How Do You Talk About Your Life?

The way you are describing your life is the way it is manifesting

Your words, thoughts and especially your energy and vibration around those things is the way your life is manifesting every moment. How do you talk about your life to others? What words do you use? What is the energy behind those words? Positive? Appreciation? Irritated? Frustration?

Everything is energy…what energy are you putting out into the World that is radiating back to you and manifesting as your life?

If you are always feeling frustrated or mistreated, that is the way that your life is going to reflect back to you, not the other way around.

If you are feeling like the Universe is on your side, always there to support you, feeling Loved and prosperous, like things are always working out for you, then that is the way your life will reflect back to you.

Words and feelings go together. There is an energy behind every word you use no matter what the word is. Think about some words that you could use that are considered curse words.

You can use it in a positive way like, “Damn! You look fine!” when your partner walks in the room in a new outfit and you want to gobble them up with kisses. Or “Damn it!” as you smash your finger with anger and frustration.

Do you always talk about your life as if it is a sad movie, as if you are a victim of circumstance? Or do you talk about the good things that you are experiencing and expecting to show up for you?

Everything is energy!

What energy is behind the words and phrases you use to yourself or others when you talk about your life?

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How I Use Specific Energy Healing Law of Attraction & Manifesting

“I accept the wholeness of my Being, my deserving & my worthiness” – Abraham Hicks

I enjoy beginning my day each morning by listening to inspirational information such as Abraham Hicks or something similar.

This mornings’ message is the quote above. It is something that really resonated and felt good as I heard it.

As an energy healer, one way that I use the work I do to the highest benefit, is I use some of the things I hear from Abraham to create a field for healing and specifically raising consciousness and manifesting.

I find this to be highly beneficial and can create profound healing in many areas. Instead of just focusing on something you want to “be over” as I learned over 15 years ago when I began energy healing. Originally, I learned how to use meridian energy tapping with personalized Energy Healing (Meridian Tapping) Codes. I now use something even more advanced in my practice. Find out more here.

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At that time, in order to create a healing “field”, you would use a phrase such as, “I want to be over this….(fill in the blank)”. It has since been discovered that creating a positive intention was just as effective and highly beneficial in creating and manifesting healing and change as it was to create a field of something that you wanted to “be over”.

One of my favorite ways to help others in their healing path, is to create very specific positive intentions (for healing & manifesting) as the field. For example, “I am easily receiving over $5000 per month personal income” or “My body is in a state of Optimal Health & Healing” vs. just choosing wording such as, “I want to be over this money poverty” or “I want to be over this headache” or “I want to be over this anger”.

I have found for myself and others that your intention along with specific wording can be very powerful when creating a healing field for something you would like to shift or heal.

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