Superfoods Vegan Smoothie Recipe

Hello Beautiful Lovers! 

Do you listen to your body when it asks for something like a specific nutrient or food or do you ignore it? It is especially important when you are experiencing additional stressful situations to take care of your emotional health and physical health equally.

Our body’s are always communicating with us to let us know what it requires to feel and be at it’s best Optimal Health and energy.

Emotional health is one of the most important things to increase your physical health, but you also need to feed your body with nutritious foods in order to fuel your body for it’s optimal functioning and healthy electrical circuits and all body systems.

So, I am not talking about listening to your body when it craves ice cream or cake every day. I am talking about really tuning into your body and hearing what it calls for.

I find daily meditation practice is a really beneficial way to raise your spiritual consciousness and connect with your body and cells. I also enjoy yoga. When I practice yoga on a regular basis, I feel so powerfully aligned and in love with my body like never before! I can feel my body communicating with me easily with flow.

Superfoods Smoothie recipe

2 TBL Organic Cacoa powder (Trader Joe’s or Navitas)
2 large handfuls fresh spinach (Trader Joe’s bagged)
2 TBL Organic Coconut Oil
2 TBL Plain Peanut Butter Powder (Trader Joe’s)
1/2 fresh avocado
1/2 medium banana
Pinch pink Himalayan salt
8 oz. milk alternative of your choice or water
Stevia to taste
Crushed ice

Place all ingredients in a blender and blend on high for a minute or so until all ingredients are fully mixed and chopped to a consistency you can easily drink.

What ways do you connect with your beautiful body for it’s Optimal Health experience?

I love you!

Blessings of Optimal Health & Peace,


Yvette is a Self Love Coach & Women’s Empowerment Leader and practices Advanced Diagnostic Energy Medicine & Remote Energy Healing and utilizes powerful tools to help you SHORTCUT YOUR JOURNEY and tap into over 15 years of her experience, expertise and her intense study of spiritual consciousness, self healing & COMPREHENSIVE ENERGY HEALING, law of attraction tools and everything in between in order to manifest your best life ever!​​​​ to apply for one of my Personalized SELF LOVE & EMPOWERMENT MASTERY Programs and find out how to CLEAR YOUR BLOCKS to manifesting your BEST LIFE.