Tapping Code for Coronavirus Trauma, Panic and Fear

The best way to keep a healthy immune system from the standpoint of the Law of Attraction and Energy Healing is to remain in a high vibration in order for your cells to be in communication with your Divine Spirit or Source Energy without interference.

One of my passions as a healer is to help people find a deeper sense of inner peace and Love and experience Universal Love Consciousness.

The news of the coronovirus has created an energy of trauma, panic, distress, fear, terror, pandemonium and anxiety at this time. Being in a state of hypervigilance and terror can actually lower your immune system making you more susceptible to viruses, pathogens and dis-ease.

How can you clear the trauma, panic and fear you feel about the coronavirus and raise your vibration for self healing?

Of course there are many physical things you can do to keep a healthy immune system that I talk about in my post here. However, from a spiritual standpoint or the Universal Law of Attraction, being in a high vibration or energy state (love consciousness) is the most beneficial way to raise your immunity to all sorts of pathogens and dis-ease. There are many ways to do this including meditation, practiced mindfulness, yoga, and other methods that help bring you into a heart centered place. However, one of the quickest ways I have found is with the use of Comprehensive Energy Healing which is a much more in depth method of meridian tapping therapy.

As a healer in this field, I felt inspired to create a Universal meridian tapping code (that you will find below) to help you clear the upset of the coronavirus news. It is my heartfelt desire that this is shared with as many people as possible around the World to help relieve some of the fear, panic and anxiety that people are experiencing over this news and bring more inner peace, harmony and unity in the World.

Please share this photo with as many people as possible and hopefully we can bring some calm to the chaos that has been created.

Blessings of Optimal Health & Peace
With Love,
Yvette, Founder, @ True Healing Source

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