try to hide it, as they are suppose to me masculine and all – but, it is a part of who they are no matter what.

It is my hope, that what I personally share, will bring some people healing, validation, inner peace and confirmation that there is nothing wrong with them as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) as I have been convinced of my whole life by loving and caring people who thought they were helping me “toughen up” and so forth. When I was introduced to this information and study by Dr. Elaine Aron, it was very emotional for me as I read about it and took the self test. I felt such deep validation and better understanding of a large part of how I experience this world.

It is also my intent to help those who are not Highly Sensitive to have a better understanding of what your loved one may experience as Highly Sensitive.

I invite you to explore more here and follow by email if this subject is helpful or interesting for you.

Treating Alcohol Addiction with Quantum Techniques Energy Healing

Would you believe that you could release the desire for alcohol (or another addiction such as food) in less than an hour?


I have found repeatedly, not only personally, but also in my practice that this can be the case.

I recently worked with a woman, I will call her Pat – she is in her early 60’s and has been drinking alcohol, regularly since around the age of 17. She came to the realization that alcohol is a common thread in her family, and a “reward” at the end of each day after work and on the weekends – and sees this image in her mind as she was growing up, all the grown ups in her family always with a drink in their hands. And, when she regularly gets together with close family, sharing a glass of wine is always included.

In her recollection, she realized that from that early age when she began drinking alcohol, she also has always had a glass of wine (or more) at the end of each day and on the weekends as a reward.

She mentions now, months after her session, that she can remember feeling & thinking thoughts of “having to get it” (the wine), making sure she had enough, when she was going to get it and worrying about how much she was going to drink. It had become such a habit for her to always have wine to drink at home.


PAT’S SESSION: The focal point of the session was to be over the addiction to alcohol/wine. We included a couple other emotional issues to be healed and we began our session together, clearing some blocking attachments to her healing and releasing this attachment for alcohol (wine) – She had to have it daily, there was almost no way around it. There were also some generational issues that needed to be cleared as we moved along, and then some blocking emotions, trauma fields, blocking beliefs (about self, others, the world & God) and then some powerful hidden intentions that were blocking her healing this issue that needed to be cleared as well.

We also cleared some “physical frequencies” that came up in testing specifically against this healing field of alcohol addiction & the couple other emotional issues included. Testing reveals things such as old viral, bacterial, fungal, micoplasma & parasite frequencies that can prevent healing. Also other specific energetic toxin fields that showed up in testing that she was coming into contact with that were reversing her energy & preventing this issue from healing, such as inhalants, ingestants, injectants and contactants & other energies.

Our session took approximately 45-50 minutes in total. The next day, she reported she had absolutely no thought of wine or alcohol or desire to drink it. It just wasn’t present in her thought process at this point as it always had been since she was young.

Our session was over 3 months ago, and she still has no desire for wine/alcohol and it just doesn’t sound appetizing to her at all. Pat also reports that this has given her a new sense of freedom and confidence that she has not felt previously. She doesn’t have to worry about stopping to buy wine and how much. And, she reported that she has more energy physically & emotionally. And, despite close relatives that she spends time with frequently, she has found that it is easy to decline the offer of “just a glass” when they offer it each time they get together. This is wonderful news for her peace of mind & self healing!

This is just a small example of how Quantum Techniques method can be highly beneficial and so quick. In most cases, I have experienced that similar issues can be resolved in one session such as food cravings and addictions.

If anything should return, it is usually a brief session to clear something that might have come up for healing. In some cases, you might decide that you would like further sessions to clear other traumas or issues that might have once contributed to your addiction or issue. And, in some cases as in Pat’s session, un-seemingly related things came up for healing during her session that she found interesting, and also found healing for those specific issues inadvertently.

Ready to let go of something that is no longer benefiting your life goals and healing? I invite you to visit for information on scheduling your healing session today.

–  Yvette is a Certified Alternative practitioner of energy medicine & energy healing living in the Prescott Arizona mountains. Yvette is a certified Thought Field Therapy practitioner, Certified Level II Reiki practitioner, and a certified Access Consciousness practitioner & Access Energetic Facelift/Bodylift practitioner. Yvette uses advanced bio-energetic muscle testing (kinesiology) in combination with advanced energy/frequency scans and body scans created by Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel, founders of Quantum Techniques. Yvette has also intensely studied Consciousness & spirituality and the Law of Attraction. Yvette is not a licensed therapist. Energy healing is not intended as diagnosis, prescription, or treatment for any disease, physical or mental. It is also not intended as a substitute for regular medical care. –

–  Hold Harmless – by using these methods, you agree to be 100% solely responsible for your health & wellness, the health of your family, and animals and hold you Quantum Techniques, Dr. Stephen Daniel and Beth Daniel, & Yvette 100% free of responsibility or harm. Use of Quantum Techniques and other alternative healing methods mentioned above, and bio-energetic muscle testing has never been found to cause harm to anyone. –















Morning & Evening Self Empowerment Mantra

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Raise your vibration before you start your day – How do you begin your day? It is said that the first few minutes after you wake up sets the tone and energy for your day and the energy & mood you fall asleep in is the energy vibration that you wake with – here is a free mantra that I share with my healing & coaching clients to begin your day as you rise and repeat as you go to bed. This mantra can be used to raise your vibration any time of day – this mantra aligns with Universal truth and your highest self. I Love the way I feel when I use this mantra with my meditation. Find FREE self healing codes @ #mantra #meditation #selfhealing #highvibes #positivequotes #innerbalancejewelry #truehealingsource #lawofattraction #selfempowerment #transformation #om #IAM

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