Menopause and Emotional Upset, My Experience

Hey Beautiful Souls!

Today I am talking about a sensitive and even private issue for some women, the topic of menopause. I’m being real and raw about my recent induction into this phase of life that I noticed only in the past couple months specifically, that every woman will eventually experience in hopes that it might help you in feeling supported and maybe find something helpful to relieve what you might be experiencing during menopause, too.

With knowledge, support and the right methods you can take back your life.

Some people will not understand nor care to. It may be uncomfortable to talk about with your spouse or partner or family and friends as they will most certainly not understand, however it is imperative to be open and honest and ask for the support you need.

Suzanne Somers talks about this very frankly and openly in her books about menopause and how it affected her life, marriage and relationships and what was helpful for her. I am thankful for her candid story.

I recently came to the full realization that my hormones are shifting due to menopause and find it emotional for no apparent reason. It feels like an end to something. Even though it is a beginning of sorts, too.

Not that it’s anyone’s business, however I have begun openly sharing this with a few people close to me in order to not only receive support but also help them understand why I may not be my “normal” self.

Asking for help and support as a healer is difficult. And, as a “healer” and coach it is expected of you to always be the light and uplifting and inspiring. As a “healer” and coach when you are out of sorts people around you are uncomfortable. It is something I have never done before. It is out of the ordinary for me. I am the rock, the light and the up-lifter. It’s what I do and comes naturally for me. However, asking for support is not weak, it is actually one of the strongest things you can do. We all walk this life together for a reason, to be Love and share Love with one another.

I am not a doctor, so I am sharing information that I have discovered through research and experienced first hand over the past few months specifically.

I am 51 and for those of you who know me well on a personal level and have known me for at least the past 6 or 7 years or so know that I am a very upbeat and happy person and sprinkle Love and positivity everywhere I go. And, my inner peace and happiness is of the utmost importance to me. I get asked frequently what my secret is.

I guess it is time for this to happen whether I like it or not. I have had my period since I was 10 and even though I have thought like many other women that it would be a blessing to not have to experience menstruation every month, a part of me feels sad that part of my life is ending even though I have no plan to birth any other children. I have been blessed with 2 beautiful children who are adults now and they are the lights of my life.

So, over the past few months I have been experiencing a different menstrual cycle which used to be like clockwork to the minute almost! I have also been experiencing out of the ordinary sensitive emotions and tears, especially if I am emotionally happy or appreciative of someone or something. I have experienced thoughts that are out of the ordinary for me to experience at this point in my life after such extensive self healing work such as worrying about what others think of me and other things in my life that I normally just don’t worry about any longer. I have experienced these thoughts that I have not experienced in many years and it has been extremely difficult and I am blessed to have the powerful energy healing capabilities that I have, however I have had to use them frequently and consistently and I still have bouts of being out of the ordinary. It seems to be the day after my period ends that is the most emotionally sensitive for me, so I take special care of myself during this time.

My sleep schedule has been altered and I didn’t have a clue why resulting in feeling tired some days when I am normally full of energy and enthusiasm.

My appetite has shifted in the past couple of months and I consume less, which I don’t eat a lot to begin with.

I kept wondering what the heck was going on?

I didn’t want to admit it to myself.

I never thought this would happen to me.

It has resulted in much frustration which I don’t experience anymore either. I have a few moto’s that I live by and two of my top moto’s for a long time have been “it is what it is” and “it’s not my monkey”. Things and situations simply roll off my back and I don’t take in anything that belongs to others. I have been known to simply walk away from a conversation if I feel it is toxic or less than life-giving.

I have been working as a self love coach for quite a few years, and in the best interest of myself and inner peace and in order to offer the best of me to my clients I even paused my coaching practice in order to take time for myself and my needs. I am focusing on sustaining more inner peace and Joy through my creative art which I feel more aligned with right now.

Don’t feel guilty asking for what you need!

You can only give to others when your cup is full. An empty cup has nothing to give.

During this time in the past couple of months I have stepped up my gifting myself with additional pleasurable activities which is one thing I highly encourage those I work with.

I allow myself more ease and grace as I walk through my day.
I have taken even more time than I normally do in meditation and contemplation and just BE-ing.
I have never taken naps in my life, and occasionally I allow myself this relief from other daily tasks and activities if I feel it is needed.
I haven’t taken bath’s in years (normally just showers each morning) and recently began taking hot baths with candles for relaxation.
And, more…

What can you do to support yourself and find more ease during menopause?

Self care is important. Ask for the support of Loved ones. Most importantly let go of judging yourself. Don’t feel guilty and don’t go it alone! It is a natural part of Life and shouldn’t be hidden or feared.

One thing that I have used and almost forgot to mention here is Bach’s Rescue Remedy. It is a homeopathic remedy that works quite well for me, if I remember to use it 🙂 It comes in a spray, drops or pastilles. I prefer the spray or drops. A couple drops a few times a day can be really beneficial in helping a person feel calmer, but you will need to decide what works best for you. It also comes in a formula for pets and has been around for many years.

Eating a healthy diet is probably one of the best things you can do to support yourself through menopause or any other emotional or physical transition or upset in your life. I personally consume mostly vegan and occasionally vegetarian items anyway. During this phase I have discovered that adding a few vegetarian items in addition to the vegan diet I have been walking for the past few years just feels better for me personally. You have to make that decision for yourself.

There are some natural remedies and supplements that I am researching for menopause that you might discuss with your naturopathic physician or homeopath.

Bowen therapy is extremely helpful for other things and has been used for balancing hormones. I do notice a difference when I am consistent and schedule regular sessions to keep my nervous system aligned.

You can also use some progressive methods of energy healing but I find that consistency is key. It is not a one time fix-all.

Having support and understanding from those close to you can be highly beneficial even if you are used to being the one supporting others. So, being open about it is required even if it is a taboo subject in your life and home. It is necessary to be open and frank about it.

If you are experiencing any of these things or other things with menopause, I encourage you to give yourself more Love and grace as you transition through this phase of life.

With Love,

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