What Are Energy Healing Side Effects and Healing Crisis

What happens after an energy healing session? Can you experience side effects during or after an energy healing session?

How can you minimize energy healing side effects or healing crisis?

The simple answer is yes. You can experience side effects during or after any healing modality you choose to use for your mind or body or spirit.

With everything that is happening in the World today, there is a lot of shifts in energy happening and self healing taking place. Many people are powerfully searching for answers and truth to heal physically and emotionally and find more inner peace.

Everything is energy and therefore really any healing can be considered “energy healing” and when you make a shift or change or raise your energy there can be side effects or what’s some call a healing crisis.

You can experience side effects from many forms of healing not exclusive to “energy healing” sessions. Any time your mind/body/spirit is shifting and changing or healing there is old toxic energy or lower levels of energy being released and new energy taking it’s place and creating a healing effect. As the old energy is released it can cause side effects that may be perceived as uncomfortable during the transition period of healing.

You can experience healing side effects (aka: healing crisis, herx reaction, herxeimer reaction, die off, cleansing crisis, etc.) during and after any healing method such as:

~ energy healing
~ intestinal cleanses, colon cleanse
~ spiritual consciousness shifts and spiritual study (upgrading your spiritual “mind”)
~ releasing old negative thoughts and energy patterns and ~ ~ shifting into new positive thought patterns (neuroplasticity) through various methods including law of attraction tools, studying consciousness and spirituality, self healing, energy healing, etc.
~ exercise and weight loss
~ ending addictive behavior
~ emotional healing
~ healing chronic illness or other ill health in the body
and so much more…

These energy healing side effects are normally temporary and can sometimes only last a few moments or sometimes a little longer as your body adjusts to the new energy patterns.

In some cases you may experience the energy healing side effect or energy release during an actual energy healing session and in other cases after the session is complete in the hours and days to follow. Similarly, you can experience this phenomena while shifting and raising consciousness, meditation, studying new material to raise spiritual awareness & consciousness and more.

Interestingly many people don’t realize you can have emotional healing during a physical cleanse such as changing eating habits (healthier eating), weight loss, increasing physical exercise, a colon cleanse and vice versa. Since everything is energy, as the body releases the old built up intestinal sludge that holds old energy patterns, some people experience emotional releases and healing as well and may experience releasing old negative thoughts and shift into a more positive emotional state as a result.

On the contrary, if a person is self healing emotional issues there can be many issues in the body that are resolved as the emotional attachment is released as well and healing reactions can occur physically.

I experienced this many years ago (close to 20 years ago) when I began diving deep into spiritual consciousness work and eventually discovered energy healing. As I began researching and profoundly raising my spiritual consciousness, I not only experienced massive emotional upheaval but also experienced physical side effects or healing crisis that I was not aware of may happen. I sort of jumped in way too fast and full force in my study and in addition to the emotional upheaval, I also began experiencing mild anxiety and trembling as the energy in my body was shifting and raising too and I felt ungrounded.

There are ways to help the process along such as movement in the body through walking, gentle exercise, yoga and so forth to help the body release the energy with less discomfort. And, walking on the earth can also help ground your energy as well especially when doing spiritual growth work. You can do other healthy things that may feel more grounding to you that are physical activities such as spending time with loved ones or animals or pets, making love/sex, creative arts, sports and other physical activities that release energy.

For some meditation may actually heighten the side effects, which it did for me. It was beneficial for me to take a break from certain reading material and meditation for a period while my body adjusted to the new higher vibration and energy patterns that eventually became comfortable and sustainable.

You can also drink plenty of fresh water and consume healthier foods that are higher vibration instead of consuming lower vibration foods filled with chemicals and toxicity.

Sometimes a simple nap or additional rest and sleep can be very beneficial.

Below is a list of some of the side effects you could experience when going through any kind of healing of the mind, body or spirit consciousness.

