Don’t Dull Your Sparkle

Do you shrink back to make others comfortable in your light and Love that you emit?

You can’t turn off the Love that you are. I have come to powerfully realize is that you can’t contain the sunshine! And, you can’t contain Love. You are love at your core. It is naturally flowing and when you try to stop the flow of Love that is naturally inside of you, you become sick, weak and depression takes hold of you.

I spent the majority of my life dimming my Love because it is too bright for others to handle.

My excitement and Joy for life doesn’t make almost everyone in my life “comfortable”.

Many years ago an intuitive healer told me that my energy is too much for those around me. Back then I allowed those words to hurt me because I was not solid in my own power.

I was also going through personal trauma at the time and so I completely shut myself off from shining my bright Love light and expressing my enthusiasm for Life. I felt like I was withering away inside and even began experiencing physical symptoms.

All my life I have been criticized for being so loving, caring and kind. And, in the past that would have stopped me in my tracks and shut my heart down.

I have healed those parts of me and stand fully in my authentic expression of who I am allowing my Love light to shine brightly for everyone to see.

I realize that it is not on me if they can’t receive the Love and appreciation of them that I offer. That is something inside of them that they need to heal to allow the receiving of Love.

There is nothing wrong in being me, and there is everything right about being you.

Love is my superpower!

Don’t dull your sparkle in order to make others comfortable around you

Blessings Lovers!

Yvette is a Self Love Coach & Women’s Empowerment Leader and practices Advanced Diagnostic Energy Medicine & Remote Energy Healing and utilizes powerful tools to help you SHORTCUT YOUR JOURNEY and tap into over 15 years of her experience, expertise and her intense study of spiritual consciousness, self healing & COMPREHENSIVE ENERGY HEALING, law of attraction tools and everything in between in order to manifest your best life ever!​​​​ to apply for one of my Personalized SELF LOVE & EMPOWERMENT MASTERY Programs and find out how to CLEAR YOUR BLOCKS to manifesting your BEST LIFE.

How to Find Self Love & Reconnect to Your Divine Spirit

It is possible to transform and live an empowered life. It is possible to really heal from anything in your life, if you are in alignment with your Diving higher self (Source, God, Universe or however you label it). You can flourish, prosper, thrive and find complete Love and appreciation for your body, yourself the World. You are Divine Spirit expressing itself in physical form. You have the Love and support of the Universe behind you. You can truly be, have or do anything that you desire and live an authentic life.  

How do you reconnect with your Authentic Self finding more self Love, self appreciation & harmony in your life?

As a Divine Spirit You began life in joy & appreciation for who you are.

However, along our life journey, we pick up false beliefs from others that little by little disconnect us from our authentic self and create blocks to our natural states of abundance, Joy and personal power.

Some things you might have picked up that are in resistance to your best life are:

• emotions or blocked emotions
• frozen or trapped emotions in the body
• false beliefs (out of alignment with your Higher Self)
• specific traumas or events
• trauma fields
• beliefs about yourself, others, the World, God or suffering
• Beliefs about money & how you can personally make/receive money
• intentions (ex: remain sick, remain co-dependent, punish someone, etc.)
• Gains to remaining ill/poor or weak
• Losses to getting well (alignment with authentic self)
and more!

Remote Comprehensive Energy Healing eSessions from the comfort of your home wherever you are in the World!

I use an advanced form of muscle testing combined with Comprehensive Energy Healing to help you identify and clear these frequencies from the body, reconnecting you to your natural state of abundance and Joy which aligns you with your best life.

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Blessings of Optimal Health & Peace,

Be Somebody That Nobody Thought You Could Be

Has anyone ever told you that you could not do or be something? Have you told yourself that you could not do or be something? So many of us have been programmed from childhood that many things are impossible…or that we don’t deserve them.

The TRUTH is…

You are an infinite being with infinite potential, infinite wisdom and the infinite resources and support of the Universe by your side. You are WORTHY! You can be, have and do anything you want in this World. You have to believe that you can.

If you have a desire, the Universe has the resources to make it happen…. NO….. MATTER…. WHAT…. IT ….. IS!

Be stronger than anything anyone has ever told you about yourself. Be stronger than your own thoughts about who you are and what you “limitations” are.

You are the leading edge of desire and creation! You receive thoughts in order to turn them into “things”. That is part of what we signed up for when we chose to be in a human body.

And, the Universe is there to guide you to whatever it is that you want. Are you listening?

Yvette is a Certified Energy Healer, Positive Living Guide and creates beautiful Spiritual Healing jewelry and mala beads and Loves writing and sharing uplifting posts. It is her passion to help others heal trauma finding Inner Peace and uplifting the Universal Love Consciousness.

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Tranquility + Love Mala Beads

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What if YOU are Enough?

What if YOU are the Contribution the Earth needs today?

What if YOU, just showing up, and being YOU is enough?

