Quantum Techniques Method using Advanced Bio-Energetic Testing have been found to help release what is considered Dis-Ease in the body and Chronic Conditions and effectively release emotional trauma & upset quicker than any other method known.

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Quantum Techniques is the most comprehensive form of Energy Medicine healing practiced remotely in the world.

I mostly use Quantum Techniques method in my practice and at times may also include other methods and information based on the highest benefit that it offers to those I work with. I also offer practical information from my experience in self healing and in helping others in their self healing path with QT and our work together. In addition, I am a positive living coach and offer methods I use in my daily life that have brought additional healing & Inner Peace to my life in addition to the QT method I practice personally & with others remotely over the phone. My intention is to help others heal in the best most effective way possible, that is sustainable.

This method is also known to have release effects for self healing & consciousness shifts for the person receiving the session work along with anyone who acts as a surrogate in place of the person the session is for. 

Are you ready to truly heal?

Testimonial: Relief of cold symptoms within the hour

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I recently came down with a cold, which I can normally alleviate within the better part of a day in one session and the use of MMS taken frequently throughout the day. This time, it decided to keep a-hold of me for some reason. So, a few days in, my nose would not stop running, I had to use a tissue every 15 seconds or so, and my nose was quite sore from this. It was very distracting and frustrating to say the least. I realized my sinuses might be reversed and tested/checked for reversal of the sinuses specifically and sure enough they were reversed. I then corrected the reversal and reconnected the sinuses to the brain engines/healing circuits that were offline and within a half hour my nose had almost completely stopped running and my overall health began to improve significantly and speedily by the end of the day. I woke up with almost 100% relief from the cold the next morning! 

Testimonial: Panic attacks disappear

I had a young lady (I’ll call her Dee). I worked with Dee over multiple remote sessions for healing. She was having severe panic attacks going to work, leaving the house alone and in general. She would barely be able to make it out the door without crying at the thought of going to her job or leaving the house and would have multiple panic episodes during the day while at work. We worked through multiple layers of trauma and grief and other non-physical fields along with some dietary changes that tested beneficial and she is now able to go to work and leave the house to go shopping or wherever she needs to go without feeling any panic or fear.

Testimonial: Healing Eyes Near Vision

One of my clients wore reading glasses and distance glasses (separately when she needed them). During one of our sessions together we were addressing other issues, and she commented that it would be great to heal her vision so she would not need glasses any more. I said, “let’s just add it to your session, and see what happens”. Within a couple months, she reported that she was purchasing a new pair of reading glasses and she almost could not find a pair weak enough. She barely needed a +1.0 and was having a hard time finding them in stores. Her husband had a session with another practitioner prior to that, and his distance vision was healed within a couple months of his one session. He was driving down the road and realized he could read all the street signs that he could not read before without glasses. He was amazed and thrilled!

Addictive Alcohol Craving relieved in one session

Working with a woman in her early 60’s  – she shared that the adults in her family always had an alcoholic drink as a “reward” each evening after work and weekends and she has since she was the age of 17. She enjoys a glass or more of wine each evening and it has become a habit that she was not able to let go of. Within one session that lasted about 50 minutes, we were able to completely clear her desire for alcohol and reports (3 months later) that the thought of alcohol doesn’t even interest her at all even when offered and cajoled by family & close friends. I invite you to read the full blog post here. Similar results are found in other addictions such as food addictions and cravings.

Testimonial: Arthritis in the Knee relieved in one session

I was working with a 69 year old woman who experienced arthritis in her knees for many years & normally gets cortisone shots to relieve the pain when needed. Our session lasted about 45 minutes and there were some physical issues and also non-physical issues such as emotions that needed to be cleared. She reported her knee felt about 75% better shortly after our session and felt great waking up the next morning. She no longer felt the need to schedule a cortisone shot and will continue to follow up for further healing.

Testimonial: Shoulder Pain and Stiffness

The same woman from above reported sever shoulder pain and could not rotate her shoulder or lift over her head. This was sudden onset with no trauma and lasted for days without relief. She had this happen in the past and used extended physical therapy which did not fully relieve the issue. Our session lasted almost an hour with a few blocks to healing and attachments and unconscious intentions to keeping the pain as well as some physical frequencies that needed to be cleared. She reported the pain had almost completely disappeared and no longer felt the need to schedule another round of physical therapy sessions that lasted weeks.

A Couple Personal Testimonials

I have personally used Quantum Techniques method to clear many physical & non-physical issues, not only for myself, but also for my family. Here are a few personal testimonials. 

Testimonial: Sugar & Chocolate Cravings Gone Within One Session

I have been a chocoholic most of my life and I am a sweet tooth. In one session I was able to alleviate all craving for sugar and chocolate. Maybe a year later it returned (sometimes a code can be thrown off-line from a virus, trauma, or even a bug bite, and can be brought back on-line with a quick session to clear whatever threw the code off-line) and I felt the desire for sugar/chocolate again intensely. I ran a brief session to clear anything that needed to be cleared to once again remove the desire for sugar/chocolate and the desire once again disappeared. In both cases, releasing the desire for sugar lifted my emotional state along with the session.

Testimonial: Frozen Shoulder Complete Relief in One Session

 I released about 95% of the severe pain and stiffness and lack of movement from a frozen shoulder, (read my story here) in one self healing session. Within a couple days, I noticed the pain was almost completely gone and I could move my arm around in a circle above my head and behind my back and I had not been able to do that in a very long time. The pain has not returned.

Testimonial: Bug Bit Itching and Swelling Relief in Minutes

I have also used Universal codes in the middle of the night and during the day (more than once), after getting bit by something like a spider or mosquito, and finding an itchy welt on my foot or body. I use a personal phrase and release specific healing codes into my body to remove the toxin effect of the bite, the swelling/inflammation and to correct hystamine imbalances. Voila! The itching stops immediately, the swelling reduces significantly and quickly and it is normally completely gone within a few hours, instead of itching for days in frustration.

Testimonial: Relief of Cold Within 6-8 Hours

On multiple occasions I have had complete relief from an oncoming cold with the use of a single personal QT session at home in combination with the use of MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution).

Testimonial: Childhood & Adult Sexual Abuse & Self Worth Issues

One of the most beneficial ways I have used Quantum Techniques personally is to heal through layers of sexual abuse/rape from when I was a child between the age of 6-8 and again when I was in my mid teens. Because of this and other issues, I led my life with severe self worth issues and depression. And, although removing wheat from my diet was a tremendous help in relieving depression episodes, I actually had to heal the repeated sexual abuse/trauma/rape that I had experienced so that I could heal for real from the inside and have a sense of self worth and really clear the depression I had suffered with my entire life. Since working through multiple layers of this field, I am a completely different person than I use to be. I live each day with tremendous gratitude and Joy and have been told by others that I am the happiest person they know, which is all very strange considering my nick-name was once “Pouty” as a child. However, no one knew the anguish I carried.

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It is partly due to this deep self healing that I have experienced with QT, that gives me such passion in helping others heal, both emotionally and physically. I have been there – I have been on the other side and experienced lifelong depression, anxiety, fear of living, and having no self worth at all. And, I am on the other side, and see others through the eyes of Love and Joy and it fills my heart with tremendous Joy when I watch the transformation and healing as I work with others toward Optimal Health and Peace. It brings tears of gratitude to my eyes and my heart wells up with Joy as I think about how far I have come personally and where I am now and how much Inner Peace I feel, and the fact that I have this amazing tool to help others get to the other side, too.

These are just a couple examples of how beneficial bio-energetic energy correction and Quantum Techniques can be toward healing. 

I work with clients over the phone wherever you live – therefore, you never have to leave the comfort & safety your home in order to find beneficial healing.
• All work is done remotely over the phone.

• Always consult your healthcare practitioner before beginning any therapy.

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DISCLAIMER: Yvette is not a licensed therapist or doctor. Energy healing is not intended as diagnosis, prescription, or treatment for any disease, physical or mental. It is also not intended as a substitute for regular medical care.

Hold Harmless – by using these methods, you agree to be 100% solely responsible for your health & wellness, the health of your family, and animals and hold Yvette 100% free of responsibility or harm. Use of Energy healing and other alternative healing methods mentioned above, and bio-energetic muscle testing has never been found to cause harm to anyone.