Would you like to release energy patterns and beliefs that feel like they are in the way of manifesting your Best Life and living in your full potential?

Would you like to shift your physical health, emotional health or feel a deeper connection spiritually?

My passion is helping you find connection with your Divine self and feeling empowered to live a life of Joy, inner peace and contentment along with feeling love for your body and who you are. As a result you will thrive in all areas of your life and manifest the life you desire and are worthy of as a Divine Being.

I have over 15 years advance study and personal experience in self-healing methods such as comprehensive energy healing, spiritual consciousness, miracle healing, law of attraction and the use of profound self-development tools.

I have personally used these tools to move forward from life-long depression, self hatred, low self-esteem and second hand PTSD and connect deeper with her Divine Spirit Consciousness in order to experience life with more Love & Joy in each moment.

Self-Empowerment & Self-Love 30 Day eCourse!

It is my passion to help support you as an Inspirational Coach and Authentic Living Guide. I intuitively utilize some of the most beneficial tools that I have used in my own self-healing in order to support you in your journey to more self love, empowerment and flow in creating your Best Life.

These tools can be beneficial in shifting and releasing:

• low self esteem (self worth, self love, body appreciation)
• stress, anxiety and panic symptoms
• forgiveness & letting go (of self and others)
• anger & rage
• guilt
• blocks to healing & optimal health
• life changes (career changes, moving, retirement, empty nest)
• grief or loss of love (death, divorce, relationship loss)
• relationship issues and healing (communication & speaking your truth, divorce, breakup)
• intimacy (self worth, body issues, repressed sexuality)
• past or present trauma (release of trauma upset resulting in no longer attached to the pain, upset or emotional charge)
• personal development and life purpose
• money abundance blocks
• family relationships (parent/child struggles, spouse issues)
• speaking your truth and aligning with Divine self
• alignment & manifesting a life you desire
• optimal health (emotionally, physically, spiritually, relationally)
• spiritual growth & consciousness
• chronic health issues
• virus, bacteria, fungal and other physical frequencies
• physical & emotional pain

You are meant to be healthy, self heal and thrive in your life and live with Joy and ease.

You are not meant to struggle through life, miserable and in ill health and disconnected from your Divine self.

It is even believed that trauma and emotional upset can become frozen in parts of your body leading to ill health and pain. Once these old energy patterns are removed, the mind, body and spirit can begin to thrive as nature intended it to.

Through eCoaching sessions I use intuition combined with the other powerful methods above to help you release old energy and patterns in your mind/body/spirit disconnecting you from living in your Authentic Energy as Source Consciousness. I help you to establish new patterns of thought and behavior to support your self-healing and align with the healthier lifestyle that you desire.

During your eCoaching session you might feel energy being released from the body and a renewed sense of calm and alignment with your Divine Self resulting in more self Love and less struggle. You might notice that you feel more inner peace and less resistance in making decisions in your daily life. You may also notice less anxiety and things don’t seem to have nearly as much of an emotional charge that once used to upset you. You no longer have intentions of creating negative drama in your life, and you align with more inner peace. You no longer want to argue for the sake of being right. You no longer feel the need to prove yourself to others and you experience more appreciation for who you are and who you came here to be.

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Comprehensive Energy Healing Sessions available @ $259 per 60 minute session

60 Minute eCoaching Session Comprehensive Energy Healing

This purchase is for one 60 minute Inspirational eCoaching session with Yvette, founder of True Healing Source. No refunds are offered however you may choose to reschedule your unused session as my schedule allows or you may gift your session to someone special. Blessings of Optimal Health & Peace, Yvette


I also offer powerful Rapid Trauma Release sessions specifically tailored to help you release acute trauma that is blocking you from living in full peace and harmony.

All sessions are completed over the phone or via email so you can receive your session from the comfort & safety of your own home anywhere in the World.

*PLEASE NOTE: eCoaching Sessions are not a substitute for medical advice, therapy or other counseling from a medical professional. True Healing Source offers an alternative method that compliments other healing modalities and can even enhance other methods of healing that you choose. If you are experiencing a significant issue, are in distress or significant pain, please connect with the appropriate professional service such as a licensed doctor. By choosing this eCoaching Service, you agree to be 100% fully responsible for your health and well-being physically and emotionally. You release all responsibility and liability from True Healing Source and it’s affiliates. You take 100% full responsibility for you self-healing and health.

Contact me today to begin your self healing toward more Inner Peace & Harmony.


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