Do. Or not do. There is not try.


“Do. Or not do. There is no try.” – Yoda (Star Wars series)

Interestingly enough, this is probably one of my favorite quotes, coming from a muppet type character, but so powerful. I change it up just a little, my version “Don’t try, just do”.

How often do you catch yourself saying, ” I am trying to lose weight” or “I am trying to make more money” or “I am trying to quit smoking” or “I am trying to {fill in the blank here}” ? Whatever it is, are you “trying” to do it or are you actually “doing” it? There is such a huge difference! Similar is, “I will” – this states in the future, maybe someday, but not right now.

I catch myself frequently saying “I am trying…” then as soon as I utter the words, I change it and clarify my thought and out loud say, “I am …”. I want to be clear to myself and the Universe that receives all commands, just exactly what I am intending and doing.

For me, the word “trying” feels like there is struggle attached, and like I am in the midst of something that I am working toward, almost like I am never quite getting there, but I am trying, like it is weak. It feels like it’s not really happening, like it’s not really powerful. I am trying but, if I don’t make it, oh well. It feels like I am struggling to ride my bike up a steep hill vs. gliding down a hill with the wind blowing through my hair.

When I change the words to “I am..”, it definitely feels more powerful and has more strength behind it. I feel like I am commanding myself that I am following through no matter what. “I am” doing what I say I am doing.

Feel it for yourself. Try this – think of something you want to accomplish or begin doing.

Now say the words “I am trying to…(insert your thought here)” 

Now say the words “I am… (insert your thought here)”

I find that even the tone of voice and power behind the words feels different. Do you feel the hesitation when you use the words “I am trying”? I do.

How you speak to yourself and the Universe along with the energy and emotions behind it, sends out powerful signals as to what your true desires are. If you haven’t already incorporated it into your life, I encourage you to think about the words and feelings you emit each day, and find more positive and powerful ways of stating your intentions and desires to the Universe, which is really your higher self in a sense.

See what changes occur in your life.

With Joy, Yvette –

–  Yvette is a Certified Alternative practitioner of energy medicine & energy healing living in the beautiful Prescott Arizona mountains. Yvette is a certified Thought Field Therapy practitioner, Certified Level II Reiki practitioner, and a certified Access Consciousness practitioner & Access Energetic Facelift/Bodylift practitioner. Yvette practices advanced bio-energetic muscle testing (kinesiology) in combination with advanced energy/frequency scans and body scans created by Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel, founders of Quantum Techniques. Yvette has also intensely studied Consciousness & spirituality and the Law of Attraction. Yvette is not a licensed therapist. Energy healing is not intended as diagnosis, prescription, or treatment for any disease, physical or mental. It is also not intended as a substitute for regular medical care. –

–  Hold Harmless – by using these methods, you agree to be 100% solely responsible for your health & wellness, the health of your family, and animals and hold you Quantum Techniques, Dr. Stephen Daniel and Beth Daniel, & Yvette 100% free of responsibility or harm. Use of Quantum Techniques and other alternative healing methods mentioned above, and bio-energetic muscle testing has never been found to cause harm to anyone. –

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