~ Yawning
~ Flatulence
~ Burping
~ Itching
~ Feeling a need to stretch your body
~ Irritable
~ Fatigue
~ Dizzy
~ Nausea
~ Coughing
~ Sneezing
~ Mood swings
~ Crying/laughing
~ Dreams of past or present people & situations and resolution during dreams, letting go
~ Chills/warmth
~ Nausea
~ Dizziness
~ Sleepy
~ Tingling or numbness
~ Emotional releases, brief anger, laughter, crying, etc.
~ Diarrhea
~ Memories
~ Energetic release

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*PLEASE NOTE: I am not a licensed healthcare provider, counselor or therapist. I offer my services as a self-help educator and coach to natural wellness and positive living guide. I do not diagnose or treat illness, disease, or psychological problems. eCoaching Sessions and energy healing are not a substitute for medical advice, therapy or other counseling from a medical professional. True Healing Source offers an alternative method that is considered complimentary to other healing methods and can been used to enhance other traditional healing methods. If you are experiencing a significant issue, are in distress or significant pain, please connect with the appropriate professional service such as a licensed doctor. By choosing this eCoaching Service, you agree to be 100% fully responsible for your health and well-being physically and emotionally. You release all responsibility and liability from True Healing Source and it’s affiliates. You take 100% full responsibility for you self-healing and health.

Yvette is a law of attraction coach, positive living guide and guide to authentic living and certified in multiple energy healing methods and is also a creative artist. Yvette has not only used these tools to profoundly self heal many areas of her life, but but has also worked with others in discovering self love, appreciation and more inner peace and live more authentically and empowered to experience their best life.

Weight Loss with Energy Healing Quantum Techniques

Quantum Techniques Energy Healing is used effectively for weight loss – even by accident.

Hi Beautiful Souls!

My name is Yvette and I am an energy medicine practitioner and use energy healing in my life on a daily basis in order to live with Joy in my heart and more inner peace than I ever thought possible.

Many years ago, I discovered Quantum Techniques after studying many methods of energy healing and becoming certified in quite a few of those methods. I used the other methods and didn’t find the powerful benefit they all promised and continued searching for something better, more efficient that actually resulted in healing emotionally, physically and spiritually.

I called for my first session to deal with an issue on my leg that wouldn’t heal. Nothing I used seemed to make a significant impact on my healing as normal. I used tea tree oil, colloidal silver and other things including over the counter triple antibiotic as a last resort and it just would not heal and even got worse.

A welcomed side effect after my first session of Quantum Techniques is weight loss. When I had my initial remote energy healing session with Dr. Stephen Daniel (founder of Quantum Techniques) I lost about 16 pounds without even trying in just a couple months time. The only thing I did differently was remove items that my body identified as energetic toxins for me personally.

YUP! That’s me on the right – before and after!

My mom has done the same thing, and she has lost 32 pounds in about 5 months by only discontinuing the consumption of energetic toxins that her body identified for her personally. And, she added a couple individual vitamins that were recommended that her body was lacking for other health issues that tested good for her.

What is an energetic toxin? 

An energetic toxin, is an item that your body identifies as (in simple terms) a poison or toxin on an energetic frequency level that can be tested with advanced remote muscle testing. Energy toxins can cause your body’s energy system to be disrupted and reversed instead of flowing clockwise as it should (the spin). If your energy system is flowing backward (“reversed” – you will hear this term when working with your QT practitioner) your body can not heal.

In a typical day, our body can be in a state of reversal many times, however it normally corrects itself. Your energy can become reversed by thinking negative thoughts, eating something that your specific body identifies as an energetic toxin, coming into contact with an inhaled energetic toxin, touching an energetic toxin, a spider bite or mosquito bite possibly, and even a very negative person that affects your mood and energy. Cigarettes are an energy toxin for most and so is fabric softener. Each person has personal energetic toxins and they may be different from anyone in your family or others that you know.

Sometimes a person’s energy is in a constant state of reversal, in many cases this person may have a chronic health condition or even cancer. Almost all people with cancer that have been tested in this manner, test as reversed energy.

If you are consuming an item that your body identifies as an energy toxin, every day, repeatedly throughout the day, your body may not be strong enough or have enough “down time” from that toxin, which can cause illness, emotional upsets, weight gain, difficulty losing weight and a number of other maladies including chronic illness (emotional or physical).

Example: Your body may identify WHEAT as an energetic toxin (which mine did). And, you have breakfast with toast (which contains bleached or un-bleached wheat flour). Then for lunch, you have a tuna sandwich (more bread – wheat). Than for dinner you have teriyaki chicken (Oh, yes, many sauces for some reason, have to have wheat in them). Then later, you have some cookies while watching TV before bed – (baked goods – more wheat). Imagine how your body is attempting to rid itself of this energetic toxin load, and you unknowingly keep feeding your body wheat. It doesn’t even have a chance to self correct and begin healing issues in your body.

