Do You Love Yourself and Accept Yourself?

“I deeply and completely Love and accept myself “.

These are powerful words of affirmation. Many people can not say these words and truly mean it.

For most of my life I didn’t believe this even just an ounce.

I was raised to believe that taking care of me was selfish. I was raised to believe that putting other people’s feelings before my own was more important than expressing what I was feeling. I had to put others needs before my own even if I was hurting. I believed that being me was somehow wrong.

And, it also seemed that if I expressed myself, instead of taking on others opinions and beliefs as my own or agreeing with others that I was wrong. (I love Access Consciousness concept of “Who does this belong to?”)

So for the majority of my life I did what others expected of me and behaved in a certain way to receive others approval in order to avoid conflict of any kind.

As a little girl I can remember being told “is not about you”, any time I spoke up about what I needed it wanted.

This led to a life of experiencing being used as a doormat, playing small, being overweight and hating myself and my body, experiencing repeated sexual trauma, never being able to say “no” to anyone even if it meant I was hurting or not living my life authentically as I was meant to live. I wasn’t sharing the me with the world that I am meant be.

I attracted people and friends that used me and threw me away as soon as they were finished with me or didn’t get exactly what they wanted when they wanted it. Or they walked away as soon as I needed support from them or said “no” to anything as if I was of no value. I felt like I was a throw away person.
When I did try to speak up I was considered a bitch because I actually had a voice.

It has taken me many years to heal a lot of that and find my own voice, connecting with a deeper love and appreciation for who I am and to allow myself to express my own voice and live my passion.

Because of my own very personal journey it is my deep passion as a healer to help you align with your authentic self and clear blocks to more self appreciation and Love than you thought possible and consciously create your best life.

How can I help you heal and connect with self Love and appreciation for you, and live your best life with Joy?

You are deeply Loved
Blessing of Optimal Health and Peace,
Yvette, energy medicine healer & founder

It’s OK to Celebrate You!

I’m going to share a very deep secret here today…it’s hard to say…it’s hard to admit and hard to talk about openly…

I am almost 40 pounds lighter than I was just 6 months ago! 🥰

Although it’s true…that’s not the big secret… 🤣

The SECRET is that It’s actually very hard for me to share my successes and accomplishments with ANYONE…especially publicly… Weight loss, business success, accomplishments that I am proud of, anything good in my life.

You see, I have been taught all my life that I’m not suppose to talk about me or my accomplishments…or really anything about me at all. I’m suppose to be seen and not heard….or not seen either really. I’m not suppose to feel good about me because that might make someone else feel bad about themselves.

You are Meant to Shine!

I’ve been taught that I’m suppose to only support others accomplishments and lift up others and never talk about myself…EVER… I was told I was being selfish any time I talked about me…EVER…
I was told as a little girl that “it’s not all about you” by the adults in my life who had their own insecurity and other issues to heal.

So, negative comments were made by the adults in my life about others that took pride in themselves or the way they looked and dressed or appeared to have more money. I was told they were egotistical and selfish and even stuck up. I can’t tell you how many times I heard “Who do they think they are?” with a snarky attitude.

What my take away as a little girl was that I wasn’t allowed to shine, that I wasn’t allowed to have needs and that I wasn’t allowed to talk about me whether it was something I was excited about, proud of or needed. I wasn’t allowed to look good or take pride in myself. And, having money was bad too. Of course I didn’t want people to say, “Who does SHE think SHE is?” about me, right??

I was a normal little girl who loved makeup and clothes and high heel shoes and all things beautiful and feminine. I wanted to live in a nice neighborhood, one that was beautiful and safe. I have always wanted a Corvette since I was a little girl. That desire has never gone away. It never will. The new Corvettes are gorgeous! They make me smile from ear to ear! Even today, when certain people hear that I want a new Corvette, they immediately judge me. They make a face and negative comment made to reprimand me. They don’t take into consideration who I am and what I do or how I live, but for wanting such an outlandish, showy, speedy race car. My new Corvette is on the horizon and will be mine. (smirk)

I grew up feeling it was wrong for me to want these things because it would make me stuck up and egotistical or showy. I would somehow get attention, and I am not suppose to get attention.