What if something you do or say in passing is the exact something that someone needs to hear or experience in order to lift out of feelings of despair? What if you are the smile that someone needs in their dark time? What if your kindness allows someone to see that the World is better than they thought?

What if you just being alive is enough?

It is…

You are Source Energy…. You are the Universe in ecstatic motion.

The definition of ecstatic is: “feeling or expressing overwhelming happiness or joyful excitement”.

As humans we are trained to believe that we are only worthy if we make a certain amount of money, or look a certain way, or we are a certain size or shape. We are taught that if we “give” enough of ourselves to others that we are more worthy, even if it means that we suffer.

Actually, we are all equally worthy. We are all magnificent and Loved limitless and completely. We just don’t believe it.

What if, just being YOU is enough? What if just showing up in the World, YOU ARE ENOUGH?

What would it feel like, if for one day you released your self judgement, shame or fear about allowing yourself to just BE YOU? What if others got to experience the YOU that you came to be and it was pure Joy?

 Be sure to visit & click on the “self help” tab for additional FREE self help healing resources including special MERIDIAN TAPPING CODES to Deepen your Meditation or increase Universal Love, Peace & Harmony through meditation. Site also shares information on HOW TO schedule a FREE 15 minute consult & learn more about the huge benefits of Comprehensive Energy Healing.

FREE Meditation Healing Code for Love, Peace & Harmony

Would you like something that could help deepen your meditation and feel more Love, Peace & Harmony?

Below is a Universal Meridian Tapping Healing Code I received during meditation this morning to share. If you have ever used tapping therapy or meridian tapping such as Quantum Techniques, Thought Field Therapy or EFT, you will be familiar with this information. If you are not, I invite to you here to find out a little more about how beneficial it can be in your life for emotional, spiritual and physical health and well being.

This meridian healing code is to enhance your Universal Love, Peace & Harmony with Meditation (I will explain below how you might use it in your meditation practice)

You can certainly use this code without meditation any time you feel stressed or anxiety or any other negative emotions during the day that you might encounter while at work or shopping or other stressful situation, to see how it might help you feel more at ease.

You might even try adding it to your yoga practice. Before you begin your yoga practice, use this code as explained below, and move into your yoga flow and see what feels different for you.

Universal Love, Peace & Harmony Meditation code


You might try sitting or lying down (whichever is more comfortable for your meditation) in a comfortable space that is quiet. Decide how long you intend for your meditation. Anywhere from 5 minutes to 20 minutes can be very beneficial and refreshing. And, if you have the time, and you feel so good while meditating and want to continue, of course you can continue for as long as you feel.

Take a few slow, relaxing deep breaths as you begin. Notice the air fill your lungs and let it out gently & naturally. Now, you can either read the code to yourself or just run your fingers over the entire code (5-10X – or as many times as tests right for you) with the intent of feeling more Love, Peace & Harmony. (* Once you have either read the code or run your finger over it the first time, for all future applications, you can ask your body to release the code into your body, being & consciousness as many times as needed to be the most beneficial for you). Continue taking slow, relaxing deep breaths. Once you have read the code, continue taking slow, deep breaths while focusing on your breathing (make sure not to take such slow breaths that you feel dizzy). Focusing on your breath can be very beneficial so your mind doesn’t wander too much. Sometimes I find it helpful to repeat “Universal Love, Peace and Harmony” very gently, in my mind, throughout the whole meditation to keep centered as I breathe slowly and deeply. If you normally use prayer beads, Om necklace or a meditation mala necklace, this would be appropriate, too. If you would like to purchase your own sacred jewelry, I invite you here.

When you would like to end your meditation session, you might try counting yourself out of the meditation to bring you to a fully awake state unless you use this before going to sleep for a peaceful slumber. Counting yourself out of your meditation is helpful to release the sleep dreamy state some people find themselves in after meditation. I usually say to myself softly something like, “At the count of 5, I will be fully awake & feeling fully refreshed and invigorated”. Then, I begin slowly counting to 5, and once I reach 5, I open my eyes, tap my cheeks enough to put some energy into my skin, stretch my arms over my head and from left to right feeling the energy awaken within me, and say, “thank you”.

The first time I used this meditation, I felt a great sense of calm and a gentle smile wash over me during my meditation. I had pleasant fleeting thoughts of what my day might be and how excited I was to share this meditation code, in between gently repeating, “Universal Love, Peace and Harmony” in my mind.

I invite you to try try this code with your meditation and see what you feel.

– Yvette Marie is a Certified Energy healer, using comprehensive energy healing with an advanced diagnostic method of muscle testing to dialogue with the body’s energy. She is not a licensed therapist. Energy healing is not intended as diagnosis, prescription, or treatment for any disease, physical or mental. It is also not intended as a substitute for regular medical care. –

– Hold Harmless – by using these methods, you agree to be 100% solely responsible for your health & wellness, the health of your family, and animals and hold you Yvette 100% free of responsibility or harm. Use of bio-energy healing or muscle testing has never been found to cause harm to anyone nor has any form of energy healing.