Celestine (Celestite) Healing Properties & Care

Oh beautiful Celestite (Celestine)

Celestine is a considered to be a very powerful healing stone and used for connecting with angels.

Celestine is called the “Teacher for the New Age” allowing you to connect to higher realms through your Crown Chakra and Third Eye and also your Throat Chakra for expression.

Celestine is a very calming stone and is a wonderful style for expressing yourself through singing, acting and speaking as it helps alleviate nervousness & stage fright.

Celestine is also a stone of peace and harmony and powerful when used during meditation.

Celestine is a very fragile stone and should be handled with care as it can chip and break as it is bumped around even the slightest bit.
It is best to keep it or if direct sunlight as it can fade is beautiful soft hues of blue.

Cleanse and recharge your Celestine by gently submerging into clean water and allowing it to soak for several hours. Very gently rinse in warm water.
Another great way to cleanse your Celestine is to leave it outside in the moon light over night.
Some people prefer to smudge instead.

Celestine is best only worn on jewelry that does not get a lot of use because it is so delicate. Preferably to use in your home and during meditation.

What a beautiful delicate stone with so much power!

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