Below you will find a collection of poems I have written in reverence to Source, Love, Life and Self

THE UNIVERSE MADE ME DO IT … a poem by Yvette Marie (True Healing Source) 07/26/22

You told me one too many times you’d be fine without me…
You told me one too many times you could live without me…
You told me one too many times you don’t need anyone…
You told me one too many times you’d rather be alone…
You told me one too many time I was worthless and had no reason to live…
You told me in way too many words you hated everything about me…
You told me one too many times “it’s not about you” which made me stop loving myself so I could focus only on you…
You rejected my Love and affection more times than I can count…
You proved too many times your words were true…
I (the Universe) gave you what you wanted…
I gave up, my heart was shattered, all I could do was walk away so you could find the one you want…
It couldn’t be any other way…
Do you see how it works now?
Just because I walked away doesn’t mean it was easy…
Just because I walked away doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt like hell…
Just because I walked away doesn’t mean I didn’t love you with all my heart…
Just because I walked away doesn’t mean I wanted it to turn out this way…
The Universe Made Me Do It…
I simply began loving myself and realized I was worth great Love, too…

REFLECTIONS … a poem by Yvette Marie (True Healing Source)

You think I’m a fake
You think I’m a fraud
As I hold up a mirror
So you can see God

The beauty within
You’re afraid to see
So you lock it away
Clutching tight to the key

Alone in the dark
And trying to see through
Yet you hide from the light
I’m shining on you

“It’s too good to be true”
Is all that you hear
Afraid to be hurt
So you’re frozen in fear

A fraud I am not
Of that you can be sure
Been through hell and back
Yet my heart remains pure

I’ve walked in the dark
I’ve touched the light
It’s only from there
I experience true sight

I see good in others
I trust and let go
I live from my heart
And don’t put on a show

You can search for my faults
Even point them out
The way Source sees me
Is what really counts

I know who I am
I know you you are
Like the light of the moon
That reveals all the stars

Let go and let God
You’ve heard people say
Could it be so simple
Is that really the way

To find peace of heart
And Joy that abounds
Release and surrender
For Great Love you have found’

LIFE IS LOVE … a poem by Yvette Marie (True Healing Source)

I raise my hands to the sky summoning all the universe has waiting for me
I feel the warmth of the sun upon my face
A breeze brushes over my skin and I feel alive
I smile at the heavens and see fluffy clouds floating by
Birds dancing overhead and singing song in nearby trees
Combined with the rustle of leaves like a song meant just for me
“No need to move, just be here with me”
Are the words I hear inside my head,
“All you see and hear, each breath you take, I’m all around”
A new song starts as I open my eyes
I notice the sun is blanketed
Now covered by many clouds
Lightning bolts across the sky
I tingle with each drop of rain that falls upon my skin
The song of rain plays upon my ears,
beating the drum of new life into the earth
All that lives will be touched by this downpour of love from the sky
Plants will grow, wildlife will be quenched and play joyously in puddles and mud
People will rejoice and partake of what blooms
The rain slows
And, the clouds are now drawn like curtains
The sun smiles brightly on all once again
Touching life with its warm embrace
I feel the warmth upon my skin once again
Still wet and tingling
As a light breeze keeps my skin alive
The tiny hairs dance on my body and electrify my senses
A butterfly gently floats to a nearby flower bed
And drinks of the raindrops left behind
I lift my skirt from the still wet ground around my feet
I shiver as it brushes across my feet
I turn toward the door
A smile washes across my face
As if I have been handed a sacred key,
A key given to me directly from Love
Life is Beautiful
Life is Good
Life Is LOVE…