Morning & Evening Self Empowerment Mantra

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Raise your vibration before you start your day – How do you begin your day? It is said that the first few minutes after you wake up sets the tone and energy for your day and the energy & mood you fall asleep in is the energy vibration that you wake with – here is a free mantra that I share with my healing & coaching clients to begin your day as you rise and repeat as you go to bed. This mantra can be used to raise your vibration any time of day – this mantra aligns with Universal truth and your highest self. I Love the way I feel when I use this mantra with my meditation. Find FREE self healing codes @ #mantra #meditation #selfhealing #highvibes #positivequotes #innerbalancejewelry #truehealingsource #lawofattraction #selfempowerment #transformation #om #IAM

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