Healing Self Love & Self Worth with this 12 Week Intensive Course

“When you start seeing your worth, you’ll find it harder to stay around people who don’t”

From a young age we are taught that we are not good enough just being ourselves.

We are taught that we have to change in some way to please others. We are taught that in order to make others happy, we have to do things that make them comfortable, even at the expense of not being true to our authentic Divine self.

Moving into the energy of Self Love and acceptance is powerful!

Once you move into the vibration of Self Love your whole life will shift as you know it. You will begin manifesting and receiving new people and experiences into your life that show you that you are worthy, loved and adored.

Every area of your life will shift and move. Through my work as a Comprehensive Energy Healer, I have discovered that self love and worthiness is at the core of what is holding us back from everything that we desire in our life whether it is a slimmer healthier body, more money, loving joyful relationships with others, faithful passionate relationships with a love partner or anything.

You have to love yourself as your Divine (Source Energy, God, Universe) loves you. From a non judgmental perspective, with total appreciation and acceptance of you who are and who you came to be in order to experience this physical life from a completely different perspective than any other being in time or space.

For most of my life I lived in the darkness of body shame, feeling self hatred and deep depression.

I was not sure why I was alive. And, it took me on a massive journey into reconnecting with my Divine Source (Authentic Self, Source Energy) through different forms of energy healing, spirituality & consciousness, law of attraction and self healing. I’m here to share the most powerful and quickest tools I have to help you reconnect with your Authentic Self and align with more self love, self appreciation and Joy than you ever thought possible.

As I began doing this work not only for myself but with the other people I was working with, I discovered that healing self love, self acceptance and worthiness was the root in shifting everything else in your life.

As a result, I created this 12 Week Healing Self Love Intensive Workshop into healing issues with self worth, body hatred and shame while transforming you into massive self love, self appreciation and worthiness.

I invite you to join me for this powerful 12 Week Self Love healing journey here.

See you there!
Blessings of Optimal Health and Peace,
Yvette (Self Love Coach, Guide to Authentic Living and Transformational Comprehensive Energy Healer

Yvette is a Comprehensive Energy Healer, Self Love Coach and Guide to Authentic living and works remotely with women all over the World to reconnect with their Divine Authentic Self (Source Energy) and rediscover Self Love, Body Love and Self Appreciation. Her passion is helping women experience life from a place of power, self love and authenticity so they can move through all stages of life with ease, grace and self appreciation in who they are in this physical body.

When she is not working with clients one on one she spends her time meditating or reading inspirational books or blogging about self Love and empowerment, self healing, the Law of Attraction or holistic health. Or, she can be found in her home studio creating beautiful Spiritual Goddess jewelry.