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Tapping Code for Coronavirus Trauma, Panic and Fear

I have created a FREE Meridian Tapping Code for Coronavirus Trauma, Panic and Fear.
Please share this photo with as many people as possible and hopefully we can bring some calm to the chaos that has been created.


Two Quick Natural Remedies for Mosquito Bite Itching and Swelling

2 Quick safe natural remedies for relief of swelling and itching of mosquito bites or other bug bite or sting.
Also visit & click on the “self help” tab for additional FREE self help healing resources including special MERIDIAN TAPPING CODES to Deepen your Meditation or increase Universal Love, Peace & Harmony through meditation.


FREE Energy Meridian Tapping Healing Code to Enhance Gratitude & Appreciation

Would you like to feel more Gratitude & Appreciation each day? Here is a free Quantum Techniques tapping code for meditation to help…


FREE Meditation Healing Code for Love, Peace & Harmony

Would you like something that could help deepen your meditation and feel more Love, Peace & Harmony?

Enjoy this FREE Meridian Tapping Energy Healing code to help raise your Universal Love, Inner Peace + Harmony in your life.


Treating Alcohol Addiction with Energy Healing

Using energy correction & Energy healing to treat addiction to alcohol – testimonial

Free Energy Correction Codes for Self Healing

Energy Correction Codes for Self Healing You may be familiar with energy correction or tapping therapies such as TFT or EFT in which you tap specific areas of the face, hands and body in a specific sequence to heal something emotional, physical or spiritual. In my practice as an energy correction practitioner and positive living coach, the core of what I use is Quantum … Read More Free Energy Correction Codes for Self Healing

Healing Arthritis Pain with Bioenergetic Energy Correction and Quantum Techniques

How can Bioenergetic Energy Correction with Quantum Techniques help with pain? Case: I worked with client in a remote phone session this week for about 50 minutes. She had arthritis pain in her knee for an extended length of time and was going to schedule another cortisone shot as the pain has been intense. Within a short time of our session, the pain was … Read More Healing Arthritis Pain with Bioenergetic Energy Correction and Quantum Techniques

Healing Vertigo with Quantum Techniques

Is there a safe, natural remedy for Vertigo? ┬áDo you have the sensation of spinning and being off balance that effects your everyday life – finding it hard to do difficult tasks like driving, standing or even sitting or lying down comfortably? As an alternative practitioner of healing, I am amazed on a regular basis of the healing effects of the method I use … Read More Healing Vertigo with Quantum Techniques

Healthy Benefits of Sea Sponge as Menstrual Tampon

What are the health benefits of using a natural sea sponge to replace tampons?

New Year’s Resolution Or New Year’s Commitment?

Have you made a New Year’s Resolution or New Year’s Commitment?


Weight Loss with Energy Healing Quantum Techniques

Quantum Techniques weight loss testimonials – weight loss as side effect of Quantum Techniques


Are You Trying to Lose Weight and Nothing is Working?

Is your body preventing you from losing weight? Is your body aware there is even a weight problem?