Month: June 2016

Energy Healing Meditation Jewelry and Yoga Malas

    Inner Balance Healing and Meditation Jewelry Gemstones have been used for centuries in healing jewelry and meditative practices. I invite you to visit my shop below for yoga jewelry, chakra jewelry… Source: Energy Healing Meditation Jewelry and Yoga Malas –  Yvette Marie is a Certified Energy healer, certified Thought Field Therapy practitioner, and Advanced Bio-energetic muscle testing practitioner using advanced energy and body scans … Read More Energy Healing Meditation Jewelry and Yoga Malas


Do Your Thoughts Belong to You?

  Do Your Thoughts Belong to You? Are your thoughts really yours? Have you ever questioned why you think the way you do? Or even if you really believe the way you think? We are programmed from birth by our parents and other influential people, and TV and other sources so powerfully, that most of us probably don’t even question why we feel or … Read More Do Your Thoughts Belong to You?


Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt

What are the health benefits of Himalayan salt vs. regular table salt? Did you know that our bodies actually need healthy salt to live? Check it out here along with other cool health benefits of Himalayan salt.


Powerful Natural Mosquito Bite Remedy

Powerful Natural Mosquito Bite Remedy With mosquito season fast approaching, I thought I would share the most powerful remedy I have found to remove itching and reduce swelling. For me it works immediately. I wrote a post a few years ago, about a 2 natural remedies I had found for mosquito bites, and they were quite effective and quick, and I can honestly say … Read More Powerful Natural Mosquito Bite Remedy


How Can Energy Healing with Quantum Techniques Help You

What are the benefits of energy healing with Quantum Techniques and bio-energetic muscle testing?


Energy Healing: Side Effects and Healing Crisis

Energy healing side effects, healing crisis and healing reactions – What are some common energy healing side effects and reactions to energy healing sessions?