What’s Blocking You from Joy, Love, Fulfillment & Abundance?

What Beliefs are Blocking You From Living the Life of Your Dreams?

What’s keeping you from feeling fulfilled in your business or “work”?

What’s blocking you from experiencing Joy in your relationships and Life?

What’s limiting beliefs are blocking you from creating and manifesting the abundance and prosperity that you have been desiring for so long?

A Belief if Simply a Thought You Keep Thinking

There is usually more than one belief that is keeping us out of alignment with our desires. For many it is a belief that they are unworthy of goodness. For many others it is simply the belief that it is wrong or selfish to have money or healthy mutual Love or success or even the body we desire. When we are born, we are born with the innate knowing that we are worthy of Love and abundance and Joy and good health. We are fully connected to our Source Energy, Spirit, God or Universe in Love and appreciation and infinite knowledge.

As we get older the World depletes our passion, our desires, our will and our beliefs. This is done through media, school, religion and so forth. We are taught that it is noble to be poor or give it all away (Mother Theresa syndrome). We are trained that our desires are not important by being told repeatedly that “it is not all about you” if we express our needs or desires as children.

We are told things such as “money doesn’t grow on trees” or we hear comments like “it must be nice” when someone has something that we don’t have especially if it came to them with ease and it is expensive. We are taught that rich people are greedy or only get rich by being devious or hurting others along the way to wealth. So, we hide our talents and play small and don’t go for the promotion because in our minds it means that we have to “step on the little people”. Or we don’t create the business of our dreams that drives our passion and fulfillment because we don’t believe it is possible for us or that we are worthy or that it is selfish somehow or that we should always support others dreams instead of our own (remember? it’s not all about you, hmmm.)

We are told that making money takes really hard work or it takes suffering or giving up our family or Love or relationships in order to get it. Or that we should be happy because “there are starving children in Africa”. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard all of these things as I was growing up.

We are told that only the lucky get rich or you are “born into money”. Or “the rich get rich while the poor get poorer”. Or we are taught that the economy dictates our lives.

We are taught that we shouldn’t get our hopes up too high because we might be disappointed. You might have heard things like “Love is blind” or watched someone you Love go through a divorce because of cheating or abuse and therefore you carry the belief that everyone is unfaithful or cheats or is abusive. You may have experienced abuse yourself and believe that you are not worthy of a healthy meaningful Love from anyone and so you continue to attract abusive relationships or partners that cheat or treat you abusively in some way.

The Universal truth is that you are worthy and Loved and the World and Universe is massively abundant. Your dreams and desires do matter to the Universe. You are here for a reason. You exist OUT OF LOVE and IN LOVE. If you were not Loved or meant to be here, then you wouldn’t BE.

You are worthy of great Love in a mutually Joyful, meaningful relationship that fulfills both you and your partner.

You are completely worthy and capable of creating the Life you desire.

And, the Universe is supporting you and does have your back and is rooting for you whether you realize it or not.

The Universe is abundance in all things good, wonderful and beautiful. There is plenty of everything to live in an abundance of Joy, Love and prosperity of money and good health. The Universe was created to express abundance and goodness. We are taught that there is not enough to go around, the World is lacking abundance or mostly in poverty and we destroy the blessings that the Earth naturally provides as proof of our worthiness and abundance.

A Belief….Law of Attraction Printable Art

YOU Get to Choose!

Let’s look at some examples of the abundance the World offers:

The World has all kinds of natural fresh food growing in every amazing color imaginable to please a variety of tastes with many different nutrients to feed your body and soul. You can choose to eat only vegetable or fruits or meat or a combination of them all. In many cases there are too many restaurants to choose from when you go out for a meal that it can be overwhelming.

There are multiple continents in which you can choose to live with millions of different cities with all kinds of different scenery to choose from whether it is a city filled with tall buildings or beautiful lush green grass to see for miles outside your door. And many different climates to choose from, too!

There are millions of different cars and truck designs, motorcycles, bicycles and other means to choose which one makes you feel excited to drive in an unlimited number of colors.

Everyone has their own specific desires and the Universe has the ability to match your desires in mutuality.

There is someone who is seeking exactly what you are in a mate or partner that you are seeking in return. You can choose what is attractive to you on multiple levels including similar values and beliefs, emotional makeup, spiritual beliefs, tall, short, slender, curvy, race, gender and so much more. We each get to decide what turns us on individually and mutually.

There are an infinite number of people who are asking for exactly what you could offer through creating your dream business that is Joyful and fulfilling for you and meets and exceeds all your financial desires with Joy and ease.

There are probably billions of homes to choose from and somewhere there is a home that is perfect for you and your family to live Joyously.

The Universe is truly abundant and fully able to deliver your dreams.

You must find ways to align with your Source Energy to match the vibration of your dreams in order to manifest them.

You can consciously and purposefully utilize the law of attraction, law of creation, law of unity, law of assumption or other universal spiritual laws of creation to Create the Life of your dreams in more Love, Joy, fulfillment and abundance.

You have a right to your desires as long as it does not infringe upon others rights. There is a way to create a win/win in everything and everything can be created to bring mutual Joy, Love and fulfillment to everyone involved. Creating from a place of mutuality is true Power not Force in order for it to be in alignment with Spirit Source Consciousness. The World has plenty of others that are in alignment with your desires in order to create a Life of Joy, Love, meaning and fulfillment that is a win/win for everyone involved.

Blessings Beautiful Souls!

Yvette lives boldly from her Heart allowing Source Energy to guide her toward living her best life inJoy. She shares information as a coach about law of attraction, conscious living, spiritual consciousness and law of Creation, and leads by example as a positive energy & authentic living guide and is certified in multiple energy healing methods and is also a creative artist. Yvette has not only used these tools to profoundly self heal many areas of her life, but has also worked with others in discovering self love through reconnection with Source Energy, increased appreciation and more inner peace and live more authentically and empowered to experience their best life.

*PLEASE NOTE: I am not a licensed healthcare provider, counselor or therapist. I offer my services as a self-help educator and coach to natural wellness and positive living guide from my own personal experience and coaching others to betterment. I do not diagnose or treat illness, disease, or psychological problems. eCoaching Sessions and energy healing are not a substitute for medical advice, therapy or other counseling from a medical professional. True Healing Source offers an alternative method that is considered complimentary to other healing methods and can been used to enhance other traditional healing methods. If you are experiencing a significant issue, are in distress or significant pain, please connect with the appropriate professional service such as a licensed doctor. By choosing this eCoaching Service, you agree to be 100% fully responsible for your health and well-being physically and emotionally. You release all responsibility and liability from True Healing Source and it’s affiliates. You take 100% full responsibility for you self-healing and health.

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