And even though I have always been very smart, innovative and creative I learned that showing my natural talents, abilities and greatness in anything meant being “reprimanded”, dismissed, purposefully overshadowed and even treated badly and people would make snarky comments about me. Or others just plain took credit for my accomplishments in order to overshadow me.

So, I stopped trying. I stopped owning my successes. I hid in the shadows and lifted others to greatness instead. I stopped being me. I decided it was best to hide my talents and abilities and dim my light and how smart I was.

The truth is that one of my deepest passions and biggest Joys is helping lift others to greatness and shine brightly. It’s one of the things I do best! It makes my heart sing! It is one of the many things I am here on this beautiful Earth to do! I…do…it…well…

I was just uncomfortable with my own greatness or being seen or shining. I felt guilty and selfish, like I was a horrible person for taking the light away from someone else.

I still have people in my life that find ways to try to knock me down to size or shine brighter than me anytime I have an accomplishment. I am not allowed to share my goodness with them. They just don’t like it.

I have people in my life that find ways of letting me know that I’m not suppose to take credit for anything I do.

I’m not talking about people feeling inspired because of my accomplishments so they surpass me. That doesn’t bother me at all! I love it when people succeed and feel amazing about themselves! I’m talking about people who consistently try to out win, out play or out smart me or lose more weight than me to show me up in front of others while trying to put me down in the process while making themselves feel good. They make those comments that seem like they are being nice, but are really rude comments that are sneaky and meant to hurt as if to say, “I am better than you”.

As an adult, I know it is their own self esteem issues now. But, it doesn’t make it OK anymore.

As I was working through some of my own self healing, I uncovered a major block to my personally receiving everything in my life that I choose, including money abundance, great health, weight loss and experiencing my body as physically fit (dare I even say sexy??) and being truly happy. The block was “the need to look bad in order to help others look good or feel better about themselves”. What!!??!!

How the freakin’ heck am I suppose to have anything in my life or accomplish anything great if I feel like I am constantly suppose to be overshadowed by everyone else in the World?

Because at an early age I discovered others didn’t like it when I shined. .

One of my favorite quotes today is by Marianne Williamson… “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” (Marianne Williamson)

My intent is to always help others shine brightly and feel worthy and feel good about themselves. My intent is to help others realize their genius, their greatness and their natural abilities within themselves to succeed and have Joy. We all have it within us to be magnificent!

Let me repeat that: We ALL have it within us to be MAGNIFICENT! And, we are allowed!

What I’m coming to understand and have done a great deal of healing within myself is that I am worthy of that, too. I am worthy of shining and feeling proud of my accomplishments. I am Enough just being me. I am here with my own very unique purpose and talents that I’ve been blessed with the day I was born, no…correct that…the day I was conceived…no…correct that…the day I came into existence as a Being. And I am not to be ashamed of being me and having greatness inside of me that is waiting to be expressed and give glory to the Universe that is the Creator of All. .

You are deeply Loved,
Blessings, Yvette, Healer, Creative Artist & founder @

What’s Blocking You From Losing Weight?

What’s blocking you from losing weight?

If you’re eating everything you think you should be eating and your exercising and your still not losing weight, there may be hidden blocks keeping you from losing weight.

These blocks could be something physical or non-physical like emotions, beliefs, intentions, traumas and or something else unconscious.

Everything is energy whether it is something physical or non-physical (emotional). And, our body’s react to everything on an energetic level individually. Things like specific inhalants, ingestants, injectants and contactants or old or current pathogen frequencies or molds and candida frequencies could be blocking you from losing weight or gaining optimal health on a physical level.

These energetic toxins as they are defined, are different and individual for each person. What your body considers an energetic toxin frequency is something completely different than your mother, your best friend, your sister or anyone else on Earth.

Your body may consider corn or wheat or beef or maple syrup an energetic toxin.

Weight Loss and exercise

And, organic has nothing to do with it. Although, organic in general is a healthier option when you choose something to eat.

Energetic toxin frequencies actually block your body to all sorts of healing including losing weight.

You may be trying a keto diet or a low carb diet, or paleo diet. And, that is fine in itself, however, if you are consuming items that your body considers energetic toxins on a regular basis, your body will resist losing weight because your body is consistently trying to rid these toxin frequencies from your body.

For example, you may be following a keto diet, yet, cow dairy tests as an energetic toxin, and you consume dairy cream every day in your coffee or you eat cheese every day. These items could be blocking your weight loss, and once you remove them from your diet, your weight begins decreasing.

