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It is possible to transform and live an empowered life. It is possible to really heal from anything in your life, if you are in alignment with your Diving higher self (Source, God, Universe or however you label it). You can flourish, prosper, thrive and find complete Love and appreciation for your body, yourself the World. You are Divine Spirit expressing itself in physical form. You have the Love and support of the Universe behind you. You can truly be, have or do anything that you desire and live an authentic life.  

“The feeling that cannot find its expression in tears may cause other organs to weep”, Henry Maudsley, Psychiatrist

Self Empowerment Affirmation

“I am Love, I am Loved, I am Lovable, I am Worthy, I am Whole, I am Complete, I am Joyful, I am Abundant, I am Enough, I am Source Energy in Ecstatic Motion” – Yvette, EC-CP, True Healing Source

Yvette, Energy Practitioner & Inspired Living Guide

You must elevate your mind above your current level of existence, above your physical experience that you are used to, in order to change and shift your life into something new.

True Healing Source Jewelry & Energy Healing is located in Prescott Valley Arizona and provides support in helping you achieve your best life and Optimal Health. Through the use of advanced muscle testing along with powerful energy healing and energy release methods used to clear the old patterns and stuck energetic frequencies, your mind and body are then open to self-healing in physical health, emotional well-being, relationship health and spiritual growth. 

All healing is a realignment with your Divine Spirit or authentic self

“There is one great truth on this planet: whoever you are, or whatever it is that you do, when you really want something, it’s because that desire originated in the Soul of the Universe. It’s your mission on Earth!” Paulo Coelho

Would you like to shift or heal: 

• acute physical issue (virus, bacteria, etc.)
• boost immune system (fight off viruses, bacteria & other pathogen frequencies)
• chronic health issue (long standing health issues or issues that appear blocked from healing)
• low self-esteem (self-worth, self-love, body appreciation)
• stress, anxiety and panic symptoms
• forgiveness & letting go (of self and others)
• anger & rage
• guilt
• blocks to healing & optimal health
• life changes (career changes, moving, retirement, empty nest)
• grief or loss of love (death, divorce, relationship loss)
• relationship issues and healing (communication & speaking your truth, divorce, breakup)
• intimacy (self-worth, body issues, repressed sexuality)
• past or present trauma (rapid release of trauma upset resulting in no longer attached to the pain, upset or emotional charge)
• personal development and life purpose
• money abundance blocks & career advancement
• family relationships (parent/child struggles, spouse issues)
• speaking your truth and aligning with Divine self
• alignment & manifesting a life you desire
• optimal health (emotionally, physically, spiritually, relationally)
• spiritual growth & consciousness

How does this Energy Healing combination work?


You identify an area or areas in your life for physical health or emotional where you would like to flourish, thrive, feel the flow in, heal or experience more inner peace and calm or raise your vibration and align with. All healing is a realignment with your Divine spirit or authentic self.  


Through advanced muscle testing specific areas of physical and non-physical frequencies, I help you identify the truth about what’s at the root cause and what’s holding you back from the life and health you desire. Bringing to light past or present physical frequencies that are still resonating in the body (I test more than 35 specific physical frequencies) including pathogen fields, heavy metals, hormones, neurotransmitters, steroids, man-made substances, medications, supplements/herbs, non-physical fields along with non-physical frequencies (emotional based) such as old belief patterns, blocked emotions, frozen or trapped emotions, traumas and trauma fields, abundance blocks, and internal intentions to remain dependent, impoverish or ill and clear them energetically from where they are being held in the body blocking you from Optimal Health. I test how many areas these frequencies are being held in the body blocking you from self-healing the present issue and energetically clear them from the field.  


Once we have identified the whole field that the body consciousness is ready to clear in the present moment, you will then receive a personalized energy healing code (similar to a meridian tapping code like TFT or QT) to support your healing session which energetically holds all the session information and basically duplicates your session each time you use your code in the following days instilling the healing deeper. You will be advised how to use your code, how many times, how often and how many days to use your healing code for the best results. You can either tap your code, read your code to yourself or run your hand over your code for the same healing effect. 

and, Finally…

I help you establish new patterns of thought & behavior to support your healing and help you align with the healthier lifestyle that you desire. Through a combination of this energy healing and powerful specific personalized affirmation statements you begin to rewire your brain circuits (neuroplasticity) to resonate in a new higher frequency of Love which takes your cells and your body, mind and heart out of a fear state (fight or flight) and into alignment with your Divine self in order to thrive in Optimal Health in all ways. When your cells are vibrating at a lower energy state or frequency, healing is slowed or halted. You must raise the vibration of your cells and your mind in order to truly heal. This may be why some people find healing in illness only to have the illness return. They do not make permanent shifts in their energy to sustain the healing that occurred. You go back to old energetic patterns that affect the cells of the body and whole life including old self talk and negative thoughts.

My intention is to help you release these old energetic patterns physically and emotionally and shift your vibration more powerfully and permanently, in order for you to find true healing from your highest Source, the Divine Spirit. 

All sessions are completed via email so you can receive your session from the comfort & safety of your own home anywhere in the World.

During and after a session, you normally feel a renewed sense of calm and alignment with your Divine self with less struggle. You might notice that you feel more inner peace in making decisions in your daily life and the things that used to cause you upset or anxiety, no longer affect you. You feel a neutrality that flows across other areas of your life. You no longer have intentions of creating drama in your life, and you align with more peace. You no longer want to argue for the sake of arguing. You no longer feel the need to prove yourself to others and you experience more appreciation for who you are. Some physical issues may respond quickly (ex: pain reduction or cessation), and other issues may take the body time to catch up or may require more than one session targeted at the physical issue.

I also offer powerful Rapid Trauma Release sessions specifically tailored to help you release acute trauma that is blocking you from living in full peace and harmony. Deeper work is offered for repeat trauma that causes chronic upset or ill health in your life.

*PLEASE NOTE: eCoaching Sessions are not a substitute for medical advice, therapy or other counseling from a medical professional. True Healing Source offers an alternative method that compliments other healing modalities and can even enhance other methods of healing that you choose. If you are experiencing a significant issue, are in distress or significant pain, please connect with the appropriate professional service such as a licensed doctor. By choosing this eCoaching Service, you agree to be 100% fully responsible for your health and well-being physically and emotionally. You release all responsibility and liability from True Healing Source and it’s affiliates. You take 100% full responsibility for you self-healing and health.

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