Heal Trauma & Blocking Beliefs and Skyrocket your SELF LOVE, SELF CONFIDENCE & feel more EMPOWERED to manifest your BEST LIFE in my 12 Week Personalized Self Love & Empowerment Course!

I invite you to SHORTCUT YOUR JOURNEY and tap into over 15 years of my experience, expertise and my intense study of spiritual consciousness, self healing & COMPREHENSIVE ENERGY HEALING, law of attraction tools and everything in between.

I will utilize powerful tools to help you discover & clear blocks, intentions, beliefs and self sabotage to manifesting your desires.

True Healing Source in beautiful Prescott Valley Arizona supports self healing around the World wherever you are from the comfort of your home or office via phone or eSessions.

I have spent the last 15 years powerfully healing my own life and increasing SELF LOVE, SELF CONFIDENCE & PERSONAL POWER. I have also spent the last 5 years using these tools to help other women heal unworthiness, anxiety, fear of living, fear of leaving the house without panic attacks, depression with daily crying, lack of motivation, low self esteem, body shame, create more money abundance, manifesting happier relationships and more!

I discovered which tools work the most powerfully in the quickest manner and I created my 12 Week Personalized SELF LOVE, SELF CONFIDENCE & EMPOWERMENT Mastery Program to help you discover and powerfully clear your personal old conscious and unconscious beliefs, behaviors, traumas and wounds, and energy patterns that are blocking you from the Love, abundance and happiness you deserve.

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Hello Beautiful Soul! Yes, you! You are beautiful and unique and you have something to offer this World that only you can give!

No one else is better at being you, than YOU!

• Do you struggle with feeling unworthy of all the good life has to offer?
• Do you feel out of control and fearful all the time?
• Do you feel ashamed of your body or your life?
• Do you feel guilty experiencing pleasure or saying no to others even when it hurts you?
• Do you go around and around in your head with your own negative self talk, worries, tantrums or fears?
• Do you feel less than other women?
• Do you over-react to small things?
• Do you wonder why you are here?
• Do you feel everyone is out to get you or against you?
• Do you compare yourself to others and feel inadequate or that you could never live up to them or have what they have?
• Do you find it difficult to express your authentic self afraid of what others (family, friends, colleagues, church, society) will think or say?
• Do you fear “coming out of the closet”?
• Are you afraid to shine? Are you afraid of your own Power?
• Are you afraid to go after your dreams and desires or start your own business?
• Do you feel stuck in an unhappy job or relationship?
• Is it hard to manifest money abundance, faithful relationships or happiness?
• Are you afraid of asking for what you want in your relationships, marriage, partnership or job?
• Do you have a hard time looking in the mirror because you don’t like what you see?
• Are you afraid of being seen because you will be judged or ridiculed or discovered imperfect?
• Do you hide in the shadows afraid that if you do shine others will feel uncomfortable around you and then won’t like you?
• Do you struggle with past trauma keeping you from moving forward in your life?
• Do you use negative self talk about yourself to others? Do you call yourself stupid, fuck-up, a hot mess, insane, an idiot, an ass, or tell others you suck?
• Are you worried about approaching middle age (40, 50 or above) and feel unwanted, unattractive, un-sexy and out of sorts with your body?

You deserve so much more than you are allowing!

You have the Power to begin living with more ease, confidence, joy, abundance and freedom in all areas of your life!

I will help you FREE YOURSELF yourself from LIMITING BELIEFS and behaviors!

I’ll tell you a secret! I’ve been there! I was there for the majority of my life, growing up and most of my adult life. Most of my life I felt UNWORTHY OF EVERYTHING. I felt useless to be alive. I hid my severe depression from my husband and family for years and cried daily when no one was around as I wondered why I was alive. I had no SELF CONFIDENCE and I lived in the shadows, afraid of expressing myself authentically and afraid to show my fullest potential. I was fearful that if I was seen for being ME, that no one would like me.

I hid my sexual trauma afraid to talk about it or admit it, I was too embarrassed.

Since I was a teenager, I hated my body and felt like it was my enemy. I felt disgusting and hated looking in the mirror or being naked. One of my worst fears was wearing a swimsuit at the beach. I felt like all other women were much better than me and were always more beautiful, worthy, successful and sexy.

I felt unworthy of the Love my husband expressed to me and eventually we were more like siblings living together, no passion or romance. I never felt comfortable with my body having sex and felt inadequate and ugly and didn’t want to be seen.

I was always bending over backwards to get my friends and family’s love and affection at the cost of my happiness which ended in being taken advantage of more. I felt everyone else was better than me and could have more than I could have. I was constantly worried about everything instead of enjoying what was happening now.

Out of desperation for happiness and self acceptance and to save my own life, I began a journey into self healing, self discovery and self Love through over 15 years of intense study of spiritual consciousness, self healing & energy healing, law of attraction and everything in between.

As a result of my own transformation, I began sharing what I know with other women and began receiving feedback. These women were feeling more empowered, more confident and they began talking differently than before. They would run up to me when they saw me and kept telling me that just talking with me changed their perspective on life and how they were living. I was living my passion and helping other women discover more self love, self appreciation, self acceptance and empowerment. And, so I became a Self Love Coach and Transformational Energy Healer.

