Crystal & Copper Dowsing Pendulum for Energy Healing

Dowsing Pendulums have been used for centuries by many cultures across the World in health and healing.

With practice, a neutral mindset and the correct method you can accurately use a pendulum to test the most beneficial foods, supplements and other items that are best for your health.

There are multiple energy frequency levels to test in order to receive accurate results in you’re testing among with the field you’re testing against.

Is not just a matter of asking “is this good for me?”

I created this beautiful dowsing pendulum with crystals, gemstones and rose gold plated wire and gold plated chain.

Is this one of a kind dowsing pendulum available? ⬇️


Blessings of Optimal Health and Peace,
Yvette, Comprehensive Energy Healer, Self Love Coach and Authentic Living Guide

Yvette is a Comprehensive Energy Healer, Self Love Coach and Guide to Authentic living and works remotely with women all over the World to reconnect with their Divine Authentic Self (Source Energy) and rediscover Self Love, Body Love and Self Appreciation. Her passion is helping women experience life from a place of power, self love and authenticity so they can move through all stages of life with ease, grace and self appreciation in who they are in this physical body.

When she is not working with clients one on one she spends her time meditating or reading inspirational books or blogging about self Love and empowerment, self healing, the Law of Attraction or holistic health. Or, she can be found in her home studio creating beautiful Spiritual Goddess jewelry.

Amethyst Healing Properties & Care

Amethyst Crystal Healing Properties and Care

Amethyst is considered one of the most spiritual stones for energy healing. It is considered to raise your spiritual awareness and enhances intuition and psychic abilities. It is a gateway crystal to open communication with angels & spirit guides.

Amethyst stimulates and balances your Third eye and Crown chakra.

Amethyst is referred to as “natures tranquilizer”. It has powerful calming effects & is a very protective stone, protecting the wearer from psychic attack & electromagnetic frequencies. It is recommended to place under your pillow if you experience insomnia. Amethyst is also a comforting crystal for those grieving the loss of a loved one.

Amethyst crystal is also a stone of inner peace and harmony and inspires an advanced meditation state. It inspires a profound flow of creativity, new ideas and insights.

You can also research natural amethyst, Chevron Amethyst, Ametrine which is a combination of Amethyst and Citrine within the same crystal & “Rutilated” Amethyst is a rare form of Amethyst which appears to contain Rutile, but actually contains brownish crystals of Goethite.

You can keep crystal clusters and geodes around your home to help clear negative energy and recharge the positive energy in your home.

Caring for your amethyst crystal is simple, keeping it clean brushing over it with a dry cloth or soft brush (like a very soft toothbrush).

Although amethyst is considered a Power crystal and can be used to clear negative energies in other stones and crystals, & considered not necessary to cleanse, here are some safe ways to cleanse and recharge your amethyst crystal or geode if you choose.

It can be beneficial to cleanse your crystals & stones when you first receive them, in order to clear any negative energies it may have received on it’s journey to you.

You can cleanse your amethyst crystal of negative energy by sage smudging or leaving in a safe area outside in order for the sunshine to cleanse & recharge it during the day or the moonlight to charge & cleanse it of built up negative energies during the night. Or you can leave it out for a full day and night in order to receive the loving healing from both the sun & moon. You can also gently immerse your amethyst crystal in a solution of Himalayan salt and water solution, moving it around to clean it and visualize it clearing away any negative built up energy and recharge it with positive Life Force.

Such a beautiful stone can vary from almost pale pink to very deep purple.

Celestine (Celestite) Healing Properties & Care

Oh beautiful Celestite (Celestine)

Celestine is a considered to be a very powerful healing stone and used for connecting with angels.

Celestine is called the “Teacher for the New Age” allowing you to connect to higher realms through your Crown Chakra and Third Eye and also your Throat Chakra for expression.

Celestine is a very calming stone and is a wonderful style for expressing yourself through singing, acting and speaking as it helps alleviate nervousness & stage fright.

Celestine is also a stone of peace and harmony and powerful when used during meditation.

Celestine is a very fragile stone and should be handled with care as it can chip and break as it is bumped around even the slightest bit.
It is best to keep it or if direct sunlight as it can fade is beautiful soft hues of blue.

Cleanse and recharge your Celestine by gently submerging into clean water and allowing it to soak for several hours. Very gently rinse in warm water.
Another great way to cleanse your Celestine is to leave it outside in the moon light over night.
Some people prefer to smudge instead.

Celestine is best only worn on jewelry that does not get a lot of use because it is so delicate. Preferably to use in your home and during meditation.

What a beautiful delicate stone with so much power!

Healing properties & Chakra properties of Tiger Iron

What are the Healing Properties of Tiger Iron?

Tiger iron is a combination of yellow tiger eye crystal, red jasper + hematite + therefore resonates with healing properties of all 3 stones/crystals. 

It is believed that the healing properties of tiger eye are: enhances personal power, courage + wisdom. It is a very grounding stone + is said to improve mental clarity + evoke passion. It brings balance & harmony and helps releases anxiety + fear + it encourages relaxation. It is also believed to be a nurturing stone.

Tiger Iron crystal eggs

Tiger Iron is also brings out creativity & artistic intuition. It also helps physical and emotional exhaustion.

Tiger Iron is beneficial for healers as it helps one remain grounded, balanced + centered and absorbs + neutralizes negative energy. It is recommended for healers & light workers to use this stone during a healing session for protection against taking on others’ negative energy and remaining grounded in their energy.

What Chakras benefit from Tiger Iron?

Tiger Iron stimulates the Root chakra and is beneficial for balancing all lower chakras

Tiger iron is normally a combination of golden brown, variations of red and black.