Another example is energetic toxins that are old frequencies in your body such as old injections or other item. This could be maybe from birth control you took years ago, or anesthesia from a surgery, or immunizations when you were a child. Or even the frequency of heavy metals or spider bites or mosquito bites.

These frequencies can remain in your body for a lifetime unless you identify them and clear them from the body and they can block you from weight loss & healing in many ways.

Some non-physical things that could be blocking your weight loss or other healing may be blocking emotions or trapped emotions from a specific event or traumatic event in your lifetime, such as abandonment, forbidden, lack of love, rage and more. There could be blocking beliefs such as “I don’t deserve it” or “I deserve to be punished” or “I deserve to suffer”. Other things that could be blocks to weight loss could have to do with making money. It’s interesting how many things can cross over in our healing and when you clear them for one issue, there is a domino effect in healing other things that are stuck in your life.

Weight Loss Exercise on the Beach

You could have unconscious intentions to stay over weight such as “the intention to stay sexually unnattractive” or “the intention to get attention from someone” or “to be invisible” or “to take on another’s unhealed issues”.

One of the blocking beliefs that came up repeatedly for me was the “I need to look bad so others will feel comfortable around me”.

Other blocks to weight loss might be that you will be judged by others.

There are so many things that can be blocking not only our weight loss but success in other areas of our lives or fully healing something physical.

There are other things I test in the process during session work to make sure the body and all it’s parts are working coherently toward weight loss and self healing. In almost every case, it’s the body, mind and spirit that need to be addressed as a whole for complete healing.

I use an advanced form of muscle testing with specific methods to identify the physical toxin frequencies and non-physical frequencies blocking weight loss or other healing. And, I also use the same method to test what your unique non-physical blocks are to weight loss or other healing.

Visit for more information and schedule your 15 minute FREE consultation today.

DISCLAIMER: Yvette is not a licensed therapist or doctor. Energy healing is not intended as diagnosis, prescription, or treatment for any disease, physical or mental. It is also not intended as a substitute for regular medical care.

Hold Harmless – by using these methods, you agree to be 100% solely responsible for your health & wellness, the health of your family, and animals and hold Yvette 100% free of responsibility or harm. Use of Energy healing and other alternative healing methods mentioned above, and bio-energetic muscle testing has never been found to cause harm to anyone.

NOTE: There are many choices for you to use in your self healing journey that vary widely in cost from free information on the internet, to similar methods of practice that range in cost from $400 to over $2000 per hour. I offer a fee based, comprehensive, alternative approach at a very reasonable cost, an alternative service that is a choice not a necessity. It is not covered by insurance. (For my current fee schedule, please visit “Packages & Pricing” above). Bear in mind that it is often more rapid than a conventional approach and therefore may be more cost effective in the long run.

What’s Blocking Your Weight Loss Efforts?

What would it be like to lose weight with more ease instead of struggle?

What would it be like to feel joy for your body and who you are?
What would it feel like to let go of the negative self talk and self hatred & loathing?

I am not normally one to share my personal struggles or accomplishments especially about my body. However, I feel this is such a huge issue for many people all over the world, so I am going to share with you my personal experience with losing weight with ease using Quantum Techniques – and some of the emotional issues I have experienced along the way in my weight loss journey. So many people suffer not only physical issues due to obesity or body issues, but also the emotional issues that attach to being over weight or not having the perfect body type – especially when we are so bombarded with body issues all over the tabloids and TV. You may feel if you don’t have the perfect body, you are just not worthy, as I did.

I am here to share with you that it is possible to lose weight with much more ease and joy, and find a greater sense of well being and joy in your body and for yourself in the process.

For most of my life, weight loss had been a difficult thing – working out daily without much change, eating next to nothing, feeling hungry and deprived, angry, frustrated and depressed – only to lose maybe 1 pound in a month. Then, the feeling of desperation and frustration, powerlessness and like a loser – wondering why others lose weight so quickly and easily. Finding no real joy in my body, always frustrated and angry with my body and the way it behaved and felt. The only thing that worked for me (only once) was a very low carb diet many years ago – between 10-15 years ago. At that time, I lost almost 60 pounds eating only protein and a few veggies and stayed on that “diet” for a few years. Once, I stopped eating that way, I gained all the weight back and a few more pounds. Since then, I have tried the same diet, with barely any results. It’s like my body decided against me, and fought me every step of the way in my weight loss efforts, NO MATTER WHAT I DID – Until now.

