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Other Self Help Resources (other than energy healing/energy medicine methods) that I have studied and found profoundly beneficial in healing my mind and raising my spiritual consciousness.

The following is a partial list of the most profound teachings that have helped open my mind and transform my life forever and I am filled with appreciation beyond words that I was introduced to this path over 20 years ago after my powerful asking the Universe for help in healing my Loved ones…which in turn helped me heal in magnificent ways too great to mention. I am passionate about sharing this information, and feel blessed that I am a Source to share this with those I meet for the betterment of the World and generations to come…

These resources below are a small gathering of what I have personally studied since I began my self healing journey over 20 years ago. They are for me some of the most mind shifting works I have come across in my own personal journey. There are many others I have read & studied, (too many to mention) that have added to these teachings or reaffirmed these teachings for me along the way. I am extremely thankful for them all and would not be where I am today without this knowledge.

Sir David R. Hawkins is one of our modern times biggest renowned teachers of Human Spiritual Consciousness and how to use kinesiology to test the level of consciousness of anyone or anything in time. His work is one of the first “spiritual consciousness” life altering sources I found in my journey. His website describes him as ” an internationally renowned spiritual teacher, psychiatrist, physician, researcher, lecturer and developer of the widely-known Map of Consciousness®. continues to carry his books and teachings since his transition to non-physical. Power Vs. Force is an introduction to his work and will change the way you view the World & Human Consciousness forever. This is one of the first and most profound books I read over 15 years ago when I began my intense study of Spiritual Consciousness & Energy Healing and self healing.

Abraham Hicks is another profound teacher that will shift the way you perceive reality and the human spirit and help transform your life and take responsibility for everything that you receive in your life. It is the most powerful and complete Source of information about the Law of Attraction I have found. It is also one source that helped me realize that truly anything is possible.

Dr. Richard Bartlett is one of the first, and most profound teachers for me of the fact that “anything is possible” that I found along my journey. He is the founder of Matrix Energetics which is a method of Consciousness Transformation. Through his playful teachings, my mind was re-awakened to the memory that anything is possible if you just get out of the way. Through his books and learning videos, I was introduced to his original teachings around using the Zero Point Field of all possibility and his “Two Point” method. I have used this a few times with some very interesting and fun experiences!

Access Consciousness is another concept that I thoroughly enjoyed receiving! The biggest concept I received from this is “What is Right With Me?” instead of “what is wrong with me?” or anyone else for that matter. And, “Who does this belong to?” The method uses a specific way of releasing old patterns that no longer serve you in your life, a method of releasing things that were taught to you that don’t even really belong to you. It re-frames things with other more intention and possibility. Again, for me it was reinforced that “anything is possible”. We all take on beliefs that we heard or experienced through our entire life up to this very moment, that we adopted as our own and these beliefs unconsciously run our life, to our detriment in many cases. What if you could simply ask, “Who does this belief belong to?” and send it back to them with Love & Light and come into your own belief about something that is right for you? WHAT IF there is really nothing wrong with anyone (or anything) in this World? This includes people who most others consider different, invalid, handicapped, out of place, mentally “ill” or have developmental disabilities or otherwise not the same as what society deems “normal” or “right”. As humans we assume that there is something wrong with others who are not “normal” in terms of what we have been taught. However, what if (since we are all infinite beings) we actually choose to be who we are in this physical body? And, what if there is absolutely nothing wrong with it? We didn’t come here to be like everyone else. We came here as Source Energy to express ourself in a different way than anyone else. Free will is something we are ALL born with. And, we ALL have the choice to change or stay the same in any given moment, no matter what.

Other mind expanding resources include (but not limited to):

  • Dr Wayne Dyer
  • Dr. Joe Dispenza
  • Dawson Church
  • Kidest OM
  • Pam Grout
  • Amanda Owen
  • Dr. John Diamond
  • Dr. Dain Heer
  • Rhonda Byrne
  • Dr. Joe Vitale
  • Brian Tracy
  • Tony Robbins
  • Jack Canfield
  • Lynne McTaggart
  • Wendy Down
  • Louise Hay
  • Earl Nightingale
  • QT & TFT
  • And, many more…
Health Resources
  • Dr. Mercola (one of the largest natural health resource on web – there is a website for people and separate website for pets natural health)
  • (sodium chlorite, molecula silver)