Another real example is myself, my body identifies wheat as an energetic toxin and ‘reverser’. If I eat anything that has wheat in it, just one bite, within a very short time (usually 15-20 minutes) I become extremely depressed on the verge of not knowing why I am alive, with constant crying bouts and all along with anger & frustration. Similar thing happens when I eat cashews. Now, I LOVE cashews. I had to give them up. It is just not worth it! (2018 – Update, I have cleared both of these reactions on myself using QT energy healing)

Some energetic toxins leave no “physical” symptom like when I eat wheat or cashews. I could feel it almost immediately. In many cases, you won’t notice anything. You may however, wonder why you don’t heal, why you or someone you know has to take multiple rounds of antibiotics to heal, or why you have a chronic health condition, or it takes a REALLY, REALLY long time to lose weight no matter how much you work out or change your diet, or you may wonder why you are depressed all the time and not now why.

Identifying these energetic toxins is very simple and one of the first steps toward Optimal Health including weight loss.

In addition to removing the identified energetic toxins, your Quantum Techniques practitioner can also run a full session for weight loss, clearing energy frequencies that are preventing our body from losing weight as your body may not even recognize there is a weight issue. Quantum Techniques states: What your body can see, it can heal”. Your body is meant to self heal, however, sometimes the body’s healing intelligence is turned off (many times by energetic toxin frequencies) and does not know there is an illness or dis-ease that it should be healing, or a cancer it should be correcting or something else.

Although I am certified in multiple energy healing methods, I choose to use Quantum Techniques at the core of my practice due to it’s powerful benefit and rapid changes. QT is considered the most comprehensive method of remote energy healing in the World today.

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Side Effects and Benefits of Energy Healing

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DISCLAIMER: Yvette is not a licensed therapist or doctor. Energy healing is not intended as diagnosis, prescription, or treatment for any disease, physical or mental. It is also not intended as a substitute for regular medical care.

Hold Harmless – by using these methods, you agree to be 100% solely responsible for your health & wellness, the health of your family, and animals and hold Yvette 100% free of responsibility or harm. Use of Energy healing and other alternative healing methods mentioned above, and bio-energetic muscle testing has never been found to cause harm to anyone.

NOTE: There are many choices for you to use in your self healing journey that vary widely in cost from free information on the internet, to similar methods of practice that range in cost from $400 to over $2000 per hour. I offer a fee based, comprehensive, alternative approach at a very reasonable cost, an alternative service that is a choice not a necessity. It is not covered by insurance. (For my current fee schedule, please visit “Packages & Pricing” above). Bear in mind that it is often more rapid than a conventional approach and therefore may be more cost effective in the long run.

Energy Healing: Side Effects and Healing Crisis

What happens after an energy healing session? Are there side effects during or after an energy healing session?

When I first began using energy healing many years ago, I was not aware that there could be energy healing side effects (aka: healing crisis, herx reaction, herxeimer reaction, die off, cleansing crisis, etc). They are not normally severe enough to be incapacitating or anything. But, some experience minor side effects during and after energy healing sessions.

In some cases where deep healing is taking place, there may be some minor side effects that are noticed, especially if you are sensitive to noticing things that are different in your body & surroundings.

Some energy healing sessions might leave you feeling a little lethargic, ready for a nap. As energy correction takes place and the negative energy frequencies are being release, the body’s energy system is disrupted and the and the body is realigning into a new energy frequency that is different.

With the method I use, an energetic filter/shield can be placed on the energy correction (healing) code in order to offset some or all of the energy healing crisis, healing reaction or clearing reaction. At the end of a session, I test if it is needed and to what extent (example: 57% filter/shield and by intention add this information to the energy correction code.