On top of that, there was the emotional trauma issues of being over weight – and having certain opinions of important people in my life as I was growing up, embedded in my conscience. Mixed messages sometimes, too. I was told I was pretty, and then I would hear derogatory or negative comments about people who are over weight or their booty was too big, or whatever. Somehow embedding in me, that I was unattractive, grotesque, ugly, absolutely not sexy, and not worthy – especially to the opposite sex, and of course, just not healthy.

Enter, Quantum Techniques…

Over the past more than 10 years now, I have studied and practiced many forms of energy medicine – and I am also certified as an alternative practitioner in energy medicine – it is a PASSION of mine and has been for many years. Helping others heal and be free of emotional pain and being in a state of physical health, is a PASSION of mine that I haven’t been able to shake, and hope I never do – I just can’t help it – I HAVE TO DO IT. Through many years of study I finally found Quantum Techniques. I have found Quantum Techniques to be the most powerful and definitely the most comprehensive form of alternative healing or energy medicine that I have come across. It blows me away and I keep having evidence of that on a regular basis. I now choose to work with Quantum Techniques method for myself daily, yes, daily – and with others along their healing journey. It just works. Quantum Techniques works where other methods just don’t.
New Clients Only – No session work will be completed during FREE Consultation

Through the work of Quantum Techniques, I have lost over 30 pounds so far, with much more ease than I have in this lifetime, I almost don’t even really think about it at this point, except for when I notice my clothes are feeling too big, and I jump on the scale to find I have lost more weight than I realized and I leap for joy that this seems just way too easy! I am being completely honest and serious here  – this is my new life experience. I can feel my body filled with giddiness as I write this post!

Using Quantum Techniques, I cannot only use the system to put my body into a profound healing state for weight loss and anything else, I also test personal energy toxins and clear them daily. Energy toxins and toxins that reverse your body’s energy system can prevent ANY healing method from working – yes, ANY healing method. Energy toxins are identified as inhalants, ingestants, contactants, injectants and other people’s energy. They are all specific to you and your body’s energy patterns – not anyone else. I avoid items that I know test as energy toxins or energy reversers for me and not only does it contribute to my weight loss, it also contributes to my feeling better emotionally as well and other things healing & working in my life.

In the process of working with Quantum Techniques (QT), I have found more joy in my body and enjoy my body more along the way. I have never really felt attractive, beautiful, sexy or wanted – in fact most of the time, I felt gross, ugly, unattractive, disgust, self hatred and the list goes on. I am just under 5 feet 2 inches tall, and curvy. I have always been curvy – even before the birth of my 2 children and even when I was quite thin – I still had curves. I have always felt that being curvy was a bad thing, and felt that my body was my enemy – and my clothes just never fit off the rack. I had certain people who made comments about body types as I was growing up, and I fell into those beliefs – even at the cost of self loathing and self hatred. I have always felt frustrated by my natural curves, and never appreciated them – until now.

In all honesty, I have found more natural appreciation for my body that I never felt even when I was thinner. I actually enjoy the fact that I have curves. I have always found other curvy and plus size people absolutely beautiful, gorgeous and sexy – but not myself. I wondered how they could be so beautiful and curvy or plus size and I could not feel that way. That has changed – a greater part of the time. That does not mean I choose to keep the weight on, nor does it mean I am 100% perfect in my self appreciation – I have my days, which are more like moments now. I feel better when I am thinner – but still curvy, and I actually like my curves now. I know what my body feels like when it is at an optimal size for me.

I have had close people in my life over the years, make negative comments about curvy people, and advise me that I was too curvy to wear certain apparel compared to other people. And, in all honesty, I used to live by that opinion to please them – I was emotionally in pain and yet not really believing it somehow – I really did not agree with that judgement. I lost my natural LOVE of clothing and fashion partly because of this and my body. I would not even try certain clothing styles on because of those people’s comments and judgements. Now, I feel completely different, and I enjoy wearing whatever I am attracted to. I LOVE fashion and ALWAYS have! I LOVE being a woman! When I was younger, I used to design my own clothes for my body shape – and used to love to do so! Now, I actually find joy in shopping and creating my wardrobe! I LOVE clothes – oh, and shoes, I LOVE SHOES!

