“I am Love, I am Loved, I am Lovable, I am Worthy, I am Whole, I am Complete, I am Joyful, I am Abundant, I am Enough, I am Source Energy in Ecstatic Motion” – Yvette, EC-CP, True Healing Source

True Healing Source is located in Prescott Arizona and provides Comprehensive Energy Healing remotely Worldwide and also offers a multitude of Self Healing tools and Spiritual Healing tools including:

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“The feeling that cannot find its expression in tears may cause other organs to weep”, Henry Maudsley, Psychiatrist

THS works with the most comprehensive methods of energy healing (energy medicine) offered remotely in the World today for emotional issues, physical issues & raising spiritual consciousness. That means that you can receive your session from the comfort & safety of your own home anywhere in the World. All sessions are conducted remotely over the phone or via email & can help you with not only your own self-healing, but your children and pets as well.  

All healing is self-healing and re-connection with Source Energy (God, Divine, etc). You were created to self-heal, however as a physical body, we can pick up frequencies or experience traumatic events that can block the body’s healing intelligence and create a state of fear in the body and cells, creating dis-ease. These could be physical frequencies or non-physical frequencies especially trauma and trapped negative emotions. These frequencies and trauma can cause the cells in the body to be in a lower vibration and disconnected from Source Energy, therefore creating a state of dis-ease in the body. Once you are able to raise the vibration of your cells through releasing the old negative frequencies connecting you to your Source, the natural result is healing. 

The intention behind this energy healing practice is to help you identify & energetically “clear” the physical and non-physical block to your healing during your session. Using my body as a surrogate along with self-muscle-testing & intuition, and the use of specific “scans” and dialogue with the body, I communicate with your body’s energy field to identify specific blocks to healing such as frequencies of old or current pathogen fields, (virus/hidden virus, bacteria/hidden bacteria, fungal, mycoplasma/hidden mycoplasma, parasite/protozoa & hidden pathogens  & more) along with emotional frequencies such as traumas, blocking emotions & frozen emotion fields, beliefs about self, others, World, God or self-punishment, conscious/unconscious conflicts, generational issues & intentions to remain ill and secondary gains to remain ill or stuck. In many cases there are also toxin frequencies such as old or present day ingestants, inhalants, injectants, contactants, others’ energy & EMF. I also test for 100% internal cooperation for healing and test for attachments that may be blocking healing in order to clear them.  

Sometimes testing will show that specific supplements, herbs and other treatments might be beneficial to include in your self-healing regimen and can speed up the healing as well.  

At the end of your first session, you are given a healing “code” similar to a tapping code (EFT/TFT) that you can read or run your finger over multiple times daily to instill the healing as if you were having the session again. This healing code is based on the meridian system or acupressure points that are like a combination to unlock your personal healing. Reading your code too much will not cause harm. If your body doesn’t need the code at that time, your body will ignore it. In almost all cases, this can be used as your personal code and any future session’s can be added to this code. 

In most cases the healing is permanent, however in some cases, until an issue such as chronic illness, is completely healed, it may be reversed by energy toxins. Therefore, it is important to discontinue specific items that test as energy toxins during your session until they test well for you again. In most cases, items such as food can be reintroduced once significant healing takes place. I have been able to clear serious toxin issues with some foods for myself such as wheat & cashews. (Read my post here to find out more)  

Depending on the issue and the layers that need to be removed, healing can take place in one session or several sessions over time. How long you’ve had the issue, and how severe it is has nothing to do with how many sessions it might take. Chronic health issues can take some time to completely heal, as there are several factors to consider including emotional healing, and bringing the body back into balance through session and cleaning out the body, and gut which can include supplemental therapies on a physical level. There are many things that can be tested and addressed for your best, quickest healing as mentioned above.  

As it was explained to me many years ago, “the healing on an energetic level is taking place instantaniously, as quickly as the session is taking place, however the physical body sometimes requires time to catch up to the new frequencies and healing” in order to adjust to a “new body”. This does not mean that the body is not capable or won’t heal instantaneously in some cases. I have experienced and witnessed many cases of complete healing of a physical issue in one session.  

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