As an personal example, during a self session or running a session for someone else (since I act as a surrogate when working with others), I normally experience a shiver, a swirl of energy run up my body out of the top of my head, a yawn, fatigue (especially with an emotionally severe issue), a dizzy feeling for a moment or two, itching on my face or hands that is short lived when releasing something usually of non-physical or emotional nature, usually while releasing a trauma or specific event. In some more extensive deep sessions, I have actually began crying uncontrollably, however, it lasts a few moments as if I am releasing something emotionally painful and then it stops as suddenly as it began. Usually this is only for maybe 10-15 seconds and has only lasted maybe 30 seconds a few times over the years. In a few cases, I have actually felt an emotion such as deep loss/grief during this type of release and then it dissipates just as quickly as well. And, then all of a sudden I feel a tremendous relief and even feel like smiling or laughing. I usually know when the release is complete because I take a deep breath without realizing it intentionally and feel “done”. It’s pretty cool to be able to release stuff in such a quick & beneficial manner.

Side effects are usually minimal and can be viewed as your body’s way of expressing the release of something negative as it begins to heal.

The most common side effects reported to me during and after their energy healing sessions include (not limited to): vivid dreams, dreams of healing or resolution of emotional or physical issue, dreams of healing a specific relationship or past love trauma, the sensation of heat, nausea, dizziness, sleepy, numb, tingling, emotional release and brief anger, laughter and so forth.

Keep in mind, this is just your body’s way of releasing old energy frequencies and patterns in order to find true sustainable healing. Any time you make significant changes in your self healing, there will be side effects no matter what method you choose, even if you only change your diet – it is not harmful – it is possible to experience these symptoms in phases for a few days to a week, or not at all.

Some of the side effects that might be considered “negative” that could show up with energy healing that I am aware of are:

  • Yawning
  • Flatulence
  • Burping
  • Itching
  • Feeling a need to stretch your body
  • Irritable
  • Fatigue
  • Dizzy
  • Nausea
  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Mood swings
  • Crying/laughing
  • Dreams
  • Chills/warmth
  • Tingling
  • Sleepy
  • Diarrhea
  • Memories
  • Energetic release

Some of the side effects that could be considered positive associated with energy healing that I am aware of are:

  • Less anxiety, more calm
  • Healing trauma of sexual assault/rape
  • Better sleep
  • Deeper meditation
  • Being more present
  • More energy
  • Rapid release of trauma
  • Lifting depression
  • Raise spiritual consciousness/awareness
  • More self esteem/confidence
  • More Joy & laughter
  • More money/prosperity & success
  • Generational issues
  • Releasing intentions that block healing
  • Better relationship/relationship healing
  • More ease/less resistance
  • Dosage change in RX, supplements, etc.
  • Better sex/more intimacy/orgasm
  • Weight loss/weight gain
  • Clear head/less brain fog (usually toxin related)
  • Better memory
  • Better eye sight
  • Feeling balance/harmony/calm
  • Being able to speak up for self/others
  • Reversal of dis-ease symptoms
  • Change in physical medical testing results & HRV
  • Better intuition
  • Inner peace
  • Healthier body
  • Less pain
  • Forgiveness
  • Long standing emotional turmoil & heartache healing
  • Inner peace/preparing to die
  • Grief release
  • Less rage/anger
  • Relationship loss/breakup healing
  • Overcoming addictions
  • Healing fear of public (agoraphobia)
  • Symptoms of PTSD healing
  • And, much more

In some cases, you might notice a shift or effect during your energy healing session. In some cases you might notice side effects or shifts in days & weeks following your energy healing session. Normally, the most intense effects are noticed within a day or two at most.

What should I do after an Energy Healing session?

I normally recommend drinking plenty of water to keep the body hydrated & flush out any toxins being released. I also recommend some rest if you are able to after your session. A short nap if time permits is great. Even a short meditation can be beneficial.

If you are in a very toxic state (physically and emotionally) especially at the beginning, your body may feel a little lethargic for a few days after your initial session. You may notice a little emotional upheaval for a day or two as non-physical portion of your healing is being released such as emotions and old patterns. It can last moments or off and on throughout your day. Try to relax, and take a moment to reflect if you can and let it release without judgement. In most cases, you will quickly notice the “clouds being lifted” so to speak. I have found that this normally lessens as work progresses and healing takes place. I always recommend that you honor yourself & intuition and listen to what your body is telling you.

Energy healing/energy medicine (aka: energy correction) can be a tremendous addition to other forms of healing and can enhance the effects of other healing work, holistic or traditional. Some forms of energy medicine, can significantly reduce or completely remove the negative side effects of necessary medications and treatments such as chemo therapy if that is the route you choose for healing.

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