Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt

Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt

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Do you get enough salt in your diet? What are the health benefits of salt? Did you know that it is possible to have healing with food? Many standard health professionals talk about the health risks of too much salt, but did you know that there are actually health benefits of salt? I mean the right kind of salt. I am talking about Himalayan pink salt.

I personally use Himalayan salt and have for a while in my kitchen. I have never been a person to add lot of salt to my dishes, I am more of a sweet tooth. However, quite some time ago, I heard that Himalayan salt actually has 84 essential nutrients that our body needs! Wow! That was cool information in itself! I was impressed and did some more research and found there are other benefits from changing from normal white iodized salt, to healthier pink Himalayan salt.

Did you know that salt is actually essential for life? It actually aids in regulating and maintaining health blood pressure and is vital for our nervous system. Chloride is essential for our brain and neurological function and thinking. The main source of chloride in our body is salt. Salt is also necessary for metabolism and digestion. It is also crucial for our adrenal function, which is responsible for the release and regulation of over 50 of our bodies hormones (I was not aware our bodies had over 50 hormones, were you?) From the video link I am attaching, it states that in many cases craving salt is a sign of poor adrenal functioning.

Himalayan salt is taken from the Himalayas in deep deposits in the mountains over 250 million years old. I am pretty sure there were no man made chemicals back then to contaminate it.

Himalayan salt has no added chemicals or processing ~ is 85% sodium chloride and the remaining 15% is 84 trace elements and minerals (in a highly absorbable colloidal form) that our body needs and no added iodine. And, even though our bodies need iodine, it should not come from traditional table salt. There are many other highly nutritious ways to get natural iodine in our bodies. (healthy diet, etc.)

White table salt is 97.5% sodium chloride and 2.5% other stuff such as chemicals (moisture absorbents, iodine, anti-caking compounds~ferrocyanide & aluminosilicate, some countries also add flouride to table salt). Ferrocyanide, I don’t like the sound of anything that sounds like cyanide and aluminosilicate sounds like, you guessed it, a form of aluminum, and it is.A little research suggests that Potassium ferrocyanide is produced industrially from hydrogen cyanide, ferrous chloride, and calcium hydroxide, the combination of which affords Ca2[Fe(CN)6] · 11H2O. This solution is then treated with potassium salts to precipitate the mixed calcium-potassium salt CaK2[Fe(CN)6], which in turn is treated with potassium carbonate to give the tetrapotassium salt.[4] 

It just sounds so chemical to me.

In making traditional white table salt, they heat to 1200 degrees which actually alters the chemical structuring of salt.

Sea salt, although better than traditional table salt, is also not as healthy as Himalayan salt. Due to chemicals being dumped and spilled into the ocean, it resides in the sea salt.

Himalayan salt just tastes better (as the video suggests). I do agree. I find that normal white table salt has almost a pungent or tart sort of flavor. I find Himalayan salt much more gentle, mild and maybe even sweeter.

Himalayan salt comes in different forms, from a table salt shaker style in coarse granules to finer grains, salt lamps (which I do own and love! The light is so calming and there are other health benefits for your home in owning/using one ~another post maybe) and salt “boards” for cooking on.

Here are some of the health benefits of Himalayan salt as mentioned in the attached web link:

  1. Regulating the water content throughout your body
  2. Promoting healthy pH balance in your cells, particularly your brain cells
  3. Promoting blood sugar health and helping to reduce the signs of aging
  4. Assisting in the generation of hydroelectric energy in cells in your body
  5. Absorption of food particles through your intestinal tract
  6. Supporting respiratory health
  7. Promoting sinus health
  8. Prevention of muscle cramps
  9. Promoting bone strength
  10. Regulating your sleep – it naturally promotes sleep
  11. Supporting your libido
  12. Promoting vascular health
  13. In conjunction with water, it is actually essential for the regulation of your blood pressure

Regular table salt concerns as mentioned: 

For every gram of sodium chloride that your body cannot get rid of, your body uses 23 times the amount of cell water to neutralize the salt. I don’t think my body needs to work that hard to get rid of something that obviously seems like more of a toxin in my body and does more harm than good. No wonder we feel so thirsty after eating typically salty foods and get bloated! Our bodies are crying for water to flush it out!

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