Two Quick Easy Natural Remedies for Mosquito Bite Itching and Swelling


During the monsoon season where I live, you get the privilege of having friendly little Mosquitos following you around. Now, I am fortunate that somehow I seem to avoid them mostly. However, every once in a while they find an opportune time to take a taste of me. And, when they do, I have something that I use, that works to relieve the swelling and itching immediately, with no side effects, topical ointments, taking pills or anything! I have also recommended this to my daughter, whom the Mosquitos just LOVE to taste! And, when they do…she gets lovely red welts from their taste testing her. Well, a few years ago, I tried something different and it worked, and it was completely free and I use it for all bites with tremendous results and very quick relief! One method is free and the other is inexpensive.

The first one is free to try. If you are familiar with energy tapping or meridian tapping such as TFT, EFT or QT then this will be quite simple. I use mostly QT in my energy medicine (energy healing) practice and so I am sharing some powerful toxin codes that can be effective in neutralizing the toxin effect of the bite. These codes are free on their website.

I found this method the most effective if you can catch it early on soon after the bite, but it does work later, too. And, I also found it to be quite effective it you initially just picture the mosquito or other bug on your skin at the site of the bite just before completing the following…

First, I recommend clearing any reversals the injectant (bite) may be causing in your body which is part of the reason for the reaction. Before you read the codes below, simply tap the side of your hand 5-10 times (this would be the karate chop spot on the outer fleshy part of your hand), then tap 5-10 times below your nose/above your lip and then 5-10 on the indentation of your chin below your lip. Then simply run your fingers over the code below 5-10 times or read it 5-10 times. In some cases just thinking about the bite and taping these energy reversal spots is enough to clear the toxin effect. I have experienced this personally, and in a couple instances the itching came back for a few moments the next day, and I simply tapped the above spots 5-10 times each and it disappeared completely & permanently.

You don’t need to “tap” the following toxin frequency codes, reading these codes, or running your hand over it is just as effective. You can try one or all of these codes and see which works best for you. Many times these toxin codes are enough to release the toxin effect that causes the itching & swelling of the bite.

Toxins – Injected (Bites) sh if g50 eb sh if lf if sh eb e if lf eb sh if lf eb sh if g50 eb lf sh if lf sh if eb e lf sh if e oe a c 9g un standard chakra pattern

Toxin Clearing Algorithm (General) sh mf eb if eb if e sh if e oe a c 9g g50 sh un sh un sh un if eb if eb sh if e oe a c 9g un sh un standard chakra pattern

Toxins – Contactant sh un sh un if eb e if e eb e if e oe a c 9g un sh un standard chakra pattern

In some cases the body requires a bit more to clear the toxin effect and maybe put the neurotransmitters back online. Strengthening the body’s immune system can play a major role in this. I invite you to visit to find out more.

I recommended this to my daughter, who gets lovely welts when she gets a mosquito bite. She used the same method a few days later as soon as she got a bite. The swelling immediately diminished to a small pink spot on her arm and she no longer had the urge to itch. For her, this is a miracle to say the least! In the past the welts would last days or even weeks, and sometimes get worse.
I have used this PR (reversal) treatment many times by itself when I get a bite, (even in the middle of the night, in the dark, in my bed when I wake up itching with a swollen spot) as soon as I notice it and begins itching. And again, it disappears immediately.

Give it a try and see if it works for your mosquito bites or other minor bites! It certainly wont do any harm!

Another simple remedy that has been known to clear energy reversals and alleviate the itching of mosquito bites is Bach’s Remedy Rescue Cream. It is recommended by holistic practitioners and energy medicine practitioners alike. The Rescue Spray is a remedy for correcting energy reversals in general and can be used if it tests well for you with advanced muscle testing by an energy medicine practitioner such as myself. Both cost around $10-12 and can be kept on your shelf for quite some time as they are homeopathic remedies.

These are both inexpensive & safe remedies to try for mosquito bites and can be used for other types of bites that are not life threatening.

DISCLAIMER: Yvette is not a licensed therapist or doctor. Energy healing is not intended as diagnosis, prescription, or treatment for any disease, physical or mental. It is also not intended as a substitute for regular medical care.

Hold Harmless – by using these methods, you agree to be 100% solely responsible for your health & wellness, the health of your family, and animals and hold Yvette 100% free of responsibility or harm. Use of Energy healing and other alternative healing methods mentioned above, and bio-energetic muscle testing has never been found to cause harm to anyone.

NOTE: There are many choices for you to use in your self healing journey that vary widely in cost from free information on the internet, to similar methods of practice that range in cost from $400 to over $2000 per hour. I offer a fee based, comprehensive, alternative approach at a very reasonable cost, an alternative service that is a choice not a necessity. It is not covered by insurance. (For my current fee schedule, please visit “Packages & Pricing” above). Bear in mind that it is often more rapid than a conventional approach and therefore may be more cost effective in the long run.

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