Can you release the upset of a trauma immediately?

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True Healing Source offers the most rapid method of releasing an acute trauma available remotely over the phone in the World. Experience this rapid trauma release first hand for yourself, or you can work as a surrogate for a loved one. Call 928.235.4464 to schedule your rapid trauma release session today! Advance purchase required. This special offer is Available to US residents only. Your rapid trauma release session will be up to 20 minutes and is only valid for trauma release (other comprehensive healing sessions available at normal fee). If you would like to schedule another session for other healing issues, it will be at the normal rate of $4.32 per minute based on number of minutes per session.


As a healer and someone who has experienced the severe implications of personal trauma (childhood & teen sexual trauma) and lifelong 2nd hand PTSD trauma in my life, I am passionate about helping others heal & release the upset of trauma, quickly!

I am well aware of the impact that trauma can cause in a persons life. If a trauma goes ignored, without processing or therapy, our brain and body hold onto that trauma, and your body can show physical manifestations until the trauma is addressed, healed and released. Without treatment, a person might have severe PTSD symptoms for long periods of time or even the rest of their life. A person could experience feeling out of control in certain situations, there might be triggers that are known and unknown until they happen that cause panic and anxiety and even set off bouts of rage and severe depression.
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Others might experience severe self hatred, loathing, self worth issues, feelings of hopelessness, iratic fears and phobias, a feeling of never being safe, imprisoned in their own home due to fear of leaving the safety of their home, panic and anxiety that the trauma might happen again at any moment. There might be a feelings of self punishment and feelings that they should continue suffering or “why am I alive?”. Others may experience repeating relationships that create repeated trauma and issues of poverty and addictions.

Using this very profound trauma release method for Acute Trauma it somehow gets to the root and all parts in effect releasing layers of the trauma energy resulting in feelings of peace and calm when revisiting the trauma field at the end of the energy healing session. It is the quickest & most effective method I have found in over 15 years advanced study to release the upset of a single trauma.

What happens during a Trauma Release session?

This method is highly effective in releasing Acute Trauma. It can also be used in conjunction with releasing long standing trauma issues such as Chronic Trauma or Complex Trauma during other deeper more comprehensive energy healing sessions together as other factors should be addressed for full healing of these very severe issues.

At the beginning of your trauma release session for an Acute Trauma, I will ask you what your rate of distress is when you think of the trauma right now. I will use the Subjective Units of Distress Scale (aka: SUDS) ranging from 0-10 (zero no upset, 10 being the most upset possible and it is unbearable).

As I walk through the method for releasing the trauma energy, you might feel releases of energy through your body or you might feel an emotional release momentarily as the energy dissipates. This is completely normal and a wonderful confirmation sign that the energy is being released. However, you might not notice anything specific until you realize you don’t feel the upset of the trauma anymore at the end of the session.

Since I am also acting as a surrogate, I feel releases of energy physically and sometimes emotional release such as tears welling up for a few moments or feeling upset that only lasts momentarily, an uncontrollable urge to smile and even feelings of elation and joy. Read more about energy healing side effects here

Note: There also could be “body position memory trauma” in which the body experiences a severe trauma and develops a body position trauma, so whenever the body is back in the position where it experienced the trauma, the body goes into a fear state. Examples might be feeling upset, anxiety or stress lying in a dental chair, sitting in a car or falling asleep. A person might have been traumatized while lying on their back, such as in the case of sexual trauma, surgery or lying in bed while listening to parents fighting.

At the end of your trauma release energy healing session, there will be a noticeable difference in the feelings of upset (or no upset) surrounding the trauma issue any longer. I will ask you to rate your level of distress again when you think of the trauma right now. Normally, it will be a 0-1 compared to the beginning of the session.

This release of trauma energy can result in other areas of your life being impacted positively.

Example: In many cases, I have had the blessing of experiencing being on the phone with someone who is audibly distraught at the beginning of the call, usually in tears and sometimes not understandable due to the severity of the crying and upset, as they are trying to speak. Within minutes, a calm washes over them, and the crying ceases and they can speak without choking through the words. It is an emotional experience as a witness to this miracle, and a blessing that I am privileged to have the knowledge and ability to help others find more inner peace and healing.

(*In comparison, during a normal comprehensive & intensive energy healing session for other physical or non-physical (emotional) issues, I would test specific non-physical fields that are present for healing as well as physical frequencies and organs/glands/tissues and more, that are involved in a healing “field” which could take an average of 30-60 minutes. Visit here for Comprehensive Energy Healing

With this highly beneficial trauma release method, we can get right to the trauma itself to help relieve the upset and energy of layers of a trauma in most instances experiencing immediate relief & has always been found to be permanent. If at any point after your trauma release session you feel any upset surrounding the trauma, it is normally another layer coming up for healing that might not have been ready to be cleared and can be addressed with a short follow up session.

How Do I Know if I Have Trauma?

Everyone experiences trauma of some kind during their lifetime. Normal traumas could be a breakup of a relationship, a fight with spouse that you just can’t shake, personal injury or assualt, bullying, sexual assault, co-worker issues, loss of a family pet or loved one and so much more. If you feel upset when you think about an incident, especially if you just can’t let it go, that could be considered trauma. And, it could be negatively impacting your life in many ways that you are not aware of consciously physically or non-physically (emotionally).

What is Acute Trauma healing?

Healing a specific trauma or ACUTE TRAUMA means a one time trauma experience such as a single trauma in the line of duty, victim of a crime, natural disaster, accident, sexual assault. Other more complicated traumas are Chronic trauma and Complex trauma which normally involve repeated abuse and other issues and would not fall into the category of specific trauma or acute trauma. Chronic trauma or Complex trauma would be something like repeated sexual abuse, repeated verbal or phsical abuse, second hand long term PTSD trauma, combat trauma and so forth. Read more about the 3 main types of trauma here

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DISCLAIMER: Yvette is not a licensed therapist or doctor. Energy healing is not intended as diagnosis, prescription, or treatment for any disease, physical or mental. It is also not intended as a substitute for regular medical care.

Hold Harmless – by using these methods, you agree to be 100% solely responsible for your health & wellness, the health of your family, and animals and hold Yvette 100% free of responsibility or harm. Use of Energy healing and other alternative healing methods mentioned above, and bio-energetic muscle testing has never been found to cause harm to anyone.

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