You are created to self heal. All illness is comprised of mind/body/spirit connections. And, in order to fully heal, all aspects of the self need to be addressed at some point. A physician may address the physical symptom by offering a medication or other physical based therapy, however after some point of remission, many physical maladies return and sometimes even more aggressive than previously. Comprehensive Energy healing (aka: energy correction) can be highly beneficial in helping the healing process along where there might be blocks to healing. There are emotional or what we call “non-physical” components at the root or cause of the symptom that need to be identified and addressed in order for true, full healing to take place. In some cases the emotional wounds are too painful to address, however, I believe when maladies return, it is our body telling us “it’s time” to address these other aspects in order for full healing to transpire. Fortunately, the energy healing method I choose to use does not involve years of repeatedly rehashing old trauma and has also repeatedly proven to be much speedier in clearing emotional distress.

True Healing Source offers an alternative method to assist in identifying and thus removing the other aspects (blocks to healing) in support for the body to return to it’s own self healing state.

When there is a symptom that is persistent it is believed that there is a belief or trauma being held at a cellular level that keeps the body in a fight or flight state and prevents the body/mind from healing. Some believe that at this level the body consciousness has a belief that the world in general is a dangerous place and must defend itself against the world and other attacks. Once these issues are identified and resolved through advanced diagnostic muscle testing ( and energy healing), the cells can release the fight or flight energy and raise into a healing state which is Love.

One of the quickest & most efficient ways of doing this is the use of Energy Correction (aka: energy healing) with the use of advanced muscle testing to dialogue with the body/mind/spirit and find the “why” or cause or root of what’s going on behind the symptoms and thus clearing it for the body to get into that profound healing state physically and emotionally. Although the process for physical & emotional issues are a bit different, the measured result is basically the same. Through this advanced muscle testing dialogue with the body, something is identified that is blocking or needs to be addressed in order to heal. Through comprehensive energy healing, there is sort of a “light switch” that comes on and the body says, “Oh, I didn’t know that was there to heal. Now I do.” And, begins the healing process. Sometimes very quickly.

At THS we have not only experienced this radical shift in self healing physically, but emotionally & spiritually as well for self and working with many others with this diagnostic method along with energy healing.

Yvette has been told by many clients that she is much more than a therapist or healer. And, that she has helped those she works with shift their whole perspective on living and seeing & experiencing the world differently.

Whether you are wanting to change or heal a physical issue or an emotional (non-physical) issue, Yvette will dialogue with the body’s energy through specific advanced methods of muscle testing, and then provide a unique code for a person to use (either for self/others as a surrogate & for animals). This code is based on the meridian system in the body. Each person receives a very unique, personalized code that is like a combination to remove blocks and unlock the healing. The person can then either tap or read the code for self treatment as recommended. In most cases, this becomes your personal code that you use regularly and any additional information during the testing process on different occasions is added to the existing code for self healing.

What is a Toxin Frequency?

Toxin frequencies (or energy toxins) can block the body’s healing and can be specific to a particular field for healing. Toxin frequencies can be different from session to session and each issue that you want to resolve. There are major energy toxins that are general to your system and should be avoided if at all possible in order for your body consciousness to be in the best place for healing. These energy toxin frequencies could be things such as items that you frequently ingest (ingestants), personal items that you use (contactants), items that you inhale (inhalants) or items that are injected (bug bites/stings, plants, immunizations/shots/injections from surgery) (aka: injectants). These items can be from past at any point since conception up until present. Strangely enough someone could have the energetic frequency of an old bug bit from childhood that is settled into a shoulder that won’t heal for example. Once this frequency is identified through this process, the body recognizes it is there, and through this energetic correction (energy healing) method, “clears” it and the body suddenly begins to heal. Strange, I know, but similar things have happened on many occasions.

Other frequencies that block healing could include past/present virus/hidden virus, bacteria/hidden bacteria, mold/fungal/yeast, mycoplasma/hidden mycoplasma, parasite/protozoa & hidden parasite/protozoa or hidden pathogen frequencies, heavy metals, trauma (physical/emotional) , spiritual attachments, toxic beliefs & generational issues (physical or non-physical) and even other people’s energy.

Even though we use the terms for dis-eases or disorders, keep in mind these are only the energetic frequencies or signatures and not the actual malady or condition. It is the energy of what comes up in testing that is being corrected and not the problem itself.

– Disclaimer/Hold Harmless – Yvette is a certified in multiple forms of Energy Correction & consults with people all over the world via phone & email. She combines her knowledge with the many modalities she has studied to provide information for self healing. Yvette is not a licensed therapist or medical doctor. Energy Correction is not intended as diagnosis, prescription, or treatment for any disease, physical or mental. It is also not intended as a substitute for regular medical care.

By choosing True Healing Source, you agree to be 100% solely responsible for your health & wellness. Although Energy Correction can be highly beneficial & has never been found to cause harm, you agree to hold Yvette, True Healing Source 100% free of responsibility of harm.

Yvette does not advise anyone to discontinue or avoid medical or psychological treatment or advice. In some cases medical or psychotherapeutic consultations are advised and even necessary. Yvette practices as a bio-energetic consultant and shares information based on advanced muscle testing results and you choose to use the information however you deem best for you. True Healing Source does not practice under license such as a medical doctor, psychologist, therapist, nutritionist or other medical title. Yvette, True Healing Source does not claim to practice as a clinical psychologist or medical doctor, therapist or nutritionist