“I am Love, I am Loved, I am Lovable, I am Worthy, I am Whole, I am Complete, I am Joyful, I am Abundant, I am Enough, I am Source Energy in Ecstatic Motion” – Yvette, EC-CP, True Healing Source

True Healing Source Jewelry & Energy Healing is located in Prescott Arizona and provides Rapid Trauma Release remotely and also offers a multitude of Self Healing tools and Spiritual Healing tools including:

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“The feeling that cannot find its expression in tears may cause other organs to weep”, Henry Maudsley, Psychiatrist

THS works with the most comprehensive methods of energy medicine (energy healing) offered remotely in the World today for rapid trauma release & finding emotional balance. You can receive your session from the comfort & safety of your own home anywhere in the World.

Yvette is passionate about supporting others in their transformational healing journey to finding more inner peace. In addition, Yvette offers support tools to help more deeply instill the self healing for lasting shifts in consciousness affecting your whole life experience.

All healing is self-healing and re-connection with Source Energy (God, Divine, etc). You were created to self-heal, however as a physical body, we can pick up frequencies or experience traumatic events that can block the body’s healing intelligence and create a state of fear in the body and cells, creating dis-ease. These could be physical frequencies or non-physical frequencies especially trauma and trapped negative emotions. These frequencies and trauma can cause the cells in the body to be in a lower vibration and disconnected from Source Energy, therefore creating a state of dis-ease in the body. Once you are able to raise the vibration of your cells through releasing the old negative frequencies connecting you to your Source, the natural result is healing. 

During and after your session you may experience the release of emotional frequencies such as traumas, blocking emotions & frozen emotion fields, beliefs about self, others, World, God or self-punishment, conscious/unconscious conflicts, generational issues & intentions to remain ill and secondary gains to remain ill or stuck.

As it was explained to me many years ago, “the healing on an energetic level is taking place instantaniously, as quickly as the session is taking place, however the physical body sometimes requires time to catch up to the new frequencies and healing” in order to adjust to a “new body”. This does not mean that the body is not capable or won’t heal instantaneously in some cases. I have experienced and witnessed many cases of complete healing of a physical issue in one session.  

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