During my process of working with Quantum Techniques for other issues including weight loss, this has been a natural progression for me and the way I feel about my body. Layers of self doubt and shame begin washing away. Fear of being seen by others begins to wash away. Self appreciation begins to flourish. Finding more joy and fun with your body and what it is capable of becomes exciting! Looking in the mirror and feeling love instead of pain, heartache and self loathing, begins to wash away. Wanting to take care of yourself, becomes a natural thought, too. Clothing becomes a fun accessory! I get excited to get dressed to go out!

Once I lost about 10 pounds, I began light exercise – it honestly just felt natural and right. Using Quantum Techniques, I tested what my body would like and what would be highly healthy for me. I found that using a re-bounder (mini-trampoline) was ideal – super healthy in other ways, too – like lymph drainage. I tested that my body wanted 30 minutes a day. I could split it up, or do it all at once. I began walking and light jogging 5 mornings a week for 30 minutes. I now do more bouncing and jogging than walking, but I do 30 minutes each morning most of the time. If my body and mind feels ultra excited, I may do a few more minutes. If I miss a day, the old part of me feels guilty, but, the new part of me lets it go. And, if I am honest, I notice that I feel better emotionally when I exercise as well – cha-ching! BONUS!

I believe that working toward healthy weight loss doesn’t just address the physical. You have to address the emotional work, too. You have to begin releasing old traumas and hurts and things people have said or made you believe about yourself or others that you may compare yourself to. You have to find love and appreciation for your body even when others don’t – and even along the way to your Optimal Healthy body. I am not perfect, and I would never claim to be. Other people’s comments can still sting and hurt. However, I have found something so profound in my healing journey and for my whole life, physical, emotional and spiritually and it brings me tremendous JOY to share it with others and help others heal whatever it is they need to heal. My goal is to help others find a way to feel more Love and appreciation for their own body in a way that motivates them to want to create a state of Optimal Health for themselves not only physically but emotionally as well, and live with more peace and gratitude, Joy and abundance.

The natural progression of working with QT helps heal all aspects of the weight loss, not just the physical weight loss itself – remember “Wherever you go, there you are”. You must heal – otherwise, when you get to the end of the weight loss journey, you’re still going to have the emotional baggage and negative self image, and the weight loss will be in vain, because you won’t enjoy your new body and what it is capable of. You will still be depressed and miserable in a smaller body.

If you are ready to begin your own journey toward Optimal Health and weight loss, or any other issue, emotional or physical including spiritual growth and consciousness work, I invite you to visit HERE for more information.

Weight Loss with Energy Healing Quantum Techniques

Quantum Techniques Energy Healing is used effectively for weight loss – even by accident.

Hi Beautiful Souls!

My name is Yvette and I am an energy medicine practitioner and use energy healing in my life on a daily basis in order to live with Joy in my heart and more inner peace than I ever thought possible.

Many years ago, I discovered Quantum Techniques after studying many methods of energy healing and becoming certified in quite a few of those methods. I used the other methods and didn’t find the powerful benefit they all promised and continued searching for something better, more efficient that actually resulted in healing emotionally, physically and spiritually.

I called for my first session to deal with an issue on my leg that wouldn’t heal. Nothing I used seemed to make a significant impact on my healing as normal. I used tea tree oil, colloidal silver and other things including over the counter triple antibiotic as a last resort and it just would not heal and even got worse.

A welcomed side effect after my first session of Quantum Techniques is weight loss. When I had my initial remote energy healing session with Dr. Stephen Daniel (founder of Quantum Techniques) I lost about 16 pounds without even trying in just a couple months time. The only thing I did differently was remove items that my body identified as energetic toxins for me personally.

YUP! That’s me on the right – before and after!

My mom has done the same thing, and she has lost 32 pounds in about 5 months by only discontinuing the consumption of energetic toxins that her body identified for her personally. And, she added a couple individual vitamins that were recommended that her body was lacking for other health issues that tested good for her.

What is an energetic toxin? 