Through 15 years of trial and error and self healing and working with other women to help them heal unworthiness, fear of living, panic attacks, depression, self esteem, unhappy relationships and more, I created my 12 Week Personalized Self Love & Empowerment Mastery Program to help you discover and powerfully clear your personal old conscious and unconscious beliefs, behaviors, traumas and wounds, and energy patterns that are blocking you from the Love, abundance and happiness you deserve.


I will create a program tailored to your specific desires for discovering self love and creating shifts in a specific area of your life, or you can choose to allow the affects to ripple into all areas of your life, which you will notice either way.

Through personalized weekly sessions (1 per week for 12 weeks) along with daily guidance and insights (M-F), I will personally help you in releasing the self sabotage blocking you from living your life to the fullest on your terms. Together we will create new thoughts and ideas empowering you in building a new more positive foundation for all areas of your life.

I will help you identify old self talk that weakens you and your power to manifest your desires.

Throughout the 12 WEEK PERSONALIZED SELF LOVE, SELF CONFIDENCE & EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM you will learn to be much more consistent in your new mindset that will help you in receiving more abundance, much more joy, better relationships, more communication with others, sky rocket your self confidence, self appreciation and self love and so much more!

I offer my guidance and intuition in discovering and clearing old self limiting beliefs that cause you emotional pain and physical disharmony.

I am applying over 15 years of my personal experience and expertise to help you shift your life into something greater in a fraction of the time it took me to do it.

During and after this 12 Week Personalized Self Love & Empowerment Mastery Program, you will continue to recognize the new trajectory of your whole life experience.

You will also notice the affects on your family, your relationship with your spouse or partner, outside relationships, your job or business relationships and your spiritual practice.

As a result of the 12 WEEK PERSONALIZED SELF LOVE, SELF CONFIDENCE & EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM you will have more clarity and joy and much less emotional suffering, less internal negative talk and drama. You will experience more inner peace and may even discover the release of many physical issues.


My guarantee to you:

• I will show up and support your powerful transformation with the most powerful tools, insights, energy healing, spiritual laws, in depth master level law of attraction techniques, intuition and more that I have discovered and used in my own life and working with other women over the past 15 years.

• I guarantee that I will offer this as a sacred space where you are safe to express your feelings, your traumas and your wounds in order to heal. THERE IS NO JUDGEMENT. I expect you to be open and honest in order to receive the most powerful benefit from this program. If you think I haven’t heard it, think again.

Rules you will agree to in order to be accepted into this 12 WEEK PERSONALIZED SELF LOVE, SELF CONFIDENCE & EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM:

  1. The first step to reconnecting with your self Love is dedicating yourself to this program without excuses or judgement.
    You will get out what you put into this program. You are fully responsible for the results that you receive from this 12 WEEK PERSONALIZED SELF LOVE, SELF CONFIDENCE & EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM. If for some reason you need to pause the program, I will welcome to you pick up where you left off at a later time within reason, to be established between us.
  2. You are expected to show up to your weekly remote discovery/energy healing sessions.
  3. This is a sacred, safe place for healing and empowerment. You will not degrade me, yourself or others.
  4. You will not compare yourself with others. You are on your own personal journey and perfect where you are along the way no matter where you are. If you were meant to be somewhere else, that is where you would be.
  5. You will not show discrimination or prejudice of any kind (race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, color, age or other).
  6. You will not compete with anyone else inside or outside the program if you come into contact with other members at any time. I only allow the upliftment of others in my practice and programs.
  7. You will not use this as a platform to advertise your services or the services of your friends or family.
  8. Be open to something different. Don’t pre-judge. Allow.
  9. There are no refunds or other guarantees offered for this 12 WEEK PERSONALIZED SELF LOVE, SELF CONFIDENCE & EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM. Results will vary. This is a personalized program offered to help you restructure your patterns of negative thoughts, beliefs and blocks to living your best authentic life. As with anything in Life, you will see results if you do the work and follow the program.



• INspirational Guide to Authentic Living
• Meditation Tools
• Law of Attraction Coaching
• Soulful Healing Jewelry

*PLEASE NOTE: I am not a licensed healthcare provider, counselor or therapist. I offer my services as a self-help educator to natural wellness and positive living guide. I do not diagnose or treat illness, disease, or psychological problems. eCoaching Sessions and energy healing are not a substitute for medical advice, therapy or other counseling from a medical professional. True Healing Source offers an alternative method that is considered complimentary to other healing methods and has been used to enhance other traditional healing methods. If you are experiencing a significant issue, are in distress or significant pain, please connect with the appropriate professional service such as a licensed doctor. By choosing this eCoaching Service, you agree to be 100% fully responsible for your health and well-being physically and emotionally. You release all responsibility and liability from True Healing Source and it’s affiliates. You take 100% full responsibility for you self-healing and health.


Yvette has helped me relieve arthritis pain from my knees in just one session and has held for over 4 years! I no longer need cortisone shots every 6 months!” – Vi, US

Working with Yvette has helped me clear panic attacks and get back to living a full life – Less than 2 years ago, I could barely leave the house without severe panic attacks and crying. Today, I work outside the home and run my own home business! I travel all over and spend time outdoors hiking frequently with my dedicated loving dog! – DS – US

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