Be Grateful Now!

Find something to be grateful for RIGHT NOW!

I am not sure about you, but I don’t remember my family showing much gratitude for anything when I was growing up. It took me a long time as an adult, to realize how important the power of gratitude really is.

Like many of you, I love my parents dearly. However, in complete honesty, I do not remember ever feeling that my parents or other grown ups we may have been around frequently, showed a whole lot of gratitude. In fact, I remember a LOT of complaining. And, as I look back upon my life, and knowing about the Law of Attraction now, and how important the feeling of gratitude and appreciation is in attracting the life you desire, I can honestly say, that the the life I lived, the way I grew up, the neighborhood I lived in, my general surroundings, and on and on, shows the level of gratitude and appreciation that everyone around me had and my own family had, too.

One place in particular I can remember living (a specific neighborhood), was very low income. And, when I think back about the general attitude of the people that lived around me, and the feeling I get even now as I look back, is not one of joy, positivity and appreciation by any means. Most of the people were very negative, had bad attitudes, didn’t really smile if you looked at them. If you looked at them, you felt like they were probably thinking “what the hell are you looking at?”. And, in some cases were ready for a fight at the drop of a hat. And, of course, very money poor.

Now you might say, “well, of course they had such bad attitudes, they had nothing, no money, lousy jobs, lived in a bad neighborhood, blah, blah”. I now realize, it is the exact opposite.

You have to have to be a higher vibration. You have to emit a higher vibration. You have to send out gratitude, joy, happiness, appreciation, Love, and so on, to receive anything in life to be grateful for, to be joyful about, the find happiness in, to appreciate and to Love.

You attract WHAT YOU ARE! That is the plain truth. If you are un-appreciative and find fault about everything and everyone, you will never attract anything or anyone to feel appreciation for. If you are constantly criticizing everyone and everything, BINGO, you are going to only attract more situations to criticize and more people to criticize that irritate the heck out of you! They will never be good enough for you.

I had to take a really hard look at my life and see that I did not have much gratitude for certain things. And, even though I can move past how I was raised and choose to be different now, I do see that it was a part of how I was raised. I feel it is so very important now, to teach your children the simple phrase “Thank you”. And even more, to FEEL it. To FEEL appreciation. When you feel appreciation from your heart, you know it and it feels really good! And, once you actually feel that feeling, you want more of it! All….the…..time….

Some of you that are reading this, may be struggling through some very difficult times, financially, health, relationship, job or whatever. I highly encourage you, to choose right now, to change the way you feel. LOOK for SOMETHING, ANYTHING, to be grateful for. Even better, look for something to be grateful for in the that thing you are struggling in. If it is a relationship with your spouse or loved one, look for one thing, just one small thing, to be grateful for about that person. It could be something from the past. It might be small, like something they did that made you laugh. It could be the way your partner used to grab you, and pull you close and kiss you with passion. Bring up that memory, and SOAK in it, and FEEL it as if it were happening again, RIGHT NOW.

If it is our health, or someone else’s health that you care about. Find appreciation in anything you can, just one thing about your body, the fact that you breathe air, that your beats all day to keep you alive, that you have all your brain functions and can think clearly. Whatever! Be grateful that your loved one is still here with you for you to kiss, hug, hold hands with, talk to, and listen to and laugh with. There has got to be something. Again, it can be in the past. JUST do it now!

If it is about money, be grateful for all the money you have ever made, had, received, been gifted, been able to gift to another. Be grateful that somehow, you have a home, food, transportation (even if it’s your own legs). Instead of thinking that you don’t have the house you want, think of the fact that you actually have a roof over your head that protects you and your family every night as you sleep. Keeps you safe from bad weather. Say “thank you” to your home. Everything is energy. Everything is it’s own consciousness whether you want to believe it or not, doesn’t make it so or not. It just is.

Say thank you to your body, to your heart for beating, to your legs for supporting you and getting you around, for dancing. Say thank you to your eyes for seeing all the beauty and colors. Say thank you to your mouth for tasting, talking, laughing, kissing! Say thank you to your ears for hearing the laughter of your child, the barks of your faithful loving dog, the purring of your cat as you pet it, the beautiful music that you hear, the rustling of the trees, the sound of rain. Say thank you (out loud, or in silence to yourself) to your lover, your partner, your mate, your friend or other person for who they are and what they bring to your life. What would your life be if they were not in it. I bet if they died tomorrow, you could think of a lot of things you would dearly miss! Feel the appreciation for them, just one thing. I bet that when you keep doing it, your relationship will magically change!

Your children! Oh, I could go on for hours about children! Your children need to feel loved, too! They need to know that they are not a burden. They need to feel that you love and appreciate them! When you children do something for you, instead of finding fault with what they missed or didn’t do, say “thank you” for what they did do, and let them feel the true gratitude from your heart.

True experience: I was responsible for doing the dishes sometimes when I was young. And, I would sometimes do them without being told to. I would really want to surprise my parents and show them that I cared and get a “kudos” from them, too I am sure. I was so excited for them to come home, to a clean sink, no dirty dishes. Instead of a thank you, I would receive complaints about what was left. I didn’t wipe the table or the counters were still wet/dirty, or something. I never received just “thank you”. As a child, I can say this is VERY IMPORTANT. As an adult, I can look back and say that it hurt, and also shaped me. Actually in a good way. I try my best to always say “thank you” when my children do things, especially out of the blue. I know how much it really means to show them that true appreciation! And, it is shaping them for their life and teaching them to show true gratitude. I don’t ask in that moment, why something else wasn’t done to go along with it. It doesn’t matter! My child just showed me LOVE! And, I bet the more you show your children appreciation, the more they are going to do things for you to be appreciative of! Kids LOVE, NEED AND CRAVE Love, appreciation and attention and a KUDOS from their parents!

I could go on all day – but you get the point.

What can you find, right now, to be grateful for, especially in an otherwise negative situation, relationship, job, health issue, or whatever?

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Blessings of abundant health & joy!

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