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It’s Your Life, Your Path

It’s your life, your path. Don’t let others drama and negative energy take you off course of your dreams…

Raise Your Spiritual Consciousness with Energy Healing

Exactly What Does Energy Healing Do? Effectively, what is energy healing and how does it work? In this brief video, I talk about using energy healing and energy correction methods to raise your spiritual consciousness, not only of your emotional energy & vibration, but also the vibration/energy of your cells in your body in order for healing (sometimes instant healing) to take place. In … Read More Raise Your Spiritual Consciousness with Energy Healing


Why choose True Healing Source for your mala beads or spiritual healing jewelry?

Why choose True Healing Source in Prescott Valley AZ for your mala beads & spiritual healing jewelry, offering the only unique personalized energy code healing malas & healing jewelry in the world.


Amethyst Healing Properties & Care

Amethyst Healing Properties & Care…Energy Healing properties of amethyst crystal geodes and stones and how to care for them & energy cleanse them and recharge them.

Celestine (Celestite) Healing Properties & Care

Energy Healing properties of Celestine aka Celestite & how to care for your crystals, energy cleanse them & recharge them.


Healing properties & Chakra properties of Tiger Iron

Energy healing properties and chakra balancing properties of Tiger Iron crystal?


What if You Are Already Perfect?

What if nothing is wrong with you? What if you being the you that you are in this very moment is already sheer perfection? What if all the things you think are wrong with you, really aren’t wrong?

Energy Healing – What is an Energy Reversal & How To Correct it?

What is an Energy Reversal and How do you correct it? A few common questions working with energy healing in my field specifically is “What is an energy reversal?” and “How do I correct it so I can heal?” and “Will it prevent me from healing or erase my treatment?” An energy reversal is a when your meridian system is flowing backward or counter … Read More Energy Healing – What is an Energy Reversal & How To Correct it?

How To Manifest Something Different Right Now

Can You Experience Instantaneous Change In this video I share a very quick method I use to manifest and experience something different and more amazing than I ever thought possible! Your life has the ability to change in an instant in any direction – Do You believe it’s possible? I do! I have experienced this shift personally. Every moment is a moment of creation, … Read More How To Manifest Something Different Right Now

How to heal personal trauma

Energy healing method for quick, effective powerful trauma relief & begin healing ptsd symptoms


Treating Alcohol Addiction with Energy Healing

Using energy correction & Energy healing to treat addiction to alcohol – testimonial


Is Food the Cause of Your Depression?

Are you consuming something that contributes to your depression? When I had my first Quantum Techniques remote healing session, Dr. Stephen Daniel found that some of the items I was consuming were energy toxins for me. Energy toxins can disrupt your body’s energy system and even cause it to run backwards which basically turns off your body’s own healing intelligence, making it nearly impossible … Read More Is Food the Cause of Your Depression?


Weight Loss with Energy Healing Quantum Techniques

Quantum Techniques weight loss testimonials – weight loss as side effect of Quantum Techniques


Energy Healing: Side Effects and Healing Crisis

Energy healing side effects, healing crisis and healing reactions – What are some common energy healing side effects and reactions to energy healing sessions?