Would you like to get to the root cause of your issues for healing and remove them, allowing yourself to heal & blossom in a healthy manner quicker than anything else?

This specific method of COMPREHENSIVE ENERGY HEALING offers just that! I have found this method of energy healing to result in the most dramatic healing shifts of any other method I have used in 15 years.

New Clients Only – No session work will be completed during FREE Consultation

I use an in depth energy healing method based on a combination of Quantum Techniques (QT) and Though Field Therapy (TFT), which are forms of meridian energy tapping similar to EFT (only much more in depth). It is a very comprehensive energy healing and you don’t actually have to “tap”, you can read your personalized healing code or run your fingers over your personal code for the same results. In many cases, you can notice shifts during and after healing quickly. Emotional issues tend to be released very quickly, including the upset of an acute trauma. Chronic trauma & complex trauma normally requires multiple session to work on several aspects of the healing not only the trauma itself, but also include helping a person release the patterns that cause them to keep falling back into abusive situations.

How Does Comprehensive Energy Healing Work?

During a Comprehensive Energy Healing session, I use my body as a surrogate during your remote session either over the phone or through email, and then I use an advanced form of muscle testing (kinesiology) to dialogue with your body’s energy system finding specific organs, glands tissues and other body parts that are involved in the issue for healing, whether it is an emotional issue or a physical issue. I use other techniques or parts of this method to “reconnect” parts of the body to brain engines (aka: healing circuits) in order to assist the body in it’s own healing process. I compare this to a light switch. If the light switch is off in your house, it is dark and you can’t see your surroundings. Once you connect the power by turning on the light switch (reconnecting healing circuits in the brain), then your body “sees” what needs to be addressed for healing. Sometimes the body can be blocked to knowing there is something to be healed, so you go on for long periods wondering why nothing works when you are trying everything traditional and natural under the sun to heal without significant results.

During your session, I also test for specific frequencies at the root cause of the healing issue. These frequencies could include emotions, blocking beliefs, or other things such as specific intentions to stay sick that unconsciously benefit you or protect you and so forth. Once identified this allows further healing to take place.

I also test for “energy reversals” that could be blocking you from healing emotionally or physically and correct these reversals in the process. If these energy reversal frequencies are recurring such as items in your daily diet or other regimen, you will need to remove them in order to heal. These toxins are very specific from person to person or animal to animal and can be found during the testing process during your session.

CASE HISTORY EXAMPLES: I have experienced healing a frozen shoulder within a week of one session. Another single session removed long term arthritis pain & stiffness from a woman resulting in her no longer needing cortisone shots every 6 months and can bend her knees and can now put weight on her knees without pain among other amazing results. This healing has been permanent for years.

In some cases a person/animal might require several sessions for complete healing. This can be the case in some chronic issues, or the body’s need to heal slower so there is no additional crisis placed on the body to add to the existing strain in the body that already exists. Remember, it took your body a length of time to manifest physical symptoms of a chronic illness, so your body might require a little time to reveal significant physical shifts in healing symptoms. It does not mean that healing is not taking place if you don’t notice immediate physical results and this does not mean you might not experience significant shifts quickly however as shown in the cases above.

Your INITIAL comprehensive energy healing session for PHYSICAL ISSUES can normally run from 50-70 minutes. A session for EMOTIONAL HEALING SUPPORT normally runs less than 30 minutes. Therefore you can purchase your initial session below and each subsequent session is billed per session based on the number of minutes of the actual session including all dialogue/questions/talk and the energy healing session. I will email you a Paypal invoice which is due upon receipt. As with any other healing practice you choose, all fees are due at the time of service, no exceptions.

All new clients are required to pay in advance of the first session. If you would like to simply begin your healing with testing for energetic toxins that need to be removed you can begin by purchasing the 15 Minute option below which is strictly for energetic toxin testing (supplements, personal items, etc.)

15 Minutes Energy Toxin Frequency Testing

Includes 15 minutes of Energy Toxin Frequency Testing which can include: Supplements and Food, Personal care items, Household items such as pans and chemical items and more.


I am offering your initial session at a flat rate of $260 for up to 70 minutes of phone time (price reflects over $30 discount).


Includes initial comprehensive energy healing session up to 70 minutes including all phone time, energy toxin frequency testing, energy healing session and questions/talk time.


Contact me today to begin your self healing toward more Inner Peace & Harmony.


DISCLAIMER: Yvette is not a licensed therapist or doctor. Energy healing is not intended as diagnosis, prescription, or treatment for any disease, physical or mental. It is also not intended as a substitute for regular medical care.

Hold Harmless – by using these methods, you agree to be 100% solely responsible for your health & wellness, the health of your family, and animals and hold Yvette 100% free of responsibility or harm. Use of Energy healing and other alternative healing methods mentioned above, and bio-energetic muscle testing has never been found to cause harm to anyone.

NOTE: There are many choices for you to use in your self healing journey that vary widely in cost from free information on the internet, to similar methods of practice that range in cost from $400 to $2000 per hour. I offer a fee based, comprehensive, alternative approach at a very reasonable cost, an alternative service that is a choice not a necessity. It is not covered by insurance. (For my current fee schedule, please visit “Packages & Pricing” above). Bear in mind that it is often more rapid than a conventional approach and therefore may be more cost effective in the long run.

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