An energetic toxin, is an item that your body identifies as (in simple terms) a poison or toxin on an energetic frequency level that can be tested with advanced remote muscle testing. Energy toxins can cause your body’s energy system to be disrupted and reversed instead of flowing clockwise as it should (the spin). If your energy system is flowing backward (“reversed” – you will hear this term when working with your QT practitioner) your body can not heal.

In a typical day, our body can be in a state of reversal many times, however it normally corrects itself. Your energy can become reversed by thinking negative thoughts, eating something that your specific body identifies as an energetic toxin, coming into contact with an inhaled energetic toxin, touching an energetic toxin, a spider bite or mosquito bite possibly, and even a very negative person that affects your mood and energy. Cigarettes are an energy toxin for most and so is fabric softener. Each person has personal energetic toxins and they may be different from anyone in your family or others that you know.

Sometimes a person’s energy is in a constant state of reversal, in many cases this person may have a chronic health condition or even cancer. Almost all people with cancer that have been tested in this manner, test as reversed energy.

If you are consuming an item that your body identifies as an energy toxin, every day, repeatedly throughout the day, your body may not be strong enough or have enough “down time” from that toxin, which can cause illness, emotional upsets, weight gain, difficulty losing weight and a number of other maladies including chronic illness (emotional or physical).

Example: Your body may identify WHEAT as an energetic toxin (which mine did). And, you have breakfast with toast (which contains bleached or un-bleached wheat flour). Then for lunch, you have a tuna sandwich (more bread – wheat). Than for dinner you have teriyaki chicken (Oh, yes, many sauces for some reason, have to have wheat in them). Then later, you have some cookies while watching TV before bed – (baked goods – more wheat). Imagine how your body is attempting to rid itself of this energetic toxin load, and you unknowingly keep feeding your body wheat. It doesn’t even have a chance to self correct and begin healing issues in your body.

Another real example is myself, my body identifies wheat as an energetic toxin and ‘reverser’. If I eat anything that has wheat in it, just one bite, within a very short time (usually 15-20 minutes) I become extremely depressed on the verge of not knowing why I am alive, with constant crying bouts and all along with anger & frustration. Similar thing happens when I eat cashews. Now, I LOVE cashews. I had to give them up. It is just not worth it! (2018 – Update, I have cleared both of these reactions on myself using QT energy healing)

Some energetic toxins leave no “physical” symptom like when I eat wheat or cashews. I could feel it almost immediately. In many cases, you won’t notice anything. You may however, wonder why you don’t heal, why you or someone you know has to take multiple rounds of antibiotics to heal, or why you have a chronic health condition, or it takes a REALLY, REALLY long time to lose weight no matter how much you work out or change your diet, or you may wonder why you are depressed all the time and not now why.

Identifying these energetic toxins is very simple and one of the first steps toward Optimal Health including weight loss.

In addition to removing the identified energetic toxins, your Quantum Techniques practitioner can also run a full session for weight loss, clearing energy frequencies that are preventing our body from losing weight as your body may not even recognize there is a weight issue. Quantum Techniques states: What your body can see, it can heal”. Your body is meant to self heal, however, sometimes the body’s healing intelligence is turned off (many times by energetic toxin frequencies) and does not know there is an illness or dis-ease that it should be healing, or a cancer it should be correcting or something else.

Although I am certified in multiple energy healing methods, I choose to use Quantum Techniques at the core of my practice due to it’s powerful benefit and rapid changes. QT is considered the most comprehensive method of remote energy healing in the World today.

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DISCLAIMER: Yvette is not a licensed therapist or doctor. Energy healing is not intended as diagnosis, prescription, or treatment for any disease, physical or mental. It is also not intended as a substitute for regular medical care.

Hold Harmless – by using these methods, you agree to be 100% solely responsible for your health & wellness, the health of your family, and animals and hold Yvette 100% free of responsibility or harm. Use of Energy healing and other alternative healing methods mentioned above, and bio-energetic muscle testing has never been found to cause harm to anyone.

NOTE: There are many choices for you to use in your self healing journey that vary widely in cost from free information on the internet, to similar methods of practice that range in cost from $400 to over $2000 per hour. I offer a fee based, comprehensive, alternative approach at a very reasonable cost, an alternative service that is a choice not a necessity. It is not covered by insurance. (For my current fee schedule, please visit “Packages & Pricing” above). Bear in mind that it is often more rapid than a conventional approach and therefore may be more cost effective in the long run.