Charts & Body Points for Tapping

Before your first session or use the self healing codes (similar to meridian tapping codes) I recommend that you enter the body points and chakra points (aka: energy centers) into your body consciousness. This just encodes your body for your unique healing code, or if you choose to use any universal healing codes in the future so your body becomes aware of these points for self healing. (*You will find printable PDF’s at the bottom of the page)

To encode your body with the chakra points & body points/hand points simply touch the spot and say the name of the point that shows on the page. For example, to encode the crown chakra point, touch the top of your head for the cr (crown) point, and say “cr, crown”. That’s it! Now if you use a self healing meridian code anywhere here on my site that has these abbreviations, your body knows what it means by intention.

Please feel free to print these charts for your personal use only. If you would like to use these for business purposes, please contact me privately via message at the bottom of the page here

* Thank you to Ethan Gilliss, artist for the rendering drawings of the female body & hand for use with True Healing Source charts. You can find him here or here.