Inner Balance Jewelry in Prescott AZ

My Love of Energy Healing, Self Healing, Meditation + Spirituality and Gemstones comes together through my creations in Inner Balance Jewelry

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I hand craft each piece of Jewelry in my home studio with the intention of spreading the highest vibration of Love and healing frequencies. 

Natural gemstones, crystal, wood and other materials hold different frequencies and many different healing qualities. As I create each piece of jewelry for meditation or yoga, Chakra healing or to help clear a resonating physical or emotional issue, I choose stones with specific healing properties but also for the beauty and aesthetics of how the stones, wood and metals look as a whole. 

In many cases, I let me intuition be my guide, and the design just sort of flows out of me until it is complete and uniquely beautiful. 

Most Inner Balance Jewelry meditation necklaces and mala beads are one of a kind creations with specific healing properties. Other jewelry such as bracelets, can mostly be duplicated unless I use a special one of a kind stone for the focal point. 

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