Policies & Services

I offer a variety of energy healing options for you to choose from at different fee rates:

New clients are offered a one time 15 minute FREE consultation to discover more about energy healing services offered in order to make a sound decision and schedule a session. No energy healing work will be done during the free consultation.

Services Offered:

• Service A – Comprehensive Energy Healing via phone/eSessions wherever you live in the World (Elite level energy healing)
• Service B – Customized Unique Energy Healing Codes & Tapping Sequences
• Service C – Rapid Trauma Release – Quick powerful method to release the upset of a trauma
• Service D – Chakra Balancing (Customized unique tapping sequence to balance & re-align chakras)
• INspirational Guide to Authentic Living
• Meditation Tools
• Law of Attraction Coaching
• Soulful Healing Jewelry

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(NOTE: new clients are required to pay in full before session is confirmed and completed. I will contact you before your session to confirm your session time and collect your payment via Paypal. Thank you.)


• New clients are required to submit full payment for a full session which will be up to 75 minutes at the current rate of service before scheduling your session. Most new client session will be a full hour or a little more since there are normally initial questions to the process and so forth.
•Established clients are required to pay all session fees immediately following your session without exception. I offer an alternative approach to self healing that is not covered my medical insurance and all fees are due at the time of service.
• Sessions are offered as guidance and never intended to replace any medical, legal, psychiatric advice or other professional assistance.
• You, the client, are solely responsible for your self healing, advancement and creating your future. I use a comprehensive method of energy healing which uses advanced muscle testing, specific energy scans and dialogue with the body consciousness to identify what’s at the root cause of your issue along with identifying energy mis-alignments and physical or non-physical (emotionally based) blocks to your healing while energetically releasing these frequencies and energetically reconnecting the body consciousness in order for healing to take place. As a healer and inspirational guide to living, I will also make practical recommendations that have greatly enhanced my own life and assisted in my significant self healing process in order to help you more quickly move through your self healing journey whether it is for physical health, emotional well being or spiritual growth. Although these suggestions are recommended for speedier results, it is at your discretion whether you choose to use this information to more quickly establish your healing.
• I have the right to refuse service to anyone or end service at any time. Rude, insolent or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated in any form at any time.
• I encourage you to make a commitment to yourself and your healing. Repeated last minute cancellations will result in removal from my practice. I do my best to respect your scheduled session time (other than unforeseen circumstances or emergencies) and dedicate myself to your advancement and healing during your scheduled session time and expect the same courtesy in return.
• As a healer it is my responsibility to support you in your self healing efforts and therefore will not support efforts to self sabotage your healing. If I feel at any time that we are not making progress, I will advise you and we will come to an agreement together as to further sessions. (Example: You are in relationship where there is repeated abuse physically or emotionally. You choose to stay in the relationship and request a trauma healing session each time you are physically or verbally abused in order to heal the upset so you can stay in the abusive relationship instead of leaving for your safety and emotional well being, which I will not support).
• As with any form of healing, medical or theoretical, the accuracy or effectiveness of any service can not be guaranteed.
• Pre-paid session fees are non-refundable. However, you can re-schedule your session subject to availability or transfer your session to a family member.
• I use Paypal as my primary source of receiving session fees.
• I am unable to answer session related questions, provide guidance or complete any advanced muscle testing outside of a paid consultation/session. This does not include brief general business questions.Other than the one-time FREE 15 minute consultation for first time/new clients, all phone sessions are fee based. All general business questions should be submitted via email to truesourceheals@gmail.com
• Although comprehensive energy healing has been found to be beneficial and in many cases significantly helpful when used alongside other traditional methods of healing, you are always encouraged to seek professional medical advice if you suffer from any medical condition. Energy healing sessions with True Healing Source never replace medical opinions given by your professional doctor or psychiatrist. Energy healing has never been found to be harmful.


New Clients: In order to schedule your FREE 15 minute initial consultation for comprehensive energy healing, please call 928-235-4464 and leave your name and a valid phone number where you can be reached and briefly indicate what you would like help with (no actual session work will take place during FREE consultation). It is also highly beneficial to email me with a few of your most important questions ahead of time that way I know how I can help you best during your FREE 15 minute initial consultation as 15 minutes goes by pretty quickly. You can email me @ truesourceheals@gmail.com or use the CONTACT FORM below.

Contact me today to begin your self healing toward more Inner Peace & Harmony.

*PLEASE NOTE: eCoaching Sessions are not a substitute for medical advice, therapy or other counseling from a medical professional. True Healing Source offers an alternative method that compliments other healing modalities and can even enhance other methods of healing that you choose. If you are experiencing a significant issue, are in distress or significant pain, please connect with the appropriate professional service such as a licensed doctor. By choosing this eCoaching Service, you agree to be 100% fully responsible for your health and well-being physically and emotionally. You release all responsibility and liability from True Healing Source and it’s affiliates. You take 100% full responsibility for you self-healing and health.