What is the Universe Manifesting Today – law of attraction

What are you asking the Universe for right now?

Are you listening and hearing the call of the Universe? Do you hear the desire it is radiating at a massive decibel?

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According to the Universal Law of Attraction, we are all co-creators in this physical life. And, the more powerful the asking, the greater the manifestation of something more than we could ever imagine. 

I can only wonder what the mass consciousness of the human race is calling into action and manifestation right now. When the calling is massive backed by a powerful asking, the Universe can only answer in a massive and powerful way.

Are you allowing all the Universe has planned for you into your life? Or are you in resistance without belief in your Source Energy?

I feel that right now, amidst all the chaos and noise of the coronavirus (covid19) news, the Universal calling is for peace of heart, knowing that our loved ones and ourselves are safe and healthy. We are powerfully asking for good health amidst this chaos and virus that seems to be consuming the Earth not only physically but emotionally. We are calling for Joy instead of feeling fear, panic and anxiety every moment of the day as we watch over our loved ones. As a planet we are massively asking for safety, not just for our own self and family, but for the whole Earth. We are asking for abundance amid this time when there is a threat of financial depression.

What else are you asking for on a personal level?

You are Source Energy, you are an infinite being connected to Source, connected to the whole Universe at a powerful level. You are important. Your asking is important. You are worthy. The Universe hears you no matter what. It is given as soon as you ask.

“It is already done”

Can you imagine how the Universe is going to answer that call? Can you imagine the gifts the Universe is ready to bestow upon us at large as a human race? Are you listening? Can you hear it? Are you ready? 

Blessings of Optimal Health & Peace,
Yvette, EC-CP

How To Manifest Something Different Right Now

Can You Experience Instantaneous Change

In this video I share a very quick method I use to manifest and experience something different and more amazing than I ever thought possible! Your life has the ability to change in an instant in any direction – Do You believe it’s possible?

I do! I have experienced this shift personally.

Every moment is a moment of creation, which creates and manifests all following moments to come. How do you use your thoughts to create the next moment?

The Law of Attraction is Real, AND so are your thoughts and beliefs – as real as the air you breathe, as real as the electricity that allows us to light our homes, you can’t see it, you can’t feel it, but it’s real. You can choose to believe it and use it to CREATE and manifest a different life experience, or you can choose to feel like a victim and allow life to happen TO you.