Turquoise Dowsing Pendulum for Energy Healing

Dowsing Pendulums have been used for centuries by many cultures across the World in health and healing.

This beautiful dowsing pendulum is hand made with turquoise dyed magnesite (semi-precious) stones and copper elements with antiqued copper chain.

Magnesite opens the HEART CHAKRA and stimulates unconditional Love. You can use magnesite during meditation to instill deep peace during. Magnesite has a calming affect on emotions and helps promote resilience against emotional stress. Some people use magnesite to release nervous tension.

Using your dowsing pendulum will take practice and patience when you begin.

With practice, a neutral mindset and the correct method you can accurately use a pendulum to test the most beneficial foods, supplements and other items that are best for your health.

There are ways to test if your energy is reversed before you begin using your pendulum. If you energy is reversed you will receive inaccurate testing results from your pendulum that may be false. You would need to clear your energy of reversal before proceeding the energy testing with your pendulum in order to get the full truth.

There are also multiple energy frequency levels to test in order to receive accurate results in you’re testing among with the field you’re testing against as well.

Is not just a matter of asking “is this good for me?” or “should I take this vitamin or herb?”

There are deeper methods of testing to receive accurate information that is pertinent to a specific subject or health issue. And, there are very specific methods of wording questions and statements to elicit 100% truth from your pendulum in order to serve your highest healing.

Is this turquoise and copper dowsing pendulum available? 


Blessings of Optimal Health and Peace,
Yvette, Comprehensive Energy Healer, Self Love Coach, Authentic Living Guide and Law of Attraction teacher

Yvette is a Comprehensive Energy Healer, Self Love Coach and Guide to Authentic living and works remotely with women all over the World to reconnect with their Divine Authentic Self (Source Energy) and rediscover Self Love, Body Love and Self Appreciation. Her passion is helping women experience life from a place of power, self love and authenticity so they can move through all stages of life with ease, grace and self appreciation in who they are in this physical body.

When she is not working with clients one on one she spends her time meditating or reading inspirational books or blogging about self Love and empowerment, self healing, the Law of Attraction or holistic health. Or, she can be found in her home studio creating beautiful Spiritual Goddess